Monday, April 14, 2008

Mrs. Rap Supreme

There are so many serious things I could be writing about tonight (and I will), like Barack Obama and his current battle with the svengali clinton (aka pantsuit) but I had to get this one out while the show was actually on...

This is the funniest promo for a show EVER......"Ask Lil Kim, Fox Brown and Remy Ma....Right now the rap game needs a woman with skills, style and class". Not one of the rappers above exhibit any of these qualities. Now I like everyone jammed to the Lil Kim's first CD but she was never what I thought the rap game needed.

When I think Skills, I think McLyte, Queen Latifah, Yo-Yo, Nikki D
Style: Eve, Salt and Peppa
Class : all of the above
And ofcourse Lauryn Hill pre-Rohan.
click the links to see some of my favorite videos by these artists,

I've come to realize that my friends and I are not the target demographic anymore. But the little ones in my family are so i wonder..... how long can you really talk about your P^&&, diamonds, & Christian Dior? What happen to females in the rap game? Why did they cease to be a positive presence? And what is to come if the few that are left don't step up and grown up? I would love to see a old school female rap show.... but will it ever happen probably not.

sidenote: How the heck is Khia on the show as a contestant? Didn't she sing about her neck and her back..... and then she ended up in the bottom two because she was wack!

And why do all these women looks so hard and sound like dudes. There is just no middle ground in music these days.

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Eb the Celeb said...

That show is worth than when they tried to find the new white rapper... I really wonder how this crap gets pitched and approved for air.