Tuesday, May 20, 2008

*bad girs we like to play rough step to my face and you better get tough

Last week I posted about Star hosting the "Bad Girls club reunion" and how sad it was. Well I have news it was worse than I thought it would be. First lets talk about Star.

Dear Star,
I usually leave the open letters to my friends in the blog universe but I felt compelled to do this tonight. I know things are hard but hosting this show was not a good idea! You should fire your manager (was that big gay al? ) for booking you on this show. For one clearly the budget was not up to par as your wig was for lack of a better word AWFUL, setting off the bobble head effect 10 fold. You were also very shiny, not quite Flavor Flav shiny but shiny nonetheless. Secondly you could have been hurt sitting next to Tanisha when she was about to whoop on Lyric. My last bit of advice is not to start throwing out all the fighting ideas, "ladies keep your earrings on, no vaseline on the face etc". Let's leave the hosting of reunion shows to the ghetto syndicate Lala. She enjoys this mess.

Best Regards,

The F$%K it List

Now for the show...Two words to describe it BITCH FEST (thanks Adia) Nothing was resolved (the theme was unresolved issues) and all I heard for an entire hour was Bitch this and Bitch that. It seems like new issues were started. I'm posting a clip for you to watch so you make the call but I will say this.

Tanisha- The clamdiggers should go back in the closet. By your own admission (And certainly not by mine) you are a superstar, a celebrity so act like one and try to look like one. You are a cute girl, and your makeup was nicely done but those pants were too tight and a definite NO NOW! And arguing about whose momma cared enough to get you out of jail is just.... Uhm how do I say this oh yeah asinine! And didn't you say you would think twice before you hit someone because of your 4 day bid! Come on Tanisha! You are doing real big things helping others in NY who would normally be dismissed by society so you can't be on TV acting like you dont have any common sense.

Neveen- Uhm yeah I don't think you said much worth repeating so I will say just grown up! I watched the show so I know this is a fitting response. Your everything in life, huh what?

Cordelia-You seem to be a little better. But whoreish behavior is also a NO NO! You are the only one that seems to have taken away the right things from being on this show. Back in school, patching up things with Taylor. Good GIRL maybe?

Darlene- You really have to seek therapy, you are exactly the same as you were when the show ended. Ready to fight at the drop of a dime. You have anger issues BOO BOO! You are somebodies mother so act like it. Jesus Christ your friend went to jail for you and you are still "popping off" for no reason. Glad to hear you are in school but you
Ok I really did laugh when you called her mAndrea hehe, touche!

Lyric- That tough Rastafarian Guyanese thing you have going is pretty tired. No one is jealous of you because you weren't tough enough to stick it out but you showed up on the reunion. Clearly you are seeking some kind of fame from "the bad girls club. Its pretty sad actually. When you were on the show you were walking around reading the bible and channeling the spirit of Bob Marley but then you jumped fool on the reunion. What exactly do you think your 100lb frame would do to Tanisha and why if you are suppose to not be "ghetto" did you act exactly what people think ghetto is. More than once you called Tanisha a ghetto B. And what are you doing with your life? You are on Oxgen arguing about your momma picking you up from jail (by the way you said something different when you were on the show) You need therapy child because though you roll "dolo" that's not really working for you.

Jennavica- So much to say, But first take a bath. You just look dirty and take that earring out of your lip. I'm all for the tough girl look but this is the dirt girl look. And getting back at Cordelia with those posters was very immature, but it seems like you don't want to change so I won't bother commenting on that. As for your future..Do your own movies ? hmm I think you need to really try to focus and slow down on the partying and drinking. You look very spaced out.

Watch for yourself: Tanisha vs. Lyric

needless to say my IQ dropped about 15 points in the one hour I lost. Ha
And on a totally random note welcome the part of the F$%K it family to the world of blogging. Please to enjoy my sisters first post Mrs.Manny Ramirez the
Black atelier


The Pew View said...

Baby where I'm from you puts Crisco on your face when you fenna whoop a bitch (Lawd forgive me). Them wanna be tuff poodles don't know nothing bout being hard. That's why they always barking. I tell you what a pit bull don't bark baby he bites! Take care now.

Ruthie Ann

Mizrepresent said...

Gurl, i had a chance to catch this too, and i'm sitting there thinking what is Starr Jones doing hosting this show...OMG! Okay, and Tanisha ready to put a beat down on Lyric...Starr saying in her inside voice "ladies, ladies"...isn't wasn't no dayum ladies in there, lol! Gurl, but i have to tell you that dangon show was funny as hale...i just don't know how they can best this last season...and don't know if i will be around for the next.