Friday, May 30, 2008

Things that irk me vs. things that make me feel better

So this is a different kind of random blog for me. I decided that its equally important to highlight the good even when talking about the bad so here it goes....(thoughts welcome).

Irks me: I was on PCD's blog and was reminded why I really dislike the evil Clinton machine, click PANTSUIT to see why! Keith Obermann really laid into her as she deserved. It is not a good idea to throw stones pantsy when you live in a glass house. But to add to K.O one, two punch there is a video floating around cyberspace interviewing West Virginia voters and its pretty disturbing, how white america feels like its ok to fabricate a reason to not like Barack Obama. I'd rather hear that you don't like him because he is black than some BS about he doesn't know the words to the Star Spangled banner. Give me a break! Ok check it out for yourself....

We all know that at some point pantsy's people have seen this video why hasn't she come out and condoned it.

Made me feel better: All things are made better when Jon Stewart is on the case. Thank You Jon, Thank You!

HA! "I didn't know we came in so many flavors, I thought we only came in basic white and Irish Asshole" HAHAHA

Irks me:Detroit politicians- I was able to read the transcript of texts (provided by Madame Legs L'amour) between Kwame Kilpatrick and his mistress. And it was the worst thing EVER! He actually called her a nigress as a term of endearment. A total wtf moment for me! Then there is the "lady" Monica Conyers,city council member whose behavior is for lack of a better word inappropriate. She actually called the city council president Shrek. It has also been reported that she has threatened people. And then people wonder why folks in DC can't get ahead, STOP electing fools to represent you time and time again. LEARN from the folks Chocolate City.

Made me feel better: Detroit school children. Watch them handle Mrs. Conyers

Lady did you really just tell an elementary school child that you will not be combative with her,HA what a joke.Rock on 8th grader! (video provided by Mrs.Manny Ramirez)

Irks me: MF'ers messing with my Pandora, my sister informed me that there was a petition being sent around about saving Pandora. I was Highly upset about this. When I was at my previous place of employment we were blocked from EVERYTHING on the internet (we had a total of 60 minutes a day) but not Pandora. I could listen all day without any use of my minutes. Pandora kept me from choking a few people seriously! Sorry UK and other foreign nations you have been cut off because of greed!

made me feel better: That while they are still around I can link it to my facebook so folks can see what I am listening to throughout the day. Now all the way in Shelby my girls will know that I am rocking out to John Legends Slow dance. Find me on pandora as krishnadav.
*sidenote this also made me very happy Clear channel partnership with Pandora.

irks me: George W. Bush! Need I say more. ....Well I will. This week we have watched him secretly come out to a dinner for Rep. Presidential Candidate John McCain. Which served to raise $3.5million dollars for his campaign
(which will surely be aimed at Barack in the upcoming election, so if you haven't already donate donate donate.) I guess its understandable since his rating are at a record low (below 30%). A tell all book written by his former press secretary that only confirms what we already knew he LIED and we are at war for nothing and with the wrong country. The economy is on a steady decline and the price of everything is on the rise (Gas, milk, eggs). And on top of that America continues under his leadership to be the buttinskis of the major powers.

made me feel better: His reign of terror is almost over. This has been the longest 8 years of my life. I got a nice giggle from this one and I know you will too..> GOODNIGHTBUSH click the take a look inside tab. HA
* Note the Arab with the sword fighting the cowboy, as well as the Jesus and the little Osama crawling in the back corner.HAHAHA

So now its your turn....but you have to follow up the thing that irks you with something happy or funny.

