Thursday, March 20, 2008

I wonder what the thread count is.......

Today I was chatting with people in the office and the usual topics came up in this order:

1. March Madness; yeah I am not interested in any brackets this year (I don't know people here well enough to come in screaming "IN your FACE" when my teams win).

2. What's going on for the long weekend: Catching up on some movie time, church and dinner at the Ramirez abode.

3. The economy; its inevitable here we work in finance. Won't bore you but people here are pretty bearish on the market.

4. Politics: You all know who I support so I go on my tirade about Barack and change and blah blah only to hear from my manager that Craig Robinson is her tenant in Providence and that Barack Obama was recently at the home she owns for Dinner.... WHAT??? What did you say?? As she went on about how nice Craig is “all I could think was did she just say that I am only separated from Barack by small degrees?!" Well Good lord I must post this. People need to know that I will be sleeping in the Lincoln bedroom in 2009. HEHEHE.

I know most of you are all Gay for Obama but I don't want you bombarding me with gifts and what not. I will be thinking of all of you while I am in Washington.


Elle said...

Can I just get one pillowcase for posterity?

The F$%K it List said...

Ofcourse Elle, a pillowcase can be yours. It will be amongst the other things I pilfer from the white house, hehehe