Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Seriously I need to put the parental control on and forget the code to save myself from the madness

This week I have lost a total of 6 ½ hours of my life watching bad TV (and its only Wednesday).

It all started on Monday as I prepared for my dentist appt by laying in the bed watching of all things The Montel Williams show (Maury let me down with no paternity testing, which cracks me up… ok I have to stop being a part of the problem). Montel’s topic for the day was “people who hate their race”. He started out with a long monologue about how he was straight blow away by the comments that these women made and blah blah blah.

His first guest was a black “woman” who hates all things black and doesn’t consider herself black (despite the fact that she went to an HBCU, and is an AKA). My first thought as she started spewing her hate was "Does Montel’s producers do any research on their guest?" Because this same woman was on Tyra 2 years ago with the same tired story and promised to get therapy. Hmm.. maybe therapy comes in the form of a talk show audience screaming that she is sad and pathetic and her screaming back foolishness about combing hair and losing weight (or a paycheck to get her plastic surgery). My second thought was why is Robin Givens the person handing out advice? But she gave the girl sound advice about self-worth and choosing to be better despite your past. She said “every day we wake up is a new beginning and we get a second chance” . This crazy woman went on to say Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King did nothing for her because she is stuck. Watch it for your self, I can’t even write down all the crazy that was this woman.

Crazy part 1

*The second guest was a Korean woman who had plastic surgery on her eyes , nose, and lips to look less Asian. (A) post surgery she still looked Asian (B) the doctor was Asian and said the goal is make the Asians more beautiful (translation more European). DAMN WHAT IS GOING ON?! Its really sad what extremes people think they must put themselves through in order to conform and fit in a box.

DAMN WHAT’S GOING ON?! It’s really sad what extremes people think they must put themselves through in order to conform and fit in a box.

Next up and equally as pathetic the Real Housewives of New York City. Now I watched the Real Housewives of the O.C and I thought they were rather silly too but nothing like these women. The bravo show Real Housewives of the O.C. These women were friends and though they lived lavish, extremely exclusive lifestyles they still supported each other through hard times, laughed and fought like everyday people do. None of these things apply to the Real HW of NYC. The are catty, not as glamorous as they think they are and besides the Countess I would say on a scale of 1-10 for class they are about a 2, if that much. They live a life most of going to fashion week, and magazine premieres, and that would be ok if they were at all nice to ANYONE including their kids and each other. In the few episodes it’s like they get together so they can tear each other down later. There was one part that really made me go WTH?! One of the women wanted her daughter to try out for Wilhelmina kids (Acting not modeling because she thought models are not very smart, ok pot calling the kettle black) and the little girl says she doesn’t want to miss school to do auditions. The mother just tells her husband this and he says basically its not a good time and she says “No we will wait until something happens and work it out” How are you going to work out the child losing out on education to go on an audition she might not get. Ugh it was too much. It’s always too much when I see a child with more God given sense than their parent.

The only highlight to my TV Boob-dumb was Making the Band 4, or at least I thought it would be. Someone finally went off about the group back and forth and though it looked a little staged I’m glad it happened because that Danity Kane (translation Aubrey and D’Woods) are really out of pocket. The comments at the radio station were ridiculous and totally uncalled for. I’m all for the friendly competition but it’s another thing to call a group of dudes “The woman of house”. I was very happy that Diddy put their behavior on blast. So far not a waste and then came the second hour, when Danity Kane came out dressed in those trashy outfits I decided enough was enough and promptly exited left.

In a nod to Elle (inaword-Fab) I do my first open letter :

Dear Dawn,

Uhmmm Dawn past episodes about you have made me sad and happy all at once. Your voice is melodic and against my better judgment I will be jamming to Damaged in the gym

However to your camel toe in that slutacious outfit I say HELL to the NO!
Best Regards,
The F@#K it list


Paula D. said...

I swear, people will do anything to get 15 minutes of fame on TV. I put money on it that she was paid for her appearance.

Back in the day when jenny Jones was hot, my cousin was flown out, paid & put in a hotel to look like an idiot on stage. He was caught in a bootleg love triangle with some diabolical people.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

i love real housewives...but this season does irk me to death...especially the chick with the gay husband. she has the WORST hair! it looks like she never combs it. and her man is sooooooooooooo gay, i mean super gay-lol!

i feel for ramona's child. she really seems like if someone left the door open long enough...she'd run far, far away!!!!

The F$%K it List said...

@Paula D; I figured they got paid. but is my self-respect and the fact that millions of people will know me as a fool worth a trip to NYCLA etc...I say NOT

@PCD Isn't he the GAYEST GAY person EVER???!!! She is 100% what people think residents of Kansas look like. And how dare she have all that money and not go in and get that stringy hair done and those teeth donr. UGH
If I were Ramona's daughter I would run away save myself from the madness.

dejanae said...

tyra and now montel

It's sad that there are folk out there that hate themselves that damn much
even sadder that they internalize the friggin stereotypes they hear

12kyle said...

"This week I have lost a total of 6 ½ hours of my life watching bad TV." LMAO!!!

I gave an hour to Flavor of Love. Haaaa

The F$%K it List said...

@12Kyle: Come back from the dark side! NO FOL, you will be brain dead by the time the season ends.