Thursday, April 3, 2008

Happy First Friday

On this First Friday I thought I would share with you all the funny things I witnessed on my walk to the infamous A train and just some giggles to start the weekend off right:
  1. Weather in NY: 50 degrees. Only in this city would 200 people gather in the center of Times Square to play Guitar Hero. The one guy I saw (yes I stopped to watch) was really going in on the Greenday song, while his opponent looked bored

  2. Man with Calvin Kelin underwear (waist band showing) to cover his head. Now I know when you have dreads and you work construction it is hard to find something to cover your hair, but come on. Ever heard of a stocking cap.

  3. I've seen a lot of younger woman who are dressed like dudes with the sagging pants , oversized shirts and hat tilted like Adabissi on Oz. Why do they always look so hard? 3A) And does chewing gum on one side of your mouth making that crackling sound add to the toughness? Because all it is does is annoy me!

  4. Big Bub why are you trying to squeeze into the smallest seat on the train, when 1) the train is empty so you can sit there. I feel sorry for the women he squeezed between I could see their legs turning blue.

  5. OK you know I love the kids BUT, Teenage girl at 42nd street you do not have to match ever item of clothing/accessories and shoes. You look like a blueberry. OMG! she is eating the grape colored now and laters. RIDICULOUS! (ok sidenote; she bought this on herself because she was bragging about how cute she was matching from head to toe and said even my NOWLATAS match)


Eb the Celeb said...

Dont you just love NY... I have a million stories as well... lol

The F$%K it List said...

eb I love NY! No other city can compare.