Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Alexis Carrington is back BITCHES!

In my daily evening conversation with my sister she pointed out that the new look on the HSN runway is a tribute to Dynasty! You too can work it like Krystal and Alexis for a mere $208 (plus shipping and handling and tax outside of NY) designed by none other than Miss Tina . That's right Beyonce's momma is on a mission to make you . . fugalicous!

AND BOY did she out do herself this time.

Miss Tina Jacket with peplum and skinny pants

Zexy! All that is missing is the big hair.

Are you a lady of leisure? Miss Tina's got the outfit for you.

An outfit is not complete without shoes.

O.K Ladies make it do what it do........Economic Stimulus Check here I come!

*" y0u have to respect Mrs. Knowles' entrepreneur swagger though- but whose going to buy that stuff"-Keisha
This blog entry was the made possible by to Mrs. Manny Ramirez (my sis Keisha)
. Thanks!

source: ultimate dynasty and HSN

Monday, April 28, 2008

Just a whole lot of WHY on a Monday night

Date: April 28th
Time 10:30
Hours of Life lost: 1 hour (15 IQ points dropped)

I should be asleep because I have to be in the office at 8am but ofcourse I am not. I am up watching this awful Mess (Miss) Rap Supreme. This show is just plain old awful! I am just watching it because I can't find the damn remote control. Anyway here is some of the TOMFOOLERY that took place this evening on Mess. Rap Supreme.
  • argument about the German girl who despite speaking another language is better than the rest of them and actually acts like a Miss instead of a mess
  • The Messes had to dress up like male rappers, the fatty was jay Z, huh? One girl was kanye west, why did she have to stuff cotton in her mouth?
  • The argument between one white girl and a black girl. White girl(Bhyta): I had a dream last night and she is the devil. Black girl (Chiba): No you are the devil look at your skin. BLAH BLAH BLAH....White girl: I'm the devil because of my skin. Black girl: Yes its in the Bible.....Hold up what Bible is that?
  • Serch comes to take the girls to his friends house to relax.... Friend = Too short who proceeds to do a most disgusting rhyme which includes something about a maxi pad and a taxi cab, Then some nonsense about sending a hoe home. I don't really know what he said I tuned out. The task was to then deliver an equally hard (translation vulgar) rhyme. Nicky Sticks with her vaseline weave won because she was the most offensive of them all. Yipee she gets to sleep in the S&P room. *Sidenote, there were mad people in the pool with beach balls listening to the "battle just strange!".
  • Best part of the show is Tony Starks (Ghostface killa) I LOVE this dude, and I always will! He was friendly, he hung out with messes and let them rhyme for him which I thought was cool. That is the best part of this show having people meet their icons. Vaseline Nikki jumps up and down like a fool when he comes in telling herself "Nikki stop, stop" Hey fool just stop no one else is catching the holy ghost because Ghostface is there, JEEZ.
  • DUN DUN DUN! Yo-Yo looked extra shiny on this episode, Serch points out how much is on the line AGAIN! The task write 16 about women ruling the world. OK hold up didn't they just battle Two short and tell him don't be mad when you hear I turned your wife out! I'm so confused. YADA YADA Lioness goes home and the Lesbian Vato gal lives to fight another day!
*********FALL BACK YOU'RE SAFE**********************
I won't even waste time saying I am not going to watch, I have to because that is what I do.

YEAH the Best day ever is back, 5 whole minutes redeem about 10 IQ points.

Nasal spray as a gateway drug LMAO.... I LOVE THIS SHOW!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Now let me take a trip down memory lane

If you didn't grow up in NY (Brooklyn specifically) I thought I would give you a small glance into how we partied, what we listened to, what we wore...Ride with me
(Lady D, Vdiddy, BK's buttafly, Lala, Leena, Tam and GG this is for you).

You are invited to celebrate Funday Friday with
the F$%K it List BK STYLE

City: Brooklyn, NY

Venue: Biltmore Ballroom


Attire: Tommy Hilfiger, Polo, Swatch Watches
Girbaud, Timbs

Hair:French Rolls, crimps, finger waves (any thing with gel)

Music: Hip-Hop and Reggae Simply the Best

Drink menu:

*dress code will be strictly enforced! And anyone popin' off will be kicked out and the last words you hear will be "PARTY DONE!"
Juicy- Notorious B.I.G

We'll always love BIG Poppa
Flava in your Ear- Craig and 'dem

*Ah Busta how I loved thee! Hollis to Hollywood but is he good?

