Saturday, February 27, 2016

This week in Blackness

When I woke up this morning I had every intention of writing about Black'ish, the critics , the racist comments on their FB page, the people I know IRL that still didn’t get the point and then I stopped myself. I crumbled up the word cloud I scribbled before bed  because their negative energy and ignorance shouldn’t cloud the beauty of what we saw over the last two days.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

"I Did Not Come To Play With You Hoes" ~ Big Freedia

Last Saturday Beyonce once again shocked the world with her new flawless video, Formation. While the beyhive (and some of it's secret members in hate) shared, gawked and just plain went crazy, I watched it and listened for half the day, not because I thought there was deeper meaning behind her lyrics but because I just wanted to take in all the Blackness in private. I wanted to ponder on things like what kind of hot sauce she carried, and if Big Freedia (my love, and spirit guide) liked collard greens with vinegar or spicy and corn bread made in a cast iron skillet. By the time I shared the video I was excited about the blackness of it all, I was ready to see Beyonce and her dancers step across the Super Bowl field and remind her people how times may be challenging but with Blackness comes awesomeness!  I also knew white people were going to have a whole lot of problems with it, but like every Black person I know I was straight out of fucks to give for white people and their sad ass fee-fees (shit y’all got Stacy Dash, go cry on her shoulder).

Sunday came, she delivered, I went to bed proud and ready to twirl on the haters. Monday greeted me with snow flurries, a bevy of annoying “think pieces”, black men discrediting her and black women engaging in colorism chatter, questioning of “real” blackness, comparing her to other black women in an effort to say one culture is better than another (look we get it you got off the boat FIRST)  and all I could do was sigh, a BIG FUCKING *SIGH* .   I understand the matrix, the need to be first so it can go viral and aspiring writers get discovered, but it's exhausting. I’ll admit I read a few well thought out posts and shared them, but by Monday evening I was too tired to care anymore. I just logged off and went back to reading “Assata” like I do every year.

By Tuesday I had resolved to initiate some self care and disengage from the Beyonce vortex that was consuming my social media pages. Real traumas were affecting black people and we were still discussing a damn video.  So I posted about Mardi Gras, continued my Facebook black history month post on the actual Black Panthers and the amazing things they did, and ignored the flood of posts. But I was taking mental notes, all the well meaning posts from white people, the anti Beyonce tweets, articles from the conservative right (Faux news we know you didn’t listen to the song)and realized it didn’t matter how much was written and shared about the video, or how many times white men and women spoke out and asked their people to stand down, the wrong conversation was being had. The message that was intended, “I wanted people to feel proud” was already lost.

The message that the Beyonce invoked simply by approving a black panther-esq costumes, and the call for us, Black People, to get into formation and coordinate our own, dream it, work hard until  we own it was completely lost. And that shit made me sad , sad as fuck! So no I won’t be sharing, liking, discussing “Formation” on these interwebs anymore. I'll be reading my worn and torn copy of Assata,  remembering what she actually taught me, reviewing the ten point program the Panthers lived and breathed and dreaming, working hard and grindin' 'til WE own it.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Y'all The VMA's Tho

I like most of the people in my generation ALWAYS looked forward to the VMA's. I remember that I would get so upset because they were the same week I went back to Hollins and it meant missing all the fun in NY ( I was less bothered when they moved to LA). Anyway it's been a while since I gave a damn about the VMA's and I didn't bother to watch live but then insomnia got the best of me and well you get a new post:

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Women's Freedom Conference 2015

I can't begin to explain just how excited I am about the upcoming Women's Freedom Conference on October 25, 2015.  I have been sharing information on every social media platform I have access to but if you've missed it here is all the info you'll need:

