Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Facebook will make you crazy! Recently I was tricked into joining facebook by one of my dearest friends (Sonshine). The tricky gal that she is she sent me an invitation to view pictures of her daughter. Next thing I know I had set-up a profile, my first thoughts went like this 1) I am going to kill her 2) alright this isn't so bad I can just use this to show my pictures and see her daughters 3) hmm.. I wonder who else I know on here. And just like that I was HOOKED, Resistance was indeed futile (as sonshine posted on my wall). My older sister had already joined and we laughed because one day prior EBP posted that this was something they loved and I had all kinds of reasons why I would not join.

So off I was on my facebook journey, sending invites of friendships to friends (How crazy is that?), being turned into a vampire by my college buddy, sending hugs, drinks, and writing silly notes on the wall (just like in college when you wrote on friends white boards) at all times of the night (and sometime day). My OCD really took over for two weeks. After a week I decided to invite people I knew that were not already on. Ericka L joined without any idea of what she was doing, which lead to jokes a plenty. BK's Favorite Butterfly said she would join when her classes ended ( I expect to see you on shortly its almost May), Lady D kept on with the excuse of not having time. But finally she caved and realizing that in her inspector gadgets days she had already joined under the name Isis Brown (Haha) Finally after a full day she was allowed to change and use her real name and the madness ensued. Here is the IM conversation to show how facebook will make you crazy.....

me: sorry signed out by mistake
Lady D: no prob, just doing a lil facebooking
me: haha, you have given it a name
an action verb, like scrapbooking. SMH you are such a crack head
Lady D: 37 friends. trying to get to 50 by end of wkend.
E needs to join, her hubby is now my friend
me: ok that is just insanity
why are you setting up a goal?
Lady D: i dunno
me: I am writing about you on the blog for Monday
Lady D: people got like 200 friends!
me: what does that have to do with you, HAHA
you are in competition?
Lady D: and i know probably 25% are their true friends, but it becomes a numbers game after while, i think.
me: hahah
i don't think so
i can't stop laughing at you right now
Lady D: popularity contest in a way.
and i'm POPULAR
me: HAHAAHAHALady D: folks rolling up on me...bitch i don't even know you, wanting to be my friend.......
me: i am so going to write about this. Please copy this conversation and send to me as a email. I will keep your real name out but this is too funny
Lady D: i'm gonna throw some more stuff
me: ok
Lady D: yes, permission to blog my insanity. "facebook - the 1st 24 hrs"
me: Copy the convo and send it to my email address
Lady D: k
4 some reason it won't let me copy
gimme a minute
me: never mind its in my chat folder.
Lady D: k

Through half this conversation all I could do was laugh because the idea of of this being a popularity conversation is HIGH-larious! I only joined to view and share pics with my friends from NC to Germany. But for my girl this has become a straight up competition. I have one friend who has 323 friends , but he is a party promoter so more than likely 65% of these people are contacts from an event. Is face book there to keep in touch with folks or is it as Lady D put it about the sheer numbers? Do you have a facebook, if so how many friends do you have? What do you use it for?

here is the funniest thing posted on my wall:
"You are super multi-tasker: packing, moving, facebooking, texting, emailing, sewing, doing the tango, washing, parenting, campaigning (for Obama), nagging (Black), smoking (hot, that is), being slayed by my vampire, weed eating, painting, shoveling, you are the BOMB DIGGY!!!!"- Sonshine.

If you are gay for Obama or just believe in his campaign for the presidency make sure you let everyone know and add the application Barack is my homeboy on facebook.


Sunny said...

Facebook is the best!!!

Anonymous said...

Ehem, you forgot to mention that Lady D also plans to use Facebook to "reconnect" with former high school, college, and law school male classmates who are really all of a sudden really cute!

The F$%K it List said...

I didnt forget your SATC life via facebook is part deux of the Damn I'm famous series.

Sunny= Sonshine and "I see you" ;)

Eb the Celeb said...

I have facebook... and I am not addicted to it but I am addicted to their Owned application... you have to try it out...its the best thing on there!

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

never been to facebook...maybe i'll venture over

The F$%K it List said...

@EB, I will try it out. I am so over all these applications though. My page is starting to look like Myspace- UGH! will be cleaning it up.

@PCD Facebook is fun as long as you don't get too carried away. like myself and fam!

12kyle said...

Too funny!

I have facebook. I think I have a wopping 15 friends! LOL. I'd like to be on it more but I'm on the 12th Planet

The F$%K it List said...

@12Kyle I feel you managing all this networking and blogging is cutting into my TV and sleep time. HA!