Ghetto Red Hot-
Super Cat

*ya full a big chat and can't defend that if a jail house you come from we sending you go back! Sorry sonshine dolly my baby can't be shared.
Trailer Load-Shabba Ranks

Zhigge- Rakin in the Dough

*Do the Bogle dance, do the bogle dance!. The good old days of a party in the basement (or living room).
Last Call Last Call its time for a slow wind
Flex-Mad Cobra

I don't think I need to say anymore...
These songs provided the soundtrack to some of the best times of my life.... HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Facebook will make you crazy! Recently I was tricked into joining facebook by one of my dearest friends (Sonshine). The tricky gal that she is she sent me an invitation to view pictures of her daughter. Next thing I know I had set-up a profile, my first thoughts went like this 1) I am going to kill her 2) alright this isn't so bad I can just use this to show my pictures and see her daughters 3) hmm.. I wonder who else I know on here. And just like that I was HOOKED, Resistance was indeed futile (as sonshine posted on my wall). My older sister had already joined and we laughed because one day prior EBP posted that this was something they loved and I had all kinds of reasons why I would not join.

So off I was on my facebook journey, sending invites of friendships to friends (How crazy is that?), being turned into a vampire by my college buddy, sending hugs, drinks, and writing silly notes on the wall (just like in college when you wrote on friends white boards) at all times of the night (and sometime day). My OCD really took over for two weeks. After a week I decided to invite people I knew that were not already on. Ericka L joined without any idea of what she was doing, which lead to jokes a plenty. BK's Favorite Butterfly said she would join when her classes ended ( I expect to see you on shortly its almost May), Lady D kept on with the excuse of not having time. But finally she caved and realizing that in her inspector gadgets days she had already joined under the name Isis Brown (Haha) Finally after a full day she was allowed to change and use her real name and the madness ensued. Here is the IM conversation to show how facebook will make you crazy.....

me: sorry signed out by mistake
Lady D: no prob, just doing a lil facebooking
me: haha, you have given it a name
an action verb, like scrapbooking. SMH you are such a crack head
Lady D: 37 friends. trying to get to 50 by end of wkend.
E needs to join, her hubby is now my friend
me: ok that is just insanity
why are you setting up a goal?
Lady D: i dunno
me: I am writing about you on the blog for Monday
Lady D: people got like 200 friends!
me: what does that have to do with you, HAHA
you are in competition?
Lady D: and i know probably 25% are their true friends, but it becomes a numbers game after while, i think.
me: hahah
i don't think so
i can't stop laughing at you right now
Lady D: popularity contest in a way.
and i'm POPULAR
me: HAHAAHAHALady D: folks rolling up on me...bitch i don't even know you, wanting to be my friend.......
me: i am so going to write about this. Please copy this conversation and send to me as a email. I will keep your real name out but this is too funny
Lady D: i'm gonna throw some more stuff
me: ok
Lady D: yes, permission to blog my insanity. "facebook - the 1st 24 hrs"
me: Copy the convo and send it to my email address
Lady D: k
4 some reason it won't let me copy
gimme a minute
me: never mind its in my chat folder.
Lady D: k

Through half this conversation all I could do was laugh because the idea of of this being a popularity conversation is HIGH-larious! I only joined to view and share pics with my friends from NC to Germany. But for my girl this has become a straight up competition. I have one friend who has 323 friends , but he is a party promoter so more than likely 65% of these people are contacts from an event. Is face book there to keep in touch with folks or is it as Lady D put it about the sheer numbers? Do you have a facebook, if so how many friends do you have? What do you use it for?

here is the funniest thing posted on my wall:
"You are super multi-tasker: packing, moving, facebooking, texting, emailing, sewing, doing the tango, washing, parenting, campaigning (for Obama), nagging (Black), smoking (hot, that is), being slayed by my vampire, weed eating, painting, shoveling, you are the BOMB DIGGY!!!!"- Sonshine.

