Thursday, May 22, 2008

Random 'Ish NYC Style

This city is a so full of things to write about. So here we go.....things I've seen and heard, things I love, things I hate. Just all kind of randomness:

--I love the Children's Place for C.J. The summer gear is so fantastic and very tea partay (<---click this link for a giggle ) like but I hate the damn bags. My hand was completely blue when I got back to work and it left a stain on my rain coat. UGH!

--Never make Starbucks a landmark when you are trying to meet someone near Grand Central. There has to be upwards of 10 in a 5 block radius. 20 minutes of confusion was had yesterday because of this.

--Overheard on the A: a girl about 15 years old relaying the story of how she watched her friend get shot from a window in Far Rockaway in broad day light. The story was quite sad, but the girl annoyed me. The use of N&$$A every other word and joking about others that were as concerned about the murder, as they stood waiting for the police just sat badly with me. I know she is a child but it still did not sit well.

--Seen on 42nd between 7th and 8th: Homeless man with a sign that read "Brad and Angelina are having twins and I need money to get them a gift". HA HA. I doubled back to give him a dollar.

--Seen in grand central: Jehovah's Witness with a baby sitting on her lap at 7:40am. ok I took issue with that but I took bigger issue with the woman holding the book in front of the baby as the baby dozed off. TAKE HER HOME its 7:40am no one should be up but working folks. Or at least ask the other women to remove their purses and lay her back in her stroller. JEEZ

--Seen Moi, yours truly: How special do I feel that on TWO separate occasions (in one day) I was stopped by two lovely gay men so that they could tell me how fierce I was. Two men, two different occasions , ME LIKEY. One made a comment on how my coat was PERFECTLY GOR-GE-OUS! Yeah me.

--Seen in front of Saks- The stringy hair lady from the Real Housewives of NYC on Bravo. She looks equally bad in person. And damn me for leaving my camera at home.

--Self observation: I've realized that I have no shame. I was on the train the other day jamming, hand up in the air mouthing the words to "Love's Gonna get Cha". Ha that song is the best!

-- I loved SATC and yes I have my ticket to see the movie next week. But I don't get these women that want to embody everything that is these characters. Grown Ass women wanting to be the next Carrie Bradshaw, uhm yeah she's a fictional character Reality Check!

--Best playlist on my ipod titled "AliciaK,AnthonyH,Bilal,ChrisetteM,AmyW,RaheemD. Its my own personal master mix. This is the best 45 minute to and from work, no matter what's going on...stuck in the tunnel no problem RaheemD makes me feel better about it. Obama should have all of these artist at his inauguration.

--Out of the blue I have started grinding my teeth and had to be fitted for a bite guard. Before I had full dental coverage I never had as many issues with my teeth.

--Weather in NY low 60's and raining. Black atelier what did I see a man wearing this morning...that's right Seer Sucker. **Side note my former manager the great Gatsby would say "my seer sucker mother f'ers" if he saw anyone in seersucker. It never failed.

--How did I manage to not rub in the lotion between my fingers? and get none of it on my clothes..MAGIC.

--Again I must raise this issue (from my comment on the jaded nyer). Why are all of the visiting sailors here for fleet week making me feel like I need a serious trip to Lil India to get my eyebrows touched up. They all have such sculpted brows.

--Things I overheard on the train;

1) H.S Senior on the A "I'm not ready for these regency testes." Well little miss bad english I am ready for you to pass go and head right on back to the 9th grade. TESTS, REGENTS are TESTS (actually exams). The Regency is a hotel.

2) Teenage girls talking too each other "See what had happen was blah blah blah .....SON!" Why WHY isn't "what happen was" enough why must you add "had" and Why are little girls calling each other son?! I can't take it.


Eb the Celeb said...

Dont cha just love NYC... except the raining part... I am loving the beautiful skies of the south right now... but I do miss my big city just a lil bit!

Lena said...

I've rode the subway a few times since being back and it's crazier than I even remember!In fact today I texted my best friend "I am going to end up hurting a lil latin american guy before the summer is over" and I had to stock up on purell. yucky!

