Monday, April 7, 2008


In all of my blogs I haven't really mentioned my son. CJ is 21 months old and he's smart and funny (he gets it from his momma). My friend Ms. O also has a son who turned 2 today (Happy Birthday little squirrel) and she decided to take him to the Children's Museum of Manhattan, I was so excited that CJ and Izzy would be able to hang out and get their play on. The trip up was pretty easy (thanks A train) and the Ms. O and I got a change to laugh and catch up.

Anyone who lives in NY knows that the West side near the park is dog territory everyone has one and on a beautiful day like yesterday they were everywhere. To C.J.'s delight, he screamed a few times because he was so excited about the dogs and had he not been in the stroller he probably would have tried to pet one.

So we get to the museum, there seems to be quite a crowd. On line waiting to pay I read the sign about prices, adults $9 children $9 children under 1 are free. Now to most people that seems like no big deal but why have it broken down to by adult and child if admission is the same?

So off we go to Play works! We take the elevator up and walk into mass hysteria, kids running everywhere (which I sort of expected). SO here are the things that bugged me in no particular order

* driving the bus good times until this very rude Russian lady came up and forced her son into the front seat.

* driving the fire truck.This truck was too cute and had all the hoses and switches, they even had uniforms, However there were some kids (and parents are too blame )that wore them the entire time we were there.

* Dora the Explorer and Diego exhibit,(PCD I would not be doing you justice if I did not visit this part). Ok nothing was in there, the website said its the big exhibit. There was a sliding bored which CJ went on a hundred time, a pyramid that taught numbers in English and Spanish Diego's truck and a bridge that went no where. In this cubby like section there was a fake glass of milk and heating pad. We were confused!

*Movers and shakers, one little girl (in fire fighters jacket and hat from truck) had all of the puzzle pieces and yelling at other kids to leave her stuff alone. She did ask CJ to help her turn the wheel and he agreed but I think he was annoyed with her so I called him away. Not to mention we were in that part of the playworld for at least 30 minutes and I did not see her parent (s) once, it was like she was there alone.

Parents: Now I wore jeans and sneakers which is rare for me but there was one dad there in a blazer, slacks and a collared shirt... clearly not there to play with his son he was sitting on a block the entire time. I saw woman with skirts and high heels, also sitting down in the parents room while their rude kids ran around all willy nilly.
The parents room was not for relaxing it was a place provided to you if you wanted to read with your child.

This blog is not all complaints so here are the Good things:

* CJ and Isaiah had a great time running and climbing. We got a few great pictures

* Collage Art project was cool and the staff in the lab were extra friendly. I don't know how they did it because I was going nuts watching the kids rip and roar

* Giant light brite and chalk board. That was great! The light brite had huge pins of so many colors it was just like the one we all grew up with. The chalk board was just fun because he really thought he was writing something and when I told him to erase the board he used his tummy. HA

* When CJ hit this woman in the head with a ball and her first reaction was "Oh he is going to be an athlete" Huh? But then again her son was throwing balls at and out the windows.

* The Trojan horse: this was for older children but I enjoyed it as I am a lover of all things history ( I stayed up all night watching The Tudors, if you don't watch it you should).

Though there were a few things that annoyed me (which had more to do with the parents),I can say we had a great time. The boys got to run and play and explore new things. I got to hang out with my friend and her cousin.$18 well spent, but CMOM you need to step it up and make sure the exhibits actually work

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PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

LOL @ the dora exhibit! i would have skid right by that sucker!!! i feel you on annoyingly rude parents...they can competely ruin a child's experience somewhere. i'm glad your baby had fun tho :-)