Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm just a mean green mother from outta space and I'm BAD

As you all know i have an awesome 22 month old son named C.J. Well here is a story about why you have to watch what you say around kids because they are sponges!

I am usually very careful about what my son is exposed to. When I heard him singing "I know I know" I made a mental note to NOT play hip-hop around him, I feel like the tone of what is said can really change the words, so I do my best to watch how and with what tone I speak to him (as does his dad) but every now and again we both slip up.
It's hard being a Capricorn/ Libra couple, LOL

So a few weeks ago I was cleaning out the refrigerator and I wasn't really paying attention and slammed my hand in the door. My normal reaction would be to scream all kinds of four letter words because it hurt. But for some reason the only one I could muster was Damn it! Ah good enough, until I saw him peaking around the door smiling! First thought "SHITE did he hear me?" and then I heard it (what has now been titled the damn song.) CJ was walking through the house singing Damn Damn damn damn damn. O.K I can handle this just don't follow it up and he won't say it again, Right? And for a few days nothing. Man that was close.

Flash forward a week, its bath time and CJ is all excited. I wash his hair, we write on the walls with crayons and now its time to get ready for bed. I say "CJ come on lets get in your chair so mommy can braid up your hair" he responds :"Damn it Mommy" My face on the ground.. I thought he forgot about it, DAMN! ( I didn't say it again I just thought it).

What do I do now, my 22 month old is on his way to becoming a sailor? Daddy and I talk about it and nothing comes of that, he thinks CJ will just forget but then he hears him singing the Damn song while watching Barney!

Oh parent woes. Did your kids pick up any bad words/habits from you, how did you handle it?


Eb the Celeb said...

I dont have any little ones but happy belated mothers day to you!

Lena said...

I don't have kiddies but I work with them all the time, have nieces and nephews and I cuss like a sailor. It's really bad (but both of my parents are horrible with the cussing). My lil' nephew when I lived with my sister would pick up EVERYTHING I said..."god damn", "hell" "Fuck" and etc. My brother in law is a pastor too so yea. Luckily he's cool though he would just look at me and say thanks sarcastically. At work, I got in trouble a few times especially when one of the one year olds said "Bitch" BUT there was no proof it was from me, lol. I've improved though...

The Pew View said...

Baby you sho have to be careful what you says round these young folks. 1 of my 13 childrens once heard me say to my 5th husband "yeah smack that ass daddy!" After that wheneva the otha childrens would bother him I'd hear him saying to them "you betta stop for I tell mama to tell daddy to smack that ass!" I guess the po' chile' thought his daddy was whoopin me for misbehavin'. Take care now.

Ruthie Ann

Adia said...

Once upon a time, little 4-yr-old me decided to say "oh s_it" such as her mother would say quite frequently. I mean, little me didn't know anything was wrong with saying such a thing. As soon as it came outta my mouth, I got popped. Hard. Thus was created the association between that word and punishment. Needless to say, little me never said it again (not in front of my mother or any adult anyways).

Now, not to say that you should resort to spanking (which I'm all for in appropriate situations and which is quite effectiv on the average child), but at least, if you haven't, make it known that was he's saying is bad....he doesn't know.

PrettyBlack said...

That's why I curse so much on my blog because I can't do it in real life. We can barely listen to the radio because they play some questionable music too. So it's mostly hannah montana, raven symone and the like. Usually when we are in the truck I'll put a dvd on for her and some headsets so I can have some grown folk time on long rides.

But you are definitely doing the right thing because kids will embarass your ass, they always pick the time that you are in front of others to spout off anything they've heard at home.

12kyle said...

my boys are walking tape recorders. they will say any damn thing that i say. i rarely curse around them. mrs12 has slipped up a few times and the words were repeated...AT SCHOOL! LOL

i'm kinda like prettyblack. i'm all about hip hop. that's all that i listen to. but when my boys are in the car, i won't play it.

The F$%K it List said...

@Eb thank you. Just make sure that if you do have one to remember not to curse.

@ Lena Nice, I hope you are my sons teacher HA

@the pew view I'm speechless. I can't imagine 13 kids much less one of them saying that. HA, Love it

@Adia: Let me find out Mae was swearing might have to bring it up in church hahaha! (she'll be just like patsy deny deny deny!) But since I posted this he has taken to saying oh shoot, which isn't much better but at least now I don't have to worry about my momma.

@pretty black. I feel you on the headphones while you listen to grown folks. CJ however is opposed to anything on his head or in his ears. So we all must be tortured by the wiggles.

@12kyle I'm mad at them doing it school, Jesus give me strength. I won't know what to say when a teacher tells me that. HA!

And yes I am all about hip hop but we only listen to the wiggles in the car and When I play music at home I try to keep it to soul and R&B.

Adia said...

...uh, Mae will cuz you out IN the church if you get at her wrong...LOLOLOL.

Mizrepresent said...

This happens so frequently and so innocently...mine's picked up shit...and it is so embarrassing when the daycare calls you and tells you your baby was cussing.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

oh this scares me so because my baby is a mini-me to the fullest. she emulates me with everything she can right now. she can't speak very well, but what she can repeat, she will. NO seems to be the fave of the moment. i hate it. but she doesn't understand the meaning so i'm not tripping. it just irks me more than anything. like i said to her...are you momma's favorite girl? and she said very curtly, NO!

now, on the other hand, she is a copier in the regard of everything else. if she sees those kids on tv shaking their "bunny tails" she shakes hers. if they scream, she screams. if i'm really animated with my tone and hands while speaking, she'll speak gobbeldy-goo really loudly and waves her hands....

SPONGES THEY ARE...but i'm sure he'll forget about that phrase

(¯`·._.·[***Fresh&Fab***]·._.·´¯) said...

kids are really sponges, my little brother, i try my best not say any kind of bad words, i dont normally swear anyway (like that). but yh,

but he knows them, hell save em, to use to get someone in trouble. the other day, someone said someething that sounded like F***, and he was like oooh, she said the f word, and im thinking, how the hell does he know what the f word is.