If you are gay for Obama or just believe in his campaign for the presidency make sure you let everyone know and add the application Barack is my homeboy on facebook.

Another win for Pantsuit!

I can't even find the words to express how sad tonight makes me as Pantsuit takes the Pennsylvania democratic election. I 100% believe in Barack's platform but I am having less and less faith in this country and how they make choices about who should represent this country as the commander and chief. In her nauseating speech she says "you know you can count on me"... I don't think we can Mrs.Clinton. Your disturbing politics has showed me that you are not to be trusted. You take pot shots when unnecessary, your record has more blemishes than a little, you lie and then cover up by saying it was a misquote. How is this person a good choice for our leader? She speaks about Obama outspending her campaign in PA and how it did not work but she used one of the worst things possible to get the people of PA on her side... FEAR. Her ads invoked the images of Pearl harbor, Osama Bin Laden, 9/11 and other historical moments.

On MSNBC they spoke about a poll that said more than 50% of Democrats (mostly youth) will not vote for Hillary and will split the vote. This says a lot, people would rather see John McCain in the white house than see her. This shows that she is not a uniter of people, she is a separator of people. Obama has crossed all lines, sex, color, social economic status, a campaign that even if he is not elected has changed how so many look at politics, A uniter and America needs all the uniting it can possibly stand.

We knew it would be a tough race but something just doesn't sit well with me about this vote. Pennsylvanians should hang their heads in shame!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

NY NY A hell of a Town

I love when it gets warm in NY, not only can I shed my boots, coat, hat, scarves and other winter accoutrement but all the weirdos come out (and for some reason handsome men, single ladies get out there). So today on my lovely 30 minute walk around the neighborhood (Madison Ave) I thought I would tell you all the strange things I have seen/ the bad fashion choices and whatever else I can think of.

First stop 5th and 45th I decide to go in Jack's to see if they have my linen boxes (yep, will pick up a few for the new place) I also spot a Dora the Explorer and Diego paint by numbers but there were no numbers on the thing. Anyway I keep walking around until I see a woman with a chiquita banana hat on and a red dress. I can't control my laughter so I say good day and exit. On the street I see a lot of hot messes and some worth comment so here goes:
  1. A lady with very nice legging on that have a panther running up the leg, three things wrong here a) its only 2:00pm why so sexy, where do you work with those on b) she had a on a shirt that just hit the top of her thighs and a briefcase and c) I can't believe that she had on chinese slippers a la Brue Leroy in the Last dragon. What a mess. Oh and she had on really dark lipstick..
  2. Another fashion faux pas at my favorite cheap lunch spot Smilers, dark lipstick with black liner. Now that was just wrong. She had on a great suit, hair perfect but BAD makeup took her down. The guys at the Mac counter in Saks would have all died.
  3. A woman pushing her dog in a brand new Maclaren stroller. Huh What? I looked twice there were no kids running behind her just a lady and her dog.
  4. Guy so entranced by two girls that he spilled all 4 cups of starbucks coffee he was carrying. I was mad at that, but I couldn't stop laughing.
  5. Girls with noticeable camel toes (pointed out by my dear guy friend). His exact words were Dude look how damn tight her pants are (we saw three different woman with this problem) Don't know what a camel-toe is? Click this V and it will make you laugh. Need a definition thank Wikipedia!

So I'm sure its warm where you are... what have you seen? Anything that made you want to run and hide.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Life in the Fab lane.....No More


I am in the process of moving and it sucks and I am tired of packing. Who knew two people (now three) could have this much stuff. I found money (never a bad thing), clothes that I thought I threw away (not a good thing) and tons and tons of other crap.

I've had to change the gas bill, light bill and of course the cable,which leads to me to why I hate cablevision. I currently have Time Warner and though I have issue with their service I usually can look past it because they carry The Style network, where my friend in my head reigns supreme.... that's right Mrs. Kimora Lee Simmons (and her two little ones). BUT NOW the worst thing has happen, Life in the Fab lane season two premiered this weekend and CABLEVISION does not carry the style network! Worst of all you can't watch it on the website. WHY ME! I have decided to write cablevision and demand that they do something about this error (Mike I can attest to my angry letter writing).

