Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I wish there were a knob on the TV to turn up the intelligence. There's a knob called "brightness," but that doesn't work.

When I started out writing this last night I was going to talk about my nostalgia and the recurring feeling of deja vu I have had all day. This was before I turned on MTV and VH1. Now in the last few seasons of ILNY and FLOL I have made a conscious decision to refrain from watching, but for some ungodly reason last night I was stuck on stupid (literally). There is no cause for a recap but I wanted to make a few comments on what I saw.

Flavor of Love (One precious hour of my life lost)

I felt so incredibly sad and disappointed watching, in this day and age so many young women allowing themselves to be degraded for fame. At such a momentous time in history when a woman is running for President (BARACK in “08!!) their only recourse for coming up in this world is to pretend, to want to be with this man. A man who season after season degrades and dehumanizes every woman he comes into contact with (not to mention the ones outside of this show, all the babies mamas).

The entire show was a train wreck of multiple proportions but two things in particular pained me to watch. The Roast where the girls insulted each other and continuously called each other every name but what their mom (and Flavor Flav) gave them (B* this, Hoe that) , even pointing out a bump on one of the girls lips. Second was the way this man, a man who has kissed more than 20 women per episode had a dermatologist come in and examine her. Instead of telling her in private that it was all good (Could being able to kiss him actually be a good thing I say NO), he slowly reads them in front of her competitors and millions of viewers. He literally held her clock away from her under his coat while he read what the doctor said (Just a pimple, not herpes). WHY WHY WHY did she stay!!!!!!! I would have walked out the door and told him the A$HOLE he was in many different languages. But nope fame won out and she strutted up to receive her clock. A very clear mark of shame in my opinion.

I can’t resist quoting one of the most ignorant things from Thing 1 and Thing 2 (yes this is their moniker, UGH). They said “if it’s a pimple then she stays, if it’s a herpe then she goes”. Now come on you have been throwing the word HERPES around all day. OK I’m done being part of the problem No more wasting precious moments of my life.
Leena you tried to warn us on season 1.

Making the Band 4

Watching this show last night made me sad in a different way. I’ve watched this show all four seasons, because I am intrigued by what new artist will go through to get a record deal (Yes I know the cheese cake walk was extreme and for TV). When Danity Kane was picked I took a particular interest in Dawn. I felt like more than anyone she deserved this chance (I think DWoods and Aubrey are incredibly cocksure and its nerve racking to say the least). Dawn’s story is such an extremely important one as she and her family were victims of Hurricane Katrina and George W. Long after the Kanye Wests’ of the world retracted their statements or disappeared from the picture when so much needs to be done there still, Dawn was an in your face reminder of what happen. And through all of these trials she made her dream come true. So why was I sad? Well in these first few episodes you have been able to see how low her self-esteem is and this feeling that she doesn’t deserve to be happy.

A host of things happened in this episode that red flagged this, but nothing stuck out more than when she sang for Ankh Rah (Love him and his big ears). She sang a song about God being her all but she couldn’t let go and really sing. And shouldn’t a song that says I have nothing to worry about because he has never disappointed make you unafraid to let down your guard even if its for a moment. But no matter what she held back, but Ankh didn’t let her quit. What he said tonight is something I think we all need to remember:

“There’s no getting over it you HAVE to go through it and it’s going to be scary but I promise you it will be ok

What awesome wisdom and encouragement to offer to someone so young. I was teary eyed as she kept singing and let go of some of her burdens. (and I am no water head "Keisha" it takes a hella lot to get me to cry). How many times have you said “oh I’ll just get over it “ and never really do. Maybe with all my moments of de ja vu I needed to hear these words because it truly hit home.

Ok enough with the serious stuff, you all know that show is always good for Giggles:
  1. Why did Seven have a feather earring and all the doves and smoke in the studio. I’m all for setting a vibe but I felt like I was watching when Doves cry video.
  2. Mike Bivins from going on and on about how Diddy is the best president etc.. I was thinking is this how you mentor these boys. That boy needed someone to step up and in the end it was weirdo Seven.
  3. Diddy walking through the house pointing out that there was no goofalockin’ going on there. HUH WHAT? I’ve taken bitchassedness into my vocabulary but this is going too far!


Anonymous said...

Hahaha..waterhead! You're quite the punk. Although I will shed a tear over "Extreme Makeover."

You will NEVER say "goofalockin" again, btw.

And the herps needs to be called out, yes indeed. What's extra sad? This happened last season! Some chick named Beautiful had a cold sore, and she was outta there. I expect nothing of class from this show...neither should you. Be comforted in the fact that "Rock of Love" exists...those hos are crazy, too.


The F$%K it List said...

I agree that if someone has a leaky sore on their lip or whatever it should be checked out. But not the way he did it AND he said he was doing it for the safety of other peoples lives (you can't get herpes by speaking to someone). Whose life, only he will be kissing her and feelin' on the booty!

Elle said...

Hey hon! Thanks so much for stopping by...I'm loving what you're doing here. Keep it up buttercup!

PS. I've sworn off FOL. I just can't. And I got teary eyed at MTB too! Love me some Dawn.