Monday, March 10, 2008

My "N" Moment......

"Webster Defines the N***A moment as a moment when ignorance overwhelms the mind of an otherwise logical person. Causing him to act in an illogical self-destructive manner"
- Huey Freeman "The Boondocks"

Those of you who know me know I am usually pretty even tempered. Especially on the train but after a grueling 9 hours in the office (sitting through long client meetings, and not having a real lunch) I was pretty ornery. I decided I would take the long way home and walk to 8th avenue , where I ran into my fabulous uncle. After a good laugh at how awful he is with technology and a few more about his life and mine, I felt lighter and shed all my bad feelings. As always there was some silly fight on the A train but today I just ignored it (there was a huge argument between two guys and it was pretty violent and loud) because I was feeling Easy like Sunday morning (Logan that's for you).

At Utica this woman gets on and basically sat right in my lap, I moved over so she could sit properly to which she responded by sucking her teeth. Then she reached in her bag and pulled out a book almost hitting me in the head, I know you all are thinking well maybe the space was tight, YEAH NO. I continued writing (my next blog), as the train came from underground she pulled out her phone and started yapping loudly and right in my ear... I just started thinking "what the heck did I do today to deserve this nonsense today?". Finally we end get to the last stop and I hurry to get away from her so as not to lose my temper. But no this crazy woman catches up to me and as I am walking down the stairs (in 4 inch heels) she steps between my feet and almost trips me. I turn around and ask her politely to backup but does she ? NO! On the next flight of stair she is making her bag hit me in the back and when I turn around she is smiling THAT'S IT, I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!. I looked her dead in the eye and said "you know you are a real idiot, If I would have fallen....." and she starts in with calling me the "B-word". Standing on on the corner with this crazy woman screaming I realized two things 1) One I am too good for this kind of nonsense. It takes a stronger woman to walk away then it does to stand there and bitch out someone who clearly is disturbed and 2) My son was in ear shot and this is not what I want him to grow up thinking about me. So I turned on my heels and walked away, as she kept screaming she walked up behind me then suddenly turned and went the other way as I put my hand on the car door.....

So you may wonder what happen to make this woman who was for the most part pretty crazy and reckless about her safety. Two things a big old police van pulled up and the cops beeped at me and then Black just happen to step out of the car to get my bags I guess she got nervous and took her fool ass home.

This all got me thinking about why are we so angry all the time? And why are we taking it out on people that have nothing to do with our problems. I could have easily been that same angry woman on the train but I walked it off so that I could spare every one in my path, to only become a target. I have had other "N " moments on the train but usually I am provoked but is that really any excuse.. the answer is NO. Ahh.. Just venting!

On to more important things....Barack in '08! Pennsylvania STAND UP!

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Adia said...

Oh snap, do they really have a Webster's definition for a "N" moment? My, have we progressed, now I don't have to go to anymore.

But seriously, I'm glad you didn't respond likewise to this woman's behavior; there are enough "angry black woman" examples out there for the world to see, and we don't any more!