Need something else to laugh at click here:
ThingsolderthanMccain (Merci Madame L'Amour )
Jimmy Kimmel is a damn fool:

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Before I start the regularly scheduled program I have to say that Tea Partay is the funniest 'Ish I have ever seen (Pretty Black got my back on this one). And the giggles were provided by my man Mikey B

Now we've all heard the old saying "Assumptions make an ass out of you and me" well welcome to me making an ass out of me. I'm probably one of the few NYers I know that will speak to a complete stranger. I say good morning to people just stare at me or just a simple Hello. That usually throws the haters off LOL. Now of course I have my moments where I will ignore you or give you the evil side eye (example cat calling me or worse calling me "MA"). But for the most part if you speak to me with respect I will do the same. And if I am intrigued or you just won't stop chatting I may even remove my IPOD.

Its Grand Central station at rush hour and I noticed this very handsome, clearly gay guy watching me. I was smiling like a Cheshire cat because of this but I didn't think it would go any further than that. As I stepped toward the express side of the platform I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around (*sidenote nothing annoys me more than a tap on the shoulder actually that's not true a one finger tap sends me over the edge), the conversation went like this:

Him: *smiling* Hi Gorgeous
Me: Uh Hi (anyone of you who say you wouldn't speak to him after that type of hello are liars)
Him: I just noticed you and wanted to tell you something, do you mind?
Me: *immediately look in the glass of the arriving train, to see what the humidity has done to my natural hair*
We both get on.
HIM: OMG nothing bad! (he really said O-M-G)
ME: Uhmm ok
HIM: Dangerous!
Me: Excuse me? I don't...
HIM: Dangerous, those shoes are so fucking beautiful!
ME: Cheshire cat grin returning Thank You!
HIM: You're welcome. Most women at the time of day have on commuter shoes but not you doll!
ME: Thanks for the compliment, Will you come and live with me and be my mirror mirror?
HIM: I don't think my wife would like that (shows me his ring finger)
ME: Your............WIFE, oh yeah that might be an issue I don't have space for her and my shoes
Laughter all around! (I am hoping he doesn't realize my huge faux pas).
ME: Oh this is my stop, thanks again
HIM: Bye I'm sure I'll see you again!

DAMN is all I can say as I walk to the A train in my fabulous shoes (that hurt like hell at this point but I keep it together, I hate to see women falling out because their shoes hurt, nope not I)
I really thought that dude was gay. I was really looking forward to posting about the third time around but nope a very straight man hit on my shoes. There is only one straight man I discuss my "Shoe game" with and that's Eric, So this all threw me for a loop. I had a colleague who would always compliment (or chastise) my shoe choices and though handsome he was no overly metrosexual dude.

So that's my story...I was more than embarrassed for making that assumption but he seemed to take it in stride ( he must get it alot). When I had a moment to digest it all I thought "now what would his wife think about him flirting with my shoes"

Giggles for your Metrosexual Bff :
Help him know if his next all day spa trip might be cancelled by using the ancient art of tarot, only these cards are Metrosexual specific.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Random 'Ish NYC Style

This city is a so full of things to write about. So here we go.....things I've seen and heard, things I love, things I hate. Just all kind of randomness:

--I love the Children's Place for C.J. The summer gear is so fantastic and very tea partay (<---click this link for a giggle ) like but I hate the damn bags. My hand was completely blue when I got back to work and it left a stain on my rain coat. UGH!

--Never make Starbucks a landmark when you are trying to meet someone near Grand Central. There has to be upwards of 10 in a 5 block radius. 20 minutes of confusion was had yesterday because of this.

--Overheard on the A: a girl about 15 years old relaying the story of how she watched her friend get shot from a window in Far Rockaway in broad day light. The story was quite sad, but the girl annoyed me. The use of N&$$A every other word and joking about others that were as concerned about the murder, as they stood waiting for the police just sat badly with me. I know she is a child but it still did not sit well.

--Seen on 42nd between 7th and 8th: Homeless man with a sign that read "Brad and Angelina are having twins and I need money to get them a gift". HA HA. I doubled back to give him a dollar.

