Monday, May 12, 2008

Poak chop has nothing on you.....

This weekend the F$%k it list took a welcomed break from the hustle and bustle of NY to surprise her dear friend Sonshine. Not only was Sonshine crossing into the new 20’s, but her lovely little munchkin was celebrating her 1st birthday. So off we went (CJ and I) to celebrate in Shelby NC. Here are my individual thanks you and shout-out to a most amazing group of women (and one man) that I am proud to call friends.

First and foremost I want to thank Sonshine : We’ve been friends for a long time now and though we speak often nothing is better than seeing you face to face. The joy you showed when you saw me sitting in chuckie cheese is the same joy I feel as I write this ( I almost cried then but had to keep it together for the little one). Even at your crankiest (poor DT and other children) you radiate a light that is powerful and draws people to you. We are all lucky to know you (well sometimes anyway haha.) And CJ has not forgotten you, he asked for soda this morning, hahah

Derrick (DT) Despite the Toga incident on my last day there (I’m still traumatized) you are the greatest. A rare thing I’ve found in your friendship and that is pureness. I could tell from your smile that you were happy to see me as was I too see you. CJ totally adored you and I can’t wait for you to get up here to NY, I’ll get the room ready.

Yolanda- The planner and orchestrate of this great plan. What can I say; you are nothing short of FABULOUS!! To make this happen without a hitch takes a special dedicated person, especially with all that you do on a daily basis. I thank you! I enjoyed our conversations to and from Charlotte. Expect pictures soon, I have a lot picked out for you.

Kendra- I want to be the kind of mother you are now, smart, funny loving and patient to a fault. Your son Bryce is an amazing little boy and I would have him here anytime. Kim is lucky to have someone like you in her life.

Joanna- I haven’t seen CJ bond with any one as quickly as you (shut it Sonshine). You were welcoming and I felt less of outsider from the time you gave me a hug. CJ and I will never forget you, and hope you can make it to NY as well, and then NY will never forget you.

Masonya- Thank You! Thank You for realizing that I was so exhausted and entertaining CJ while we were at dinner. He took a liking to you as well; you certainly have patience when it comes to kids. And your students and their parents are lucky for that.

Lil' Ms. Raney Thanks for walking me around and around the living room. As soon as you can go it alone you can visit and hang with C.J. He has been singing happy birthday to you since we left.

I met so many wonderful people while I was there, and I thank all of them for making me feel like I had been in Shelby my entire life.

I must also thank Shelby for Cheerwine, Nehi peach soda and Bojangles biscuits, and the most scrumptious strawberry shortcake I have ever had (January 12, Sonshine and DT add it to your calendar).

Lastly I must thank Gaffney, SC and the “yellow mall”. We will meet again and spend many many hours bonding over my debit card.

The F$%K it list
(Pictures are on Facebook)

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Lena said...

Aw that's sweet. Glad you had fun.