I pride myself on being in the know but NO not this time. DAMN DAMN DAMN! I guess I will have to rely on fabulous recaps from F.U and wait until E! decides to run a marathon, which will mean shutting myself in my room and watching without leaving the apt once.

If you feel for me and all the other cablevision customers who will suffer wit STYLE please call (718
) 617-17700 or click the I HATE YOU CABLEVISION and your stupid commercials too.

I know you and you know me..........

PCD at The Pretty Circle has tagged here goes:

Here are the rules:

1. Link the person who tagged you…

2. Mention the rules in your blog…

3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours

4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them

5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged Here are 6 things you may or may not know about The F$%k it List:

1) I have a unexplainable fear of small people. I don't know why but something about them makes me nervous. I know its awful but I can't seem to get over it (however I am not scared of oompaloompas from Willy Wonka)

2) i carry fed-ex slips in my purse so that I can take lint off of my clothes. They work so much better than the lint removers you buy in the store

3) I love super-heroes. I am a smallville junkie and I even skipped work once(twice ok maybe 3times) to see spiderman, transformers etc...

4) In my former life I had the most ridiculously LONG Nails, that I would have airbrushed, YUCK. Maybe when we get to know each other better I will post a pic, hahah NOT

5) I NEVER Shop retail, I get a real thrill from a deal. and not paying retail for high end piece. I STAY in a sample sale

6) I cried when I read the final Harry Potter book ( ok I cried while reading more than one of those books, but in my defense I was preggers).

7) Sometimes I break the rules so I am only tagging three of you 'cause I have to get back to packing my 'ISH BIG MOVE is only two days away.

Now I tag


The Jaded NYer


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Throw 'dem butter beans just a country dream

I really wanted to leave the Barack post up for a few days so that people would have direct access to it then I saw this....All I can say is DAMN DAMN DAMN!

  • Why folks got to act like a damn fool all the time?
  • Is that a man?
  • man/lady Bandannas for all really?
  • Is that a camel toe, how did he do that?
  • Was that a strip pole in the front yard? Somebody really makes it happen at the Paper Doll lounge..
  • Who the heck let their 3 year old shake it like a go-go girl?
  • No go-go for you lady in the yellow shirt?
  • SMH at the special effects

I'm glad I stay away from the pork!

And lastly, Sorry PCD you know I can't pass up the giggles so please make sure you are not eating, holding your daughter as a matter of fact just go lay down on the floor right now.

ok back to the serious business......


The media and the Svengali Hillary Clinton are at it again. This weekend Senator Obama gave a speech where he said “So it's not surprising then that they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment.” This one liner from a speech designed to point out how politicians use the poor and middle classes started a whirlwind of accusations that Barack is an elitist and out of touch with the American people.

The evil Clinton machine has made it priority number one to use divisive techniques that have been in place since slavery, the act of divide and conquer. The use of the word Elitist conjure in most the feeling that the person attached to this label thinks he/she is superior to others. This House vs. Field mentality does not only apply to those of darker hued skin, it also applies to class, especially in respects to this race! Pantsuit and her many faces has now decided that the best way to win over the rural population on PA & NC is to sell herself as one of the people, one of the
gang. Stories are being sent through the media with about her grandfather taking her into the woods and teaching her how to shoot a gun and her unwavering faith. But when asked the last time she did either, she replied “that it was not relevant”… Hmmm that is suspect at best, if you are going to be one of the gang shouldn’t you be able to tell people that last time you hung out?! Even George Dubyah figured that one out. Her reaction to these questions proved even more that she is wearing many masks.

Pantsuit is deceiving the people of PA into thinking that she knows their struggle when in fact she does not. Yes I know Hillary worked with the poor, but she did not live amongst them a la Newark Mayor Cory Booker (no I don’t think she needed to go to that extreme). Her family did not reside in the slums of PA or the small town life of Shelby, NC (Shell-town much love). The people who are about to participate in the up and coming democratic election need to make sure they are not blinded by the smoke and mirrors of this swirling dervish. At best she will make promises with a 90% margin of them never being fulfilled. Why?? Because her campaign has been making promises from day one to the lobbyist, corporation, etc… and promises on consignment must be handled first.
The Notorious said it best “if you ain’t got the clientele say hell no cause they gonna want their money rain, sleet, hail, snow…"

I will confess that when I first saw the snippets of what he said, I thought this could be bad. Then my sister told me to try and listen to the speech in its entirety, pretty harmless. So because I am a firm supporter of Senator Obama's campaign and his vision I offer one thing, pick your words carefully because you are like the center of a dart board, a target and the key to the win.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Warning direct path to the dark side......

