Friday, May 2, 2008

Did Snow know Jeremiah Wright?

This will be my first post on Jeremiah Wright (I have another one written up but I'm too beat to post it) So here goes:

How can the EVIL Clinton machine go around bashing Obama's relationship with Wright when this is floating around cyberspace..

I don't make it a practice to have random folks pray for me....

And What about this... Hey Pal, old buddy of mine........
This is not one of those photo-op picks its a candid..... Oh Bubba!

My brother in law, Krazy Kat (KAPPA ALPHA PSI) said it best on facebook "Jeremiah Wright was planted by the government,real talk".

What do you think about Jeremiah Wright and his Judas behavior?


PrettyBlack said...

Planted by the government or Hillary...or the Republicans. But he was paid to ruin it for Obama without a doubt.

But Obama is smart, he has the backings of intelligent mostly college educated thinking people backing him...and thinking people don't just take what they hear as truth.

Of course Hillary's supporters are going to listen to any of the garbage she throws their way because they are not as intelligent (no offense) either that or their bitter yeah I said better) middle aged women who just want to see a woman as president...

That's my basic consensus of Hillary supporters.

12kyle said...

I smell a rat!!! He betta watch his back b4 he gets picked up for an "experiment". LOL

Elle said...

Aw man...I don't want to believe it's true!

Check this article out. It breaks the situation down,CST-NWS-brown30.article

PrettyBlack said...

Loved that article elle

The F$%K it List said...

@Pretty Black I think you might be right. Especially as news broke about Wright speaking at a function thrown by an avid Hillary supporter, Barbara Reynolds.

@12kyle, you are so silly!

@Elle, that was a great article. But I still feel that he is grandstanding at the stake of the campaign.

I didnt want to believe it either but we all know our community is known for its crabs in a barrel mentality. Its unfortunate because if we simply learned to support each other (even if we face off occasionally because we have different beliefs) we could be overcome so much.
****Malcolm X minute is done, stepping down from my soapbox******