Monday, April 28, 2008

Just a whole lot of WHY on a Monday night

Date: April 28th
Time 10:30
Hours of Life lost: 1 hour (15 IQ points dropped)

I should be asleep because I have to be in the office at 8am but ofcourse I am not. I am up watching this awful Mess (Miss) Rap Supreme. This show is just plain old awful! I am just watching it because I can't find the damn remote control. Anyway here is some of the TOMFOOLERY that took place this evening on Mess. Rap Supreme.
  • argument about the German girl who despite speaking another language is better than the rest of them and actually acts like a Miss instead of a mess
  • The Messes had to dress up like male rappers, the fatty was jay Z, huh? One girl was kanye west, why did she have to stuff cotton in her mouth?
  • The argument between one white girl and a black girl. White girl(Bhyta): I had a dream last night and she is the devil. Black girl (Chiba): No you are the devil look at your skin. BLAH BLAH BLAH....White girl: I'm the devil because of my skin. Black girl: Yes its in the Bible.....Hold up what Bible is that?
  • Serch comes to take the girls to his friends house to relax.... Friend = Too short who proceeds to do a most disgusting rhyme which includes something about a maxi pad and a taxi cab, Then some nonsense about sending a hoe home. I don't really know what he said I tuned out. The task was to then deliver an equally hard (translation vulgar) rhyme. Nicky Sticks with her vaseline weave won because she was the most offensive of them all. Yipee she gets to sleep in the S&P room. *Sidenote, there were mad people in the pool with beach balls listening to the "battle just strange!".
  • Best part of the show is Tony Starks (Ghostface killa) I LOVE this dude, and I always will! He was friendly, he hung out with messes and let them rhyme for him which I thought was cool. That is the best part of this show having people meet their icons. Vaseline Nikki jumps up and down like a fool when he comes in telling herself "Nikki stop, stop" Hey fool just stop no one else is catching the holy ghost because Ghostface is there, JEEZ.
  • DUN DUN DUN! Yo-Yo looked extra shiny on this episode, Serch points out how much is on the line AGAIN! The task write 16 about women ruling the world. OK hold up didn't they just battle Two short and tell him don't be mad when you hear I turned your wife out! I'm so confused. YADA YADA Lioness goes home and the Lesbian Vato gal lives to fight another day!
*********FALL BACK YOU'RE SAFE**********************
I won't even waste time saying I am not going to watch, I have to because that is what I do.

YEAH the Best day ever is back, 5 whole minutes redeem about 10 IQ points.

Nasal spray as a gateway drug LMAO.... I LOVE THIS SHOW!


PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

BEST DAY and BEST WEEK EVER have me in STITCHES!!!! i would like to know where they found these rappers. they are some of the roughest, raggedy-est chicks i've ever seen, especially nicky-2-states....that weave HAS to go!

The F$%K it List said...

@PCD See how I checked out I called her Nicky Sticks, HAHAH. She's real hot mess.

Eb the Celeb said...

I knew it was going to be a mess when they allowed Khia on the show... she shouldnt have even been aloud to try out... but then again the whole thing is scripted... probably just had her on so people would watch and then got rid of her quick so the competition could start... I hate to admit that when its on I watch it too

jameil1922 said...

i can't get w/best day ever since best week ever became so popular. sigh. i refuse to watch the mess show. i've done good not watchin flav this season, ever tila tequila, and i'm gonna do well not to watch this one! (don't worry, i actually have very low tv standards most of the time.)

The F$%K it List said...

@ Eb, its like a bad addiction. I just have to watch it.

@jameil, thanks for dropping by! Best day ever and Best week ever are my TV bibles! I will take a nap on friday night just so I can watch BWE. As for Mess Rap Supreme, Thats great we need some people not crossing over to the dark side. LOL

Anonymous said...

You call the show an awful mess as though you are above it all, but not only do you devote a whole blog post to the show that you supposedly hate, but you also stoop to calling the heavyset girl a "Fatty." Is that cool?

Park Avenue said...

I have to be honest: I started watching "Miss Rap Supreme" on a whim...& now I'm addicted. Too Short's rap was tacky & I'm glad the ladies had a chance to answer back. I think Byata, Chiba, & Miss Cherry are the strongest & Bree will be the next to go.

12kyle said...

Neva seen tha show. But if GhostFace is on it...I'm there. What can i say? I watch Flavor Flav's show, too! LOL

The F$%K it List said...

I will address those of you who are big enough to use your names first!

@ park avenue, welcome and stop by anytime. I love Hip Hop and though I watch this show I hate what they do to my culture. I agree with you on who is strongest Byata and Chiba. I am appalled that Serch and Yoyo would think this was a good look spitting lyrics that degrade other woman So unfortunate but being on this show will take away from their talent...its just the way of the world.

@12kyle. Don't get to invested Ghost was only one one episode. Ok we are def hip hop twins we both Love Biggie and we both love Ghost.

Now I have to go all Jeremiah Wright on Anonymous:

Do I feel like I am above it all I most certainly do. WHY? because I am not on TV acting a damn fool, cursing and carrying on. The rhymes delivered were to say the least boorish!
Why do women have to get down and dirty using all kinds of denigrating terms to show they are superior and deserve a crown.Sorry Anonymous I am above that!

I hate the show never said that. I did say it is awful. And it is, Just like FOL, ROL, Teila Tequila all of these reality shows. But Hip Hop is something dear to me so I will write about the downfall of it and celebrate the wonder that it is when its called for.

IF you watched the show and you think its all good to act like these women act, look and represent hip hop more power to you. But this is my damn forum and I can say what I want, how I want and when I want. So if you don't like it to you I say Good day sir!

can't tell you my name, but I'm from the south... said...

just going to say what others are thinking...anonymous must be a fatty!!! Chill out anonymous, don't hurt me. I'm just kidding and I don't even know you so I really don't care. Ok- I did not know Khia was on the show, I meant to watch it bc Joel made fun of it on the "Soup". He showed a clip where YoYo appears in a smoking mirror and said some crap and the one girl, who is not the brightest bulb was like "I think that s#$t mean something"! Hilarious. Guess I will DVR!