--Seen in grand central: Jehovah's Witness with a baby sitting on her lap at 7:40am. ok I took issue with that but I took bigger issue with the woman holding the book in front of the baby as the baby dozed off. TAKE HER HOME its 7:40am no one should be up but working folks. Or at least ask the other women to remove their purses and lay her back in her stroller. JEEZ

--Seen Moi, yours truly: How special do I feel that on TWO separate occasions (in one day) I was stopped by two lovely gay men so that they could tell me how fierce I was. Two men, two different occasions , ME LIKEY. One made a comment on how my coat was PERFECTLY GOR-GE-OUS! Yeah me.

--Seen in front of Saks- The stringy hair lady from the Real Housewives of NYC on Bravo. She looks equally bad in person. And damn me for leaving my camera at home.

--Self observation: I've realized that I have no shame. I was on the train the other day jamming, hand up in the air mouthing the words to "Love's Gonna get Cha". Ha that song is the best!

-- I loved SATC and yes I have my ticket to see the movie next week. But I don't get these women that want to embody everything that is these characters. Grown Ass women wanting to be the next Carrie Bradshaw, uhm yeah she's a fictional character Reality Check!

--Best playlist on my ipod titled "AliciaK,AnthonyH,Bilal,ChrisetteM,AmyW,RaheemD. Its my own personal master mix. This is the best 45 minute to and from work, no matter what's going on...stuck in the tunnel no problem RaheemD makes me feel better about it. Obama should have all of these artist at his inauguration.

--Out of the blue I have started grinding my teeth and had to be fitted for a bite guard. Before I had full dental coverage I never had as many issues with my teeth.

--Weather in NY low 60's and raining. Black atelier what did I see a man wearing this morning...that's right Seer Sucker. **Side note my former manager the great Gatsby would say "my seer sucker mother f'ers" if he saw anyone in seersucker. It never failed.

--How did I manage to not rub in the lotion between my fingers? and get none of it on my clothes..MAGIC.

--Again I must raise this issue (from my comment on the jaded nyer). Why are all of the visiting sailors here for fleet week making me feel like I need a serious trip to Lil India to get my eyebrows touched up. They all have such sculpted brows.

--Things I overheard on the train;

1) H.S Senior on the A "I'm not ready for these regency testes." Well little miss bad english I am ready for you to pass go and head right on back to the 9th grade. TESTS, REGENTS are TESTS (actually exams). The Regency is a hotel.

2) Teenage girls talking too each other "See what had happen was blah blah blah .....SON!" Why WHY isn't "what happen was" enough why must you add "had" and Why are little girls calling each other son?! I can't take it.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I told you all that David Cook was going to win American Idol! NAH NAH NAH NAH, Keisha and Violet and Adia I told you! Too bad I didn't win the money in the pool DAMN YOU IDOL!

This is officially my last season watching so I must go out with a bang!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

*bad girs we like to play rough step to my face and you better get tough

Last week I posted about Star hosting the "Bad Girls club reunion" and how sad it was. Well I have news it was worse than I thought it would be. First lets talk about Star.

Dear Star,
I usually leave the open letters to my friends in the blog universe but I felt compelled to do this tonight. I know things are hard but hosting this show was not a good idea! You should fire your manager (was that big gay al? ) for booking you on this show. For one clearly the budget was not up to par as your wig was for lack of a better word AWFUL, setting off the bobble head effect 10 fold. You were also very shiny, not quite Flavor Flav shiny but shiny nonetheless. Secondly you could have been hurt sitting next to Tanisha when she was about to whoop on Lyric. My last bit of advice is not to start throwing out all the fighting ideas, "ladies keep your earrings on, no vaseline on the face etc". Let's leave the hosting of reunion shows to the ghetto syndicate Lala. She enjoys this mess.

Best Regards,

The F$%K it List

Now for the show...Two words to describe it BITCH FEST (thanks Adia) Nothing was resolved (the theme was unresolved issues) and all I heard for an entire hour was Bitch this and Bitch that. It seems like new issues were started. I'm posting a clip for you to watch so you make the call but I will say this.