OK I was about to write about Barack and then I saw this,..... Why dear lord do you do this too me??! Fox should have a quota on how much racist BS that they are allowed to put on all of their networks, they already have that a-hole Bill O'Reiley.

This show is clearly going to be another one of those shows where every rapper, tv show star, singer, comic, deadbeat dad from the 80's and 90's will make a guest appearance. ok no more TV .

Mrs. Rap Supreme

There are so many serious things I could be writing about tonight (and I will), like Barack Obama and his current battle with the svengali clinton (aka pantsuit) but I had to get this one out while the show was actually on...

This is the funniest promo for a show EVER......"Ask Lil Kim, Fox Brown and Remy Ma....Right now the rap game needs a woman with skills, style and class". Not one of the rappers above exhibit any of these qualities. Now I like everyone jammed to the Lil Kim's first CD but she was never what I thought the rap game needed.

When I think Skills, I think McLyte, Queen Latifah, Yo-Yo, Nikki D
Style: Eve, Salt and Peppa
Class : all of the above
And ofcourse Lauryn Hill pre-Rohan.
click the links to see some of my favorite videos by these artists,

I've come to realize that my friends and I are not the target demographic anymore. But the little ones in my family are so i wonder..... how long can you really talk about your P^&&, diamonds, & Christian Dior? What happen to females in the rap game? Why did they cease to be a positive presence? And what is to come if the few that are left don't step up and grown up? I would love to see a old school female rap show.... but will it ever happen probably not.

sidenote: How the heck is Khia on the show as a contestant? Didn't she sing about her neck and her back..... and then she ended up in the bottom two because she was wack!

And why do all these women looks so hard and sound like dudes. There is just no middle ground in music these days.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Drink and my two step!

This is what I bought for my friday drink

This is what I was suppose to bought.......

clearly I am a little tispy! HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

More Skandom on VH-1

WTH do I keep doing this to myself...

NO I didnt breakdown and watch FOL (I did catch the last minute when he kicked off that Hotlanta girl, finally someone who stood up to that little roach, YUCK) I decided to give the skanks on Rock of Love one hour of my life. These girls seem more bipolar and conniving than on FOL (FOL is for ghetto girls trying to get their shine on while doing the unthinkable with Flavor FLav).

At one point I didnt mind ROL because the girls did not seem like they were that bad. But tonight I changed my mind, they are just as bad if not worse. Its all in the editing that makes you think that they are not. I clearly have a problem with the women that choose to come on these shows time after time but today I am going to talk about Brett Michaels.

On this episode he is meeting parents (why must they all do the same thing, meet parents, meet the ex). Anyway one "woman's"
and I use that terms lightly father throws her under the bus unintentionally by telling Brett that she is 37 not 31. And Brett feels deceived, HUH What? Are you kidding me this is a "reality tv" show. Everything about it is based on deceit, none of these girls LOVES you and if they do they are desperate and pathetic. 2 months or so in a house with 20 other women and you love him...I can't even see strong like with these circumstances.

Vamp Rock chick Destiny WTF would you get the rock of love logo tattooed on your neck. So what if you didn't get the words, you got the damn thing on national TV DUMB DUMB! When she decided not get his name tattooed on her neck he gets offended and says the girl from last season did it... and how's that working out for her? She didn't win so I would say not so good. And Brett your fake tantrum could use some work Jesus take the wheel or at least the remote.

Too late I may as well finish out the show.

One of them says she can't say she is love with Brett and the other two hyenas jump down her throat! The 37 yr old liar says she feels vulnerable, and stupid around him and starts to cry. This sounds like an abusive relationship to me...

