Monday, March 31, 2008

Ain't no Love Part Deux

So if you dropped by on Friday then you all know I wasn't that thrilled about going to the Heart of the City concert. I had it all figured it out, it was my 30's state of mind and I stand by that (haha@ Eb the Celeb) but I have to confess my attitude was more about having to take the bus to NJ. That made me go DAMN DAMN DAMN and it turned out not to be a big deal (I still hate the bus)! I ended up having a great a time and getting a couple of laughs in the meantime (and getting a liitle p'ed off for having to check my umbrella).

So the opening act was that dude that sings "Falsetto" I don't know his name and honestly don't care too. His show was probably as vulgar as I've ever seen. I only bring this up because there were kids there with their parents, and I know my mom would have dragged me out if she saw those girls grinding on chairs. UGH these kids are a mess. I'll discuss this one later....

Mary was nothing short of amazing! I have never heard her sound this good EVER and her more positive look on life radiated even when she sang the really sad songs. The deep emotion was still there but the I'm going thru it sadness was gone and it was wonderful. At one point she left the stage and when she returned it was like a flashback, dark lipstick, huge shades sans the scarf. There were so many high points to her performance but what stood out the most was when Mary sang "I'm fine", she was dancing and posing and walking across the stage like it was a runway and the Izod Center rocked literally. Needless to say I had was singing and dancing right along. (Prior to this show I was done with this song, too much airplay)

H to the IZO Vto the IZA:
Ok so most of you know me HOV and I have been on bad terms for a while, but on Friday we made up (HAHA). His live show was really great (and I didn't expect it to be, always the optimist). He was energetic and really played to the crowd (at one point telling an entire section to stop swaying because they were going the wrong way) . He sang all the radio hits and I sang along (not realizing I knew all the lyrics like that I impressed myself). But what solidified my new appreciation for Jay was when he sung the first verse to my 2007 anthem "Lucifer", at that very moment I would have thrown up a Roc sign (OK not really but you get the point..) because this song in my opinion is slept on and great song. So I am not going to go all balls to the wall and say I am all about Jay Z again but I will confess that this show made me feel something about Hip Hop I haven't in a LONG time... Joy!

Now the jokes (you knew this was coming): A collaboration with my sister the
Black Atelier (coming soon)

There was this 50+ woman sitting a few rows from my us who we nicknamed Frankie, (PCD you gave me the ammo for jokes) from that awful BET show about Keyshia Coles' life. She was cursing people out and was clearly inebriated. She left her seat at various points to read somebody the riot act but at one point could not get back down the stairs to her seat. In steps a young man who clearly didn't know her to help her down back to her seat. How does the Frankie-look/act-alike show her appreciation by giving him a slow wind. He looked disgusted, I WAS disgusted. Imagine your momma in the feeling on your booty video, YUCK!

The couple in front of my sis and I kept taking pictures... No not of who was on stage but of themselves!! I could not stop laughing because every picture was exactly the same, the dude with a mean face, the girl smiling and my arms in a bright yellow sweater. Also how did all of these people get their cameras in and I had to check my umbrella. I mean really Izod Center.

The Tyler Perry presents moment that took place on the right side of the stage while Mary sang "Your Child". My sister can attest to my outrage when this woman started walking across the stage holding her head. Then I realized it was for dramatic effect, turned out to be more comedy for me!

NJ giggle: there was a guy running down the ramp that lead to the NJ turnpike. There was a scenario created in the car by my dear and crazy friend about what could have happen. I thought it was too funny and seemed like something out a movie.

I saw more T&A then you would have seen at Scores. If your seats are above the 200 level don't you think you should be in comfortable clothes because you have quite a trek to and from the main floor. I'm not saying don't look good but 4 inch platform red patent leather shoes and mini skirt just seems wrong to me.

(This one is for GG) There was some sort of fight in the parking lot and one of the girls yelled "She don't know I'm from East NY" my first thought was that's where you need to stay if you come out to fight at a concert. Now I don't know the circumstances of the fight but I do know I 'm not going to get manhandled and possibly arrested in another state. But GG bought up something even funnier when I told her the story... Why do people from Brooklyn always have to yell it out? Its true no matter where you are you ALWAYS know where Brooklyn people are because they stay shouting it out in songs, in regular conversation.

Let me know what you think about it....I'm From Brownsville, Never ran never WILL!


PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

HIGH-LARIOUS!!!!!!!!!! ok, i am so done with frankie, part 2. thats a MESS! truly, i am no fan of mary's or jay-z's but i'm glad you enjoyed yourself. LOL- at your yellow arm in that couple's know they are going to post them on facebook or something, ha ha!!

The F$%K it List said...

Ha, yeah they were more a Myspace kind of crowd. So stay tuned for my yellow sweater making its appearance in the cyber hood!

12kyle said...

I heard that it was a good show. They were here a few days ago. I've seen them both in concert so I didn't want to see it again. Glad that you had a good time.

Adia said...

You're trippin' ..."Falsetto" is GREAT. A very sexy song. The Dream (that's his name) is no diff than R. Kelly and them, so what's the big deal. At least it's a good song.

Yes, great show; throat still sore from singing all night (and walking out in the cold to get to a diner...LOL).

The F$%K it List said...

@12Kyle; it was a good show.

@Adia: uhm Yeah no they are not the same thing. R.Kelly was suggestive at least in the beginning, there is nothing sexy about lyrics (or good about)like this:

Started out talking right here
Puttin it down like a m*f$%kin mack
Sellin me candy all up in my ear
She wanna be down like the d's on the lac
Slow dancin in the club
The diamonds look like rainbows
She's grinding on my d$ck

These lyrics say you are hot which translates to I wanna 'eff you and that is just more crap!

Adia said...

...uhh, now were quibbling over lyrics? It'll take me WEEKS to throw out questionable song lyric from top artists, yes, including Jay Z. It's a booty call song, plain and simple, not a "making love" song...nothing new about booty songs and nothing wrong with it at all. Sometimes that type of music is warranted. Not all songs need to be soft and flowery, Ms. Romance.