Tanisha- The clamdiggers should go back in the closet. By your own admission (And certainly not by mine) you are a superstar, a celebrity so act like one and try to look like one. You are a cute girl, and your makeup was nicely done but those pants were too tight and a definite NO NOW! And arguing about whose momma cared enough to get you out of jail is just.... Uhm how do I say this oh yeah asinine! And didn't you say you would think twice before you hit someone because of your 4 day bid! Come on Tanisha! You are doing real big things helping others in NY who would normally be dismissed by society so you can't be on TV acting like you dont have any common sense.

Neveen- Uhm yeah I don't think you said much worth repeating so I will say just grown up! I watched the show so I know this is a fitting response. Your everything in life, huh what?

Cordelia-You seem to be a little better. But whoreish behavior is also a NO NO! You are the only one that seems to have taken away the right things from being on this show. Back in school, patching up things with Taylor. Good GIRL maybe?

Darlene- You really have to seek therapy, you are exactly the same as you were when the show ended. Ready to fight at the drop of a dime. You have anger issues BOO BOO! You are somebodies mother so act like it. Jesus Christ your friend went to jail for you and you are still "popping off" for no reason. Glad to hear you are in school but you
Ok I really did laugh when you called her mAndrea hehe, touche!

Lyric- That tough Rastafarian Guyanese thing you have going is pretty tired. No one is jealous of you because you weren't tough enough to stick it out but you showed up on the reunion. Clearly you are seeking some kind of fame from "the bad girls club. Its pretty sad actually. When you were on the show you were walking around reading the bible and channeling the spirit of Bob Marley but then you jumped fool on the reunion. What exactly do you think your 100lb frame would do to Tanisha and why if you are suppose to not be "ghetto" did you act exactly what people think ghetto is. More than once you called Tanisha a ghetto B. And what are you doing with your life? You are on Oxgen arguing about your momma picking you up from jail (by the way you said something different when you were on the show) You need therapy child because though you roll "dolo" that's not really working for you.

Jennavica- So much to say, But first take a bath. You just look dirty and take that earring out of your lip. I'm all for the tough girl look but this is the dirt girl look. And getting back at Cordelia with those posters was very immature, but it seems like you don't want to change so I won't bother commenting on that. As for your future..Do your own movies ? hmm I think you need to really try to focus and slow down on the partying and drinking. You look very spaced out.

Watch for yourself: Tanisha vs. Lyric

needless to say my IQ dropped about 15 points in the one hour I lost. Ha
And on a totally random note welcome the part of the F$%K it family to the world of blogging. Please to enjoy my sisters first post Mrs.Manny Ramirez the
Black atelier

Monday, May 19, 2008

Anything that is too stupid to be spoken is sung." -Voltaire

So I've been planning to write this blog for about three weeks, and then I read PCD's summer must haves I decided that the time is now.....Music.

Music has always been a huge part of my life. From my sister Mrs. Manny Ramirez *coming soon* playing her Prince albums, my mom rocking the Motown sound, BBQ's at Ms.Duncan's house (the first time I recall hearing Strokin') and dancing at DTH, music has defined my life. But a few weeks ago as I weeks ago I was sitting in a car listening to the radio and as I sang along to a very familiar oldie I felt a twinge of annoyance and disgust and turned off the radio, that gave me the idea for the blog. I'm sure some people are going to be all "Oh that's a classic" but I don't care these songs annoy me (and my friends have also contributed all in italics). So here it goes....
blog songs
1.As we lay (this was the song in the car). I guess as a young girl I didn't understand the ramifications of cheating and waking up in a bed that wasn't your own---now I do! and its not something I want to sing about.
2. Hello; I think that video (and my old friend Patrick) ruined that song for me. It's just plain ole creepy, I mean really Lionel stalking a blind girl?! and what about that ugly clay bust of him. WEIRD.
3. Shoop-this was not S&P's best work! And god remember the hellacious outfits with the clown hats. All kinds of wrong there.
4. Aint no Fun; Snoop Dogg-Now I admit to owning and singing along when I was younger but now I'm like huh what? maybe I will turn this off. I mean really Ain't no fun if the homies can't have none, can we say Rape homie!
5. Woman to Woman / Shirley Brown - Ugh "The clothes on his back, haha I buy them. the car he drives I pay the note every month" dear lord save her from herself. Let that free loader be out. This was the Ring the alarm and Boy is mine before Beyonce and Brandy and Monica.
6. F--k me for free, UGH Akinyele. anything he did was a hot mess. (see sonshine's list)