Breast,Lip implant girl Daisy says she is in Love with him and she would be so mad if someone took her chance at being with him...uhhmmm Daisy the collagen is seeping into your brains sweetie. The show hasn't even ended and I know he is going to keep you because you have cassava melons on your chest...Duhh.

But Dude did you NOT read the contract Brett will be with you for 2 months until the reunion where you all will break up on air.

And guess who goes home....that's right the only girl who was true to herself Vamp Rocker Chick Destiny! And they are in Brett's own words "going to effin Cancun". The previews for next weeks show nothing but tears and convulsing bodies.. ok now that I have hit the reality show crack pipe I guess I will have to watch.

THANK GOD The Best week ever is back on this week and Showtime on demand allows me to watch The Tudors early, or the only words I would be able to write would be DAMN DAMN DAMN!

Usher Raymond circa 1994-1998

I NO LIKEY! This is so sub-par in comparison to Confessions, aren't you suppose to get better with age? This just sounds like something he should have done years ago. And that girl does not looks like Tameeka, ROFLMAO

And why are rappers so NOT Creative "Coming down aisle 3 I'll bag you like some groceries" No thanks Young Jeezy!

What do you think? Do you wanna make luv in this club?

Ooh Girl!


source: Logan, Thanks

Monday, April 7, 2008


In all of my blogs I haven't really mentioned my son. CJ is 21 months old and he's smart and funny (he gets it from his momma). My friend Ms. O also has a son who turned 2 today (Happy Birthday little squirrel) and she decided to take him to the Children's Museum of Manhattan, I was so excited that CJ and Izzy would be able to hang out and get their play on. The trip up was pretty easy (thanks A train) and the Ms. O and I got a change to laugh and catch up.

Anyone who lives in NY knows that the West side near the park is dog territory everyone has one and on a beautiful day like yesterday they were everywhere. To C.J.'s delight, he screamed a few times because he was so excited about the dogs and had he not been in the stroller he probably would have tried to pet one.

So we get to the museum, there seems to be quite a crowd. On line waiting to pay I read the sign about prices, adults $9 children $9 children under 1 are free. Now to most people that seems like no big deal but why have it broken down to by adult and child if admission is the same?

So off we go to Play works! We take the elevator up and walk into mass hysteria, kids running everywhere (which I sort of expected). SO here are the things that bugged me in no particular order

* driving the bus good times until this very rude Russian lady came up and forced her son into the front seat.

* driving the fire truck.This truck was too cute and had all the hoses and switches, they even had uniforms, However there were some kids (and parents are too blame )that wore them the entire time we were there.

* Dora the Explorer and Diego exhibit,(PCD I would not be doing you justice if I did not visit this part). Ok nothing was in there, the website said its the big exhibit. There was a sliding bored which CJ went on a hundred time, a pyramid that taught numbers in English and Spanish Diego's truck and a bridge that went no where. In this cubby like section there was a fake glass of milk and heating pad. We were confused!

*Movers and shakers, one little girl (in fire fighters jacket and hat from truck) had all of the puzzle pieces and yelling at other kids to leave her stuff alone. She did ask CJ to help her turn the wheel and he agreed but I think he was annoyed with her so I called him away. Not to mention we were in that part of the playworld for at least 30 minutes and I did not see her parent (s) once, it was like she was there alone.

Parents: Now I wore jeans and sneakers which is rare for me but there was one dad there in a blazer, slacks and a collared shirt... clearly not there to play with his son he was sitting on a block the entire time. I saw woman with skirts and high heels, also sitting down in the parents room while their rude kids ran around all willy nilly.
The parents room was not for relaxing it was a place provided to you if you wanted to read with your child.

This blog is not all complaints so here are the Good things:

* CJ and Isaiah had a great time running and climbing. We got a few great pictures

* Collage Art project was cool and the staff in the lab were extra friendly. I don't know how they did it because I was going nuts watching the kids rip and roar

* Giant light brite and chalk board. That was great! The light brite had huge pins of so many colors it was just like the one we all grew up with. The chalk board was just fun because he really thought he was writing something and when I told him to erase the board he used his tummy. HA

* When CJ hit this woman in the head with a ball and her first reaction was "Oh he is going to be an athlete" Huh? But then again her son was throwing balls at and out the windows.