On October 25, 2015, the 2015 Women’s Freedom Conference will center and amplify the unique voices and experiences of underrepresented women who have been disenfranchised beyond gender alone-- women of color whose identities are intersectional.
Our goals include providing practical, real-world information from a diverse group of women, many of whom are actively working to improve the lives of women of color around the world, and making this information available to as many people as possible. Participants will engage in conversations and actions focused on the liberation of women of color, as this conference is created to promote solidarity, sisterhood, and empowerment.
The ideal WFC2015 speaker:
  • Identifies as a woman (cisgender, transgender) of color, meaning she is a member of a racially and/or ethnically marginalized group (i.e. Aboriginal, Pacific Islander, Afro-Latina, Navajo, etc);
  • Believes that women of color should be centered and heard. She is committed and passionate about the liberation of women around the world and recognizes that women of color are further marginalized because of racial and ethnic identities;
  • Has access to recording devices and is comfortable providing a short film/video to the conference;
  • Is comfortable sharing her work with people around the world;
  • Wants to share her personal experiences, knowledge and expertise, real-world strategies, and current or past work;
  • Is willing to partner with WFC2015 leadership to deliver the best possible experience for the audience;
  • Will commit to spreading the word about the event.
Imagine that you are giving a 5-minute presentation about an issue you think the whole world needs to know. It can be a talk in the style of TEDx or Ignite Talks, a short film, a poetry reading, an artistic performance, anything really. We want you to be creative. The deeper into the niche your proposal goes, the better. We want to amplify the voices the people of the world are not listening to or refuse to hear. We want the world to learn more so everyone can do more to support these efforts to bring about liberation for women of color everywhere.
  • We seek to hear from the woman in Zimbabwe with the passion for entrepreneurship
  • We seek to hear from the college student who is taking a stance against discriminatory immigration laws in the United States.
  • We seek to hear from the dedicated mother in India with resilience in her heart, fighting against sexual assault
  • We seek to hear from a motivational, Black feminist trans woman in Brazil fighting for representation
  • We seek to hear from the inspiring daughter in China taking a stance against ableism
If you’re a woman of color with fire in your heart for the liberation of women, we seek to hear from you. (If you wish to use this platform to raise awareness about an organization that you may not be directly involved in but that you support and want to amplify, that is also encouraged.)
Application Process:
Round One:
You will submit a written proposal explaining what you would like to cover in a “#FREEStyle Chat”. Proposals should not exceed 500 words and should clearly identify the group or groups of women of color to be represented. The Speaker Selection Committee will rank submissions and identify the top 20 written proposals. You will be notified directly if your proposal has made it to the next round.
Round Two:
We will ask semi- finalists to submit a 60-second video of themselves so we can see what they're like in front of a camera. We will ask them to be as creative as possible and then we will rate their on-screen presence and pair it with the initial rankings. These 60-second videos do not have to be exactly what you plan to do in the final video, but it is helpful if we can get a sense of how your presentation might go.

For example, if you plan to submit a short film that you’ve already produced, sending a 60-second clip for this round would be helpful.
Round Three:
We will then select the top 15 possible presenters and contact each of you about submitting your full-length videos. Of those 15 submitted, we will select the top 10 that will be presented for the conference.

The 10 videos we choose will be made available first on the day of the conference and then ongoing. The objective is to make content accessible to as many people as possible to meet the goal of increasing awareness about these issues and garnering more global support for the work.
Round One submissions are due by: August 31, 2015 11:59pm EST
Interested in submitting a proposal to speak at a the Women’s Freedom Conference? Simply complete the submission form and include the information requested.
As you can see the deadline for the call for submission is fast approaching so if you are interested you must move fast!  This is your opportunity to join women like Kathryn Finney, Majora Carter, Bassey Ikpi and more at a groundbreaking conference. So hustle ladies, hustle!

P.S. This is a 100% DIGITAL Conference so you do not need to be in NY just have access to video whether it be a smartphone, tablet or webcam!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Periscope: How To 'Scope Like Ah Boss

I decided to join Periscope after a little prodding from my friends. I thought it might be a good way to figure out what my strengths and weaknesses are before the launch of my podcast, WODs Wellness and Woes. And let's be real, it's a less formal way for me to get over my jitters. I did my first 'scope was short and cool, little hearts flew everywhere and people joined, which really helped build my confidence about my message. My second 'scope wasn't.. while I still enjoyed the live broadcast it was a major bust, and I learned a few lessons. So here are my top five lessons from a month of Periscope:

1. Charge your damn battery: I was in the middle of a pretty cool broadcast, and people were joining and chatting when suddenly my screen went black, then I saw the Samsung logo and my broadcast was done. I didn't realize that even though my phone was "charging" the charger wasn't actually plugged in.
So remember check yourself, before you wreck yo'self (and by yo'self I mean your battery)
2. Turn Off Location: While I think it's okay to speak about where you are, the turn on location is WAY too accurate for my liking. On a test 'scope I had my locations on and when I went to look back, the pin was actually on my house. So that's a no thank you for me. I have watched one too many episodes of Criminal Minds to ever subscribe to that.
3. Turn on Twitter notifications: This is a simple one, but when you're getting used to the camera you might forget. And this is the best way to let your followers know you're live. So click the little birdie and prosper.
Periscope Krishna_TheSage4. Don't Bother Tweeting Periscope Co. For help: I've been having issues with the replay function, not issues It.Won't.Work. All I get is audio when people replay, and while the important message is being still being shared, the point is to see the person behind the product. But Michelle of Her Power Hustle, assures me that I'm not the only one with issues.
UPDATE: I sent a message through the periscope app and got an instant response, but I have to wait 24 hours for them to actually help me fix it. #TakeTheGoodTakeTheBad
5. Make sure the Baby is asleep: After doing a little crowd sourcing I found that the women that follow me were interested in a 5 minute challenge on how to relax. Easy enough. I got the kids fed, down and went to my favorite spot in the yard. And just as I was half way through my broadcast my youngest comes out, sits in my lap and reaches to nurse and...Let's just say nip slips aren't just for celebs. Thankfully I was quick and could delete the broadcast. I have since re-recorded that video and it was went well.
So that's it, tips from a novice. I am enjoying the communities being built through periscope and think it's a great tool to promote yourself, your business or just to hang out and learn.  For a more in-depth look at periscope check out this article by Michelle Talbert in Black Enterprise, and follow me at Krishna_TheSage.