Tuesday, April 8, 2008

More Skandom on VH-1

WTH do I keep doing this to myself...

NO I didnt breakdown and watch FOL (I did catch the last minute when he kicked off that Hotlanta girl, finally someone who stood up to that little roach, YUCK) I decided to give the skanks on Rock of Love one hour of my life. These girls seem more bipolar and conniving than on FOL (FOL is for ghetto girls trying to get their shine on while doing the unthinkable with Flavor FLav).

At one point I didnt mind ROL because the girls did not seem like they were that bad. But tonight I changed my mind, they are just as bad if not worse. Its all in the editing that makes you think that they are not. I clearly have a problem with the women that choose to come on these shows time after time but today I am going to talk about Brett Michaels.

On this episode he is meeting parents (why must they all do the same thing, meet parents, meet the ex). Anyway one "woman's"
and I use that terms lightly father throws her under the bus unintentionally by telling Brett that she is 37 not 31. And Brett feels deceived, HUH What? Are you kidding me this is a "reality tv" show. Everything about it is based on deceit, none of these girls LOVES you and if they do they are desperate and pathetic. 2 months or so in a house with 20 other women and you love him...I can't even see strong like with these circumstances.

Vamp Rock chick Destiny WTF would you get the rock of love logo tattooed on your neck. So what if you didn't get the words, you got the damn thing on national TV DUMB DUMB! When she decided not get his name tattooed on her neck he gets offended and says the girl from last season did it... and how's that working out for her? She didn't win so I would say not so good. And Brett your fake tantrum could use some work Jesus take the wheel or at least the remote.

Too late I may as well finish out the show.

One of them says she can't say she is love with Brett and the other two hyenas jump down her throat! The 37 yr old liar says she feels vulnerable, and stupid around him and starts to cry. This sounds like an abusive relationship to me...

Breast,Lip implant girl Daisy says she is in Love with him and she would be so mad if someone took her chance at being with him...uhhmmm Daisy the collagen is seeping into your brains sweetie. The show hasn't even ended and I know he is going to keep you because you have cassava melons on your chest...Duhh.

But Dude did you NOT read the contract Brett will be with you for 2 months until the reunion where you all will break up on air.

And guess who goes home....that's right the only girl who was true to herself Vamp Rocker Chick Destiny! And they are in Brett's own words "going to effin Cancun". The previews for next weeks show nothing but tears and convulsing bodies.. ok now that I have hit the reality show crack pipe I guess I will have to watch.

THANK GOD The Best week ever is back on this week and Showtime on demand allows me to watch The Tudors early, or the only words I would be able to write would be DAMN DAMN DAMN!


12kyle said...

Hey...i can't lie...i like Flav's show. I dunno why. LMAO!!!

The F$%K it List said...

12kyle this is the second time i had to tell you to come back from the dark side. LMAO