* The Trojan horse: this was for older children but I enjoyed it as I am a lover of all things history ( I stayed up all night watching The Tudors, if you don't watch it you should).

Though there were a few things that annoyed me (which had more to do with the parents),I can say we had a great time. The boys got to run and play and explore new things. I got to hang out with my friend and her cousin.$18 well spent, but CMOM you need to step it up and make sure the exhibits actually work

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Happy First Friday

On this First Friday I thought I would share with you all the funny things I witnessed on my walk to the infamous A train and just some giggles to start the weekend off right:
  1. Weather in NY: 50 degrees. Only in this city would 200 people gather in the center of Times Square to play Guitar Hero. The one guy I saw (yes I stopped to watch) was really going in on the Greenday song, while his opponent looked bored

  2. Man with Calvin Kelin underwear (waist band showing) to cover his head. Now I know when you have dreads and you work construction it is hard to find something to cover your hair, but come on. Ever heard of a stocking cap.

  3. I've seen a lot of younger woman who are dressed like dudes with the sagging pants , oversized shirts and hat tilted like Adabissi on Oz. Why do they always look so hard? 3A) And does chewing gum on one side of your mouth making that crackling sound add to the toughness? Because all it is does is annoy me!

  4. Big Bub why are you trying to squeeze into the smallest seat on the train, when 1) the train is empty so you can sit there. I feel sorry for the women he squeezed between I could see their legs turning blue.

  5. OK you know I love the kids BUT, Teenage girl at 42nd street you do not have to match ever item of clothing/accessories and shoes. You look like a blueberry. OMG! she is eating the grape colored now and laters. RIDICULOUS! (ok sidenote; she bought this on herself because she was bragging about how cute she was matching from head to toe and said even my NOWLATAS match)

Celebrate good times...Come on!

In an older post I wrote about my computer and it how it will shut down at the drop of a dime. Well that's all over now because my laptop is here.....This will be my first post written on my lovely 17 inch screen. So what shall I write about hmnmmmm.....

Aww F$%K it I'm too tired to write anything. Two days in a row drifting off to sleep on the train gives me a pass. :)

The Don Magic Juan of Madison Avenue

Every morning since I started working in this building I've noticed that the security guards are extremely friendly except one. In this post 9/11 haze that I work in its important that the guards like you because they will look over infractions like leaving your pass upstairs or at home in your other purse (they actually will comment on the fact that you changed bags). For the most part all of this buildings guards are young and white with the exception of one. He is a black man probably in his early 60's. As I do with all the guards I said good morning to him a few days in a row and he never responded. So I just stopped speaking all together, not a big deal.

Well in the last few weeks he has been a rather chatty Cathy, but this morning at 7:45 he said a little too much for me to handle before my first cup of chai. If you saw him you would think "aww such a cute old man", because he really is he's short and thin with blue eyes and this great white hair. Anyway as I walked into the building he called me over, I'm thinking just to shoot the breeze like I've seen him do with friends of mine. Needless to say I was taken aback when he told me he'd been thinking about how pretty and delicate I am and that one of these days he is going to take me to lunch. To quote him he said " No McDonalds for you too pretty, a fancy white napkin lunch". I smile and say OK I have to go but I can't help laughing as I wait for the elevator.

A little later I go outside to meet up with one of my friends for a few minutes and when I come back in the building the guard approaches me again (this time leaving the desk). He starts a conversation about where I am from (he asked Liberia or Siberia, Huh what?), No Brooklyn great so was he, crown heights actually he had family living in the Pink Houses (ENY OK that's nice,can I go now?) . Just when I think its all over JJ (he tells me "that's what they call me" during this Q&A) says you know I'm old but not cold...WHAT WHAT WHAT?! Did my ears hear right old but not cold!!!

I kindly bid JJ Good day and say I need to get back to my office, I have a meeting in a few minutes (NOT TRUE).

I am officially creeped out and can never leave the building again. OMG I think I've been macked!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Eddie is ________ and Michael is just __________

I don't have anything to write about today. So when Sonshine told me to go watch this video I couldn't help posting it.

So fagalicious!