Sonshine's List
1.This is hard but ok, almost all of Prince's songs were so inappropriate. I remember Courtney pointing out how he was talking straight trash about old girl in Raspberry Barret
2.Aaron nasty man Hall- "Don't be Afraid"- "you can yell and you can hit me, it just makes me more horny"--uh hello
3. Uh, oh bout to offend some people- "I take em 8 to 80, dumb cripple and crazy" Big Daddy Kane- I get the job done
4. LL Cool J- I'm that type of guy, Big Ol Butt- he was just really really nasty! I also get uncomfortable in Jingling Baby when he says "Pass the Old E, you big black n*%ga"! Helloooo!
5. Sipping on Sizzurp- given the recent rise of addiction (Lil Wayne) and related deaths (Pimp C)
6.YMCA- uh, if you don't know why then I will not corrupt your mind
7.. Put it in your mouth, your M&^*&^%**^* mooouuuutthhhhh

Masonya's list
1. Vibe- When R. Kelly says "little cutie Aliyah's got it! I knew he was a pedophile.
2. Secret Lovers- Enough said!!!!!!
3. Little Red Corvette- She was a straight up HO- You guys are right, most of Prince's songs were/are inappropriate!
4. I'm a B---H-The title says it all
5. Hit'em Up- my 4-4 make sure all y'all kids don't grow!i I mean REALLY Pac!(I still think that song is d bomb).

Friday, May 16, 2008

She's so fineee Gamma Queen Blow your mind Gamma Queen

I saw this video the other night and made a mental note to post it. These were such good times. I saw this movie more than once and can do all the dance steps (and sing every song) , oh hell I know all the movie dialogue PERIOD! Here is a classic!

The Gamma Rays!

This was one of the reasons I went to college!

Wanna be white----Jigaboo, Don't start!

I just knew I was going to be at Rey-Rey getting my hair did (only I went to PWS) and having a dance off. Thanks Spike.

I got a feeling somebody's trying to sneak in my frat and they ain't gonna be no 'ish like

Sweat Sweat Sweat blood until you sweat blood and tears GAMMA!

Nostalgic much? Let me know what your fave Spike Joint was and why?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Damn it I'm a Lawyer!

I started writing this blog from my bed half asleep. I dozed off while watching The Bad Girls season finale (sheer boredom) and then i was jolted awake by a familiar voice..... Star Jones is that you?
YES it most certainly was Star, she will be hosting the first (and hopefully the only one) Bad Girls reunion (note this was the commercial, the tomfoolery airs next week)

Star, are things really that hard. Can someone get Ms. Jones' a better agent. I'm not even a fan of hers but I am concerned with how she is lowering her standards. Awww Star what do I say?!

Damn you Big Gay AL for dragging poor Star down, she's a lawyer damn it!
OK now that I've said that here is something to giggle at (totally unrelated).
Tracy Morgan was just too funny!

Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm just a mean green mother from outta space and I'm BAD

As you all know i have an awesome 22 month old son named C.J. Well here is a story about why you have to watch what you say around kids because they are sponges!

