Monday, March 24, 2008

NYC MTA ...Call center addition!

I started writing a different Blog this morning about day time TV, which sucks but then I was inspired by the MTA call center to put them on BLAST!

As I have said before I think I embody all things NY, so today on my day off I decided to take the bus to the dentist (gas prices are rising and SUV's are not my friend) since its only about 15 minutes away. Only one problem with that plan, I don't ride the bus and therefore I'm not really sure how to get there. I know there is a bus stop in front of my building that goes to the airport but that's the wealth of knowledge I have of the bus and QB. So being the savvy woman I am I call the hotline for the MTA (Normally I would go to hopstop but my computer is also not my friend today). I speak to a representative in a record 2 minutes and I give her all my details, time and place of departure and arrival time desired. She tells me to get the bus that stops in front of my building and hangs up. I am uneasy about this so I call back. And speak to another rep who tells me the same thing, this time I ask questions. Doesn't that bus go to the airport via the conduit, he answers Yes. So I say that is really out of my way and is there another route? No. OK well can you check your screen again? Why he answers I am telling you where to go. I say again but I know that bus only goes North it doesn't go West like i need to, to which he replies "Ms. I wouldn't tell you to get on a bus that I didn't know would get you there I would get fired this call is recorded.

Still uneasy I decide to take my chances with my computer and try hopstop. Turns out I do need to take the bus the reps suggested but NOT ALL THE WAY TO THE DENTIST! I have to get off only two blocks from my house and take another bus. So to MTA call center rep Mr. Robinson (that's his real name) I hope you've been keeping up with the economy and have a great savings to live off because "YOU'RE FIRED!". ----->


Thank you Dear computer for lasting long enough for me to post this

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