The Jaded NYer said...

aw- you wrote about my favorite, favorite topic today- NYC!!!

and I will co-sign on the props from the gays... whenever I get that I'm on top of the world! why is that? lol

Mizrepresent said...

Gurl - now you know when gay men compliment are most definitely looking "fierce"

grinding teeth - i did that for a while, caused by stress. I didn't get the guard, i just slept with my mouth open and got a divorce.

Youth have no sensitivity towards death...they laugh when someone gets hurt and make jokes about murder.smh.

Can't stand to hear cussing gurls...really can't stand it when they are dressed like boys.

I had the most fun visiting NYC...will be back a lot more now that babygirl is moving there in July.

The F$%K it List said...

@Eb I do love NY.I also love the south, all that good food and clean air.

@Lena SMH at having to hurt a lil latin american guy LOL!

@JadedNYer. I don't know what it is about a props from gays but I made sure that as they watched me walk away to give them my best ANTM signature walk.

@Miz FIERCE! And I was having a rather blah day but clearly that was all in my head.
griding teeth-yes this move was very stressful. I think I am doing it less since now that we are settled.

OH No make sure you give the heads up when you visit so I can make sure I am free of all mommy duties. Maybe Eb will plan that Nyer blog partay!

12kyle said...

I normally don't give bums money but I would've given that dude a dollar!! LMAO!! That was hilarious.

love the randomness

you could talk about the train all day.

DreamCop08 said...

hello there, thanks for stopping by and showing a sister some love.

yes definitely when the gay guys compliment you then you are fierce.

my friend was at the atm machine when this white gay guys turns around and say,"OMG how cute are you." I just had to laugh cause they are so ridiculous sometimes.

hope you enjoy your wonderful rainy weekend,lol

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

oh SATC...can't wait!!!!!!!!! WHOOPEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

The F$%K it List said...

@12k NY is the best. I have about three pages written about the train alone.

@dream Thanks for dropping by. it turned out to be an awesome hot weekend but I slept one whole day. A sister is TIRED!

@PCD I know I can't wait either. Have to make sure I get some rest on thursday night so I can pay attention, I'm no good after 7. HAHA

F.U. said...

One of my most favorite and recent NYC conversations that I hear....I'm standing on the corner waiting for the light to change. Two gay men are standing next to me. One says, "I can't believe you won't leave him. I just cannot believe you. You are coming back to me." The other says in the gay man with a spanish accent whine, "but he's so biiiiiiggggggg". And the light changed and I kept it moving laughing all the way to my destination because only in NYC and I love it.

PrettyBlack said...

I am weak at "homies on lock for insider trading." If that is not the funniest shit I have ever seen!

ShellyShell said...

Thanks for coming by and showing love today!! It's appreciated!
I have a love/relationship with NYC. I've lived in the south before and can appreciate some aspects of it! I used to live in Bed-stuy and take the A train...pure comedy! I now take the 2/3 and the shyt is still funny as hell! I see the funniest shyt! Me and my girl were on the train and saw a large man with a purple linen suit on and bald except for this coochie patch going across the very back of head! LMAO!! I couldn't even contain myself and was dying laughing! I usually have at least 3 train stories a week!

Gays telling you you look fierce....loves it! Last summer I was in some bar in Soho and Clinton from "What not to wear" came in and he told me that my skirt and shoes were hot! I squealed like a dayum teenager!!!

Man, nothing irks me more when I see young ladies swearing and just not knowing how to conduct themselves as young women! That shyt makes me irate! I saw two girls the other day straight fighting on the ground, rolling on cars etc... thay were straight going for it! It was a mess!

The F$%K it List said...

@FU That is the best story ever! I however would have been too intrigued by the story and tried to keep up with them. LOVE This city

@Pretty Black. Folks are sleeping on that link but Tea Partay is some funny 'Ish.

@ShellyShell CLINTON,THE CLINTON I would blog about that every day! Though according to my big sis he is straight as a board. I still would be talking about him all the time." Oh you don't like my shoes well suck a duck because Clinton did and so I'm fierce: LOL