I am usually very careful about what my son is exposed to. When I heard him singing "I know I know" I made a mental note to NOT play hip-hop around him, I feel like the tone of what is said can really change the words, so I do my best to watch how and with what tone I speak to him (as does his dad) but every now and again we both slip up.
It's hard being a Capricorn/ Libra couple, LOL

So a few weeks ago I was cleaning out the refrigerator and I wasn't really paying attention and slammed my hand in the door. My normal reaction would be to scream all kinds of four letter words because it hurt. But for some reason the only one I could muster was Damn it! Ah good enough, until I saw him peaking around the door smiling! First thought "SHITE did he hear me?" and then I heard it (what has now been titled the damn song.) CJ was walking through the house singing Damn Damn damn damn damn. O.K I can handle this just don't follow it up and he won't say it again, Right? And for a few days nothing. Man that was close.

Flash forward a week, its bath time and CJ is all excited. I wash his hair, we write on the walls with crayons and now its time to get ready for bed. I say "CJ come on lets get in your chair so mommy can braid up your hair" he responds :"Damn it Mommy" My face on the ground.. I thought he forgot about it, DAMN! ( I didn't say it again I just thought it).

What do I do now, my 22 month old is on his way to becoming a sailor? Daddy and I talk about it and nothing comes of that, he thinks CJ will just forget but then he hears him singing the Damn song while watching Barney!

Oh parent woes. Did your kids pick up any bad words/habits from you, how did you handle it?

Poak chop has nothing on you.....

This weekend the F$%k it list took a welcomed break from the hustle and bustle of NY to surprise her dear friend Sonshine. Not only was Sonshine crossing into the new 20’s, but her lovely little munchkin was celebrating her 1st birthday. So off we went (CJ and I) to celebrate in Shelby NC. Here are my individual thanks you and shout-out to a most amazing group of women (and one man) that I am proud to call friends.

First and foremost I want to thank Sonshine : We’ve been friends for a long time now and though we speak often nothing is better than seeing you face to face. The joy you showed when you saw me sitting in chuckie cheese is the same joy I feel as I write this ( I almost cried then but had to keep it together for the little one). Even at your crankiest (poor DT and other children) you radiate a light that is powerful and draws people to you. We are all lucky to know you (well sometimes anyway haha.) And CJ has not forgotten you, he asked for soda this morning, hahah

Derrick (DT) Despite the Toga incident on my last day there (I’m still traumatized) you are the greatest. A rare thing I’ve found in your friendship and that is pureness. I could tell from your smile that you were happy to see me as was I too see you. CJ totally adored you and I can’t wait for you to get up here to NY, I’ll get the room ready.

Yolanda- The planner and orchestrate of this great plan. What can I say; you are nothing short of FABULOUS!! To make this happen without a hitch takes a special dedicated person, especially with all that you do on a daily basis. I thank you! I enjoyed our conversations to and from Charlotte. Expect pictures soon, I have a lot picked out for you.

Kendra- I want to be the kind of mother you are now, smart, funny loving and patient to a fault. Your son Bryce is an amazing little boy and I would have him here anytime. Kim is lucky to have someone like you in her life.

Joanna- I haven’t seen CJ bond with any one as quickly as you (shut it Sonshine). You were welcoming and I felt less of outsider from the time you gave me a hug. CJ and I will never forget you, and hope you can make it to NY as well, and then NY will never forget you.

Masonya- Thank You! Thank You for realizing that I was so exhausted and entertaining CJ while we were at dinner. He took a liking to you as well; you certainly have patience when it comes to kids. And your students and their parents are lucky for that.

Lil' Ms. Raney Thanks for walking me around and around the living room. As soon as you can go it alone you can visit and hang with C.J. He has been singing happy birthday to you since we left.

I met so many wonderful people while I was there, and I thank all of them for making me feel like I had been in Shelby my entire life.

I must also thank Shelby for Cheerwine, Nehi peach soda and Bojangles biscuits, and the most scrumptious strawberry shortcake I have ever had (January 12, Sonshine and DT add it to your calendar).

Lastly I must thank Gaffney, SC and the “yellow mall”. We will meet again and spend many many hours bonding over my debit card.

