Tuesday, April 22, 2008

NY NY A hell of a Town

I love when it gets warm in NY, not only can I shed my boots, coat, hat, scarves and other winter accoutrement but all the weirdos come out (and for some reason handsome men, single ladies get out there). So today on my lovely 30 minute walk around the neighborhood (Madison Ave) I thought I would tell you all the strange things I have seen/ the bad fashion choices and whatever else I can think of.

First stop 5th and 45th I decide to go in Jack's to see if they have my linen boxes (yep, will pick up a few for the new place) I also spot a Dora the Explorer and Diego paint by numbers but there were no numbers on the thing. Anyway I keep walking around until I see a woman with a chiquita banana hat on and a red dress. I can't control my laughter so I say good day and exit. On the street I see a lot of hot messes and some worth comment so here goes:
  1. A lady with very nice legging on that have a panther running up the leg, three things wrong here a) its only 2:00pm why so sexy, where do you work with those on b) she had a on a shirt that just hit the top of her thighs and a briefcase and c) I can't believe that she had on chinese slippers a la Brue Leroy in the Last dragon. What a mess. Oh and she had on really dark lipstick..
  2. Another fashion faux pas at my favorite cheap lunch spot Smilers, dark lipstick with black liner. Now that was just wrong. She had on a great suit, hair perfect but BAD makeup took her down. The guys at the Mac counter in Saks would have all died.
  3. A woman pushing her dog in a brand new Maclaren stroller. Huh What? I looked twice there were no kids running behind her just a lady and her dog.
  4. Guy so entranced by two girls that he spilled all 4 cups of starbucks coffee he was carrying. I was mad at that, but I couldn't stop laughing.
  5. Girls with noticeable camel toes (pointed out by my dear guy friend). His exact words were Dude look how damn tight her pants are (we saw three different woman with this problem) Don't know what a camel-toe is? Click this V and it will make you laugh. Need a definition thank Wikipedia!

So I'm sure its warm where you are... what have you seen? Anything that made you want to run and hide.

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