Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Conception........The Birth!

This morning on the train I had the most incredibly random thought when I saw a picture of a Klansman staring back at me from a picture in the paper.... Where do white supremacists shop? is there some kind of KKK store or do they have a seamstress on payroll. I posed this same random question to two friends (Stacy you never answered). MKB said "I don't know, and that is quite random, SW said "hahaha now you have me thinking do they just go around ripping up sheets". This random question gave birth to my first blog.

For months I have bombarded your email with my random stories but no can catch up with my randomness with NY as the background right here !

Enjoy the ride!



Stacy said...

Third times a charm...hopefully!
Anyway, I am glad you finally have a forum for your funny, strange, and sometimes downright horrifying observations of NYC. I look forward to my daily read as I KNOW you'll have the material. :-)

Anonymous said...

You didn't ask me, and I would have told you they shopped at Bed Bath and Beyond, if they get as many coupons and I do. Or perhaps JC Penney's..their sheet look a bit on the rough side, not at all 600-count.....

Lady D