The F$%K it list
(Pictures are on Facebook)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Friday, May 9, 2008

The F$%K it family is out!

CJ in his packing clothes


The F$%k it List is taking a break for a few days! Why you may ask...Between the move, the loss of two staff members, the agita, the sleepless nights and the MOVE! I am exhausted. So I'll be back on Monday after I treat myself to a facial, a manicure and pedicure and one, two, maybe three drinks. While I'm away I will definitely be hitting up your blogs so give me something to laugh at.

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!"

Dear Spring (and summer),

I am very happy you decided to show up and stay for a while, and by the look of it so is all of New York.

The women are rocking great skirts in all kinds of patterns, their makeup is light, colors are popping (in a city where black is the say all be all this is noteworthy) and I've seen fewer women wearing scarves tied on their heads. Definitely the woman are welcoming you shedding the many layers we have adorned for so long.

Yes Spring you are affecting all of use even the men. They are adorned in all sorts of gorgeous tailored suits with a multitude of colored shirts, sans ties. Though I don't pay it that much attention, the men telling a women how great she looks can only make you stop and say "Damn still got it". So many different types of awesome sunglasses (makes me want to go shopping). So spring we welcome you

However this would not be a F$%K it list letter if I did not point out a few wrongs about when you drop in. Believe me there is nothing but love for you spring but its unfortunate but when you visit your sucky relatives feel the need to drop by too. And here they are:

1. Pollen, Allergies. Its hard for me to look as fierce as we know I am when my eyes are itching and are all puffy. Thank God for Zyrtec!
2. Feet in sandals. ok ladies no one wants to see your feet shoes, so since we all have the urge to get out of the boots take some time to prepare. Watch the 7 day forecast on the various stations in this city (I prefer NY1) and make your pedicure appointments accordingly. No time for a professional pedicure then hit up Duane Reade for their pedicure kit so you can be so fresh and so clean.
3. Men (specifically old men) trying to holla at me while making LEWD comments. If you are old enough to be my dad or his youngest brother stop embarrassing yourself and me. My friend Cynthia can speak on how annoyed that makes me. And yes C, I had to tell an old man off this morning, he made an disgusting comment and I shot right back, bet he wasn't expecting that. YUCK YUCK YUCK!
4. PERFUME! Damn it people perfume is to enhance not to get my allergies all flared up in the confines of the A train. I shouldn't feel like I am being attacked my scents that's what Saks is for.

Oh Spring if only you could shake these cousins I would welcome you to stay forever..

With much Love,

The F$%K It List.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Crazy"Ish I saw during my morning commute on the train

  1. Another woman with her dog in a stroller (not as fancy as last weeks culprit)- I just don't get it. I love my pet but she better walk it out like the rest of the family.
  2. Old man rocking a leather vest, skinny Johnny Cash-esq time, Permed hair that was styled in a bouffant type style and WHITE half booties (I really need to start carrying my camera)
  3. Jehovah's Witness dead asleep at Grand Central. She had her mouth wide open snoring while the other passed out pamphlets. She also had a huge backpack on.
  4. Japanese tourist taking picture (shut it) with all of the armed guards. Oh yes I feel much safer now, Somebody get Rummy on the phone!
  5. Girl with really bad noticeable wig on....How noticeable I could see her real hair. -My hairdressers number is 718-xxx-xxxx, us it!
  6. Really drunk man on his way too work. I felt like I had a hangover after standing next to him for three stops.
  7. Woman with so much makeup on her face but her neck was an entirely different shade. Blend down first lesson of wearing cover up. Get Mr. Jay on the line.
  8. Heard the entire Lil Wayne CD on the train courtesy of this girls IPOD. I don't even like Weezy but I can probably recite every lyric of that awful Lollipop song.

This was my monday commute on the A train. Happy Monday

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Today I am taking time out from ranting and raving to wish one of the most awesome little girls I know a Happy Birthday. Remember always that I love you and there is no one smarter or cuter than you.

So to my niece Kiarra I wish a HAPPY HAPPY 9th Birthday

Enjoy Kiarra's first acting debut on you tube! Dare I say the Next Raven Simone :)

Glitter Words

Friday, May 2, 2008

Did Snow know Jeremiah Wright?

This will be my first post on Jeremiah Wright (I have another one written up but I'm too beat to post it) So here goes:

How can the EVIL Clinton machine go around bashing Obama's relationship with Wright when this is floating around cyberspace..

I don't make it a practice to have random folks pray for me....

And What about this... Hey Pal, old buddy of mine........
This is not one of those photo-op picks its a candid..... Oh Bubba!

My brother in law, Krazy Kat (KAPPA ALPHA PSI) said it best on facebook "Jeremiah Wright was planted by the government,real talk".

What do you think about Jeremiah Wright and his Judas behavior?

Thursday, May 1, 2008

“Contrary to popular opinion, the hustle is not a new dance step - it is an old business procedure.”

Tonight I was checking my F$%itlist email and it was empty. But there were a few things in my spam box. (Lady D I really don't check it just bored).
  • Free Vaigra Pills, krishnadav's discount coupons.- ok yeah I am a woman don't need Viagra and definitely not from a place that spells it wrong.
  • Look and Act like Appollo in bed-see bullet one
  • Kylie Minogue porn gallery-WHY? why would I want or need that.
  • Replica Handbags-When I tried to copy the heading it opened and it was about replica watches.
But this letter took the cake:

From Mrs Anita Adams
N [38 Rue Des Martyrs Cocody
Abidjan,Cote d'Ivoire


I am the above named person from Kuwait. I am married to Mr Adams Johnson, who worked with Kuwait embassy in Ivory Coast for nine years before he died in the year 2004. We were married for eleven years without a child. He died after a brief illness that lasted for only four days.
Before his death we were both born again Christian. Since his death I decided not to remarry or get a child outside my matrimonial home which the Bible is against. When my late husband was alive he deposited the sum of $2. 5 Million (Two Million Five Hundred U.S. Dollars) in the bank here in Abidjan in suspense account.
Presently, the fund is still with the bank. Recently, my Doctor told me that i have serious sickness which is cancer problem. The one that disturbs me most is my stroke sickness. Having known my condition I decided to donate this fund to a church or individual that will utilize this money the way I am going to instruct herein. I want a church that will use this fund for orphanages, widows, propagating the word of God and to endeavour that the house of God is maintained.
The Bible made us to understand that blessed is the hand that giveth. I took this decision because I don’t have any child that will inherit this money and my husband relatives are not Christians and I don’t want my husband’s efforts to be used by unbelievers. I don’t want a situation where this money will be used in an ungodly way. This is why I am taking this decision. I am not afraid of death hence i know where I am going. I know that I am going to be in the bosom of the Lord. Exodus 14 VS 14 says that the Lord will fight my case and I shall hold my peace.
I don’t need any telephone communication in this regard because of my health hence the presence of my husband’s relatives is around me always I don't want them to know about this development. With God all things are possible. As soon as I receive your reply I shall give you the contact of the bank here in Abidjan. I want you and the church to always pray for me because the Lord is my shepherd. My happiness is that I lived a life of a worthy Christian. Whoever that wants to serve the Lord must serve him in spirit and Truth. Please always be prayerful all through your life.
Contact me on the above e-mail address for more information’s, any delay in your reply will give me room in sourcing another church or individual for this same purpose. Please assure me that you will act accordingly as I Stated herein. Hoping to receive your

Remain blessed in the Lord.
Yours in Christ,
Mrs Anita Adams.

Do people really respond to these things? Thinking they will just get $2.5 million dollars instantly. If they do, then I need to come up with a hustle and quick.

quote by Fran Lebowitz