Friday, May 30, 2008

Things that irk me vs. things that make me feel better

So this is a different kind of random blog for me. I decided that its equally important to highlight the good even when talking about the bad so here it goes....(thoughts welcome).

Irks me: I was on PCD's blog and was reminded why I really dislike the evil Clinton machine, click PANTSUIT to see why! Keith Obermann really laid into her as she deserved. It is not a good idea to throw stones pantsy when you live in a glass house. But to add to K.O one, two punch there is a video floating around cyberspace interviewing West Virginia voters and its pretty disturbing, how white america feels like its ok to fabricate a reason to not like Barack Obama. I'd rather hear that you don't like him because he is black than some BS about he doesn't know the words to the Star Spangled banner. Give me a break! Ok check it out for yourself....

We all know that at some point pantsy's people have seen this video why hasn't she come out and condoned it.

Made me feel better: All things are made better when Jon Stewart is on the case. Thank You Jon, Thank You!

HA! "I didn't know we came in so many flavors, I thought we only came in basic white and Irish Asshole" HAHAHA

Irks me:Detroit politicians- I was able to read the transcript of texts (provided by Madame Legs L'amour) between Kwame Kilpatrick and his mistress. And it was the worst thing EVER! He actually called her a nigress as a term of endearment. A total wtf moment for me! Then there is the "lady" Monica Conyers,city council member whose behavior is for lack of a better word inappropriate. She actually called the city council president Shrek. It has also been reported that she has threatened people. And then people wonder why folks in DC can't get ahead, STOP electing fools to represent you time and time again. LEARN from the folks Chocolate City.

Made me feel better: Detroit school children. Watch them handle Mrs. Conyers

Lady did you really just tell an elementary school child that you will not be combative with her,HA what a joke.Rock on 8th grader! (video provided by Mrs.Manny Ramirez)

Irks me: MF'ers messing with my Pandora, my sister informed me that there was a petition being sent around about saving Pandora. I was Highly upset about this. When I was at my previous place of employment we were blocked from EVERYTHING on the internet (we had a total of 60 minutes a day) but not Pandora. I could listen all day without any use of my minutes. Pandora kept me from choking a few people seriously! Sorry UK and other foreign nations you have been cut off because of greed!

made me feel better: That while they are still around I can link it to my facebook so folks can see what I am listening to throughout the day. Now all the way in Shelby my girls will know that I am rocking out to John Legends Slow dance. Find me on pandora as krishnadav.
*sidenote this also made me very happy Clear channel partnership with Pandora.

irks me: George W. Bush! Need I say more. ....Well I will. This week we have watched him secretly come out to a dinner for Rep. Presidential Candidate John McCain. Which served to raise $3.5million dollars for his campaign
(which will surely be aimed at Barack in the upcoming election, so if you haven't already donate donate donate.) I guess its understandable since his rating are at a record low (below 30%). A tell all book written by his former press secretary that only confirms what we already knew he LIED and we are at war for nothing and with the wrong country. The economy is on a steady decline and the price of everything is on the rise (Gas, milk, eggs). And on top of that America continues under his leadership to be the buttinskis of the major powers.

made me feel better: His reign of terror is almost over. This has been the longest 8 years of my life. I got a nice giggle from this one and I know you will too..> GOODNIGHTBUSH click the take a look inside tab. HA
* Note the Arab with the sword fighting the cowboy, as well as the Jesus and the little Osama crawling in the back corner.HAHAHA

So now its your turn....but you have to follow up the thing that irks you with something happy or funny.

Need something else to laugh at click here:
ThingsolderthanMccain (Merci Madame L'Amour )
Jimmy Kimmel is a damn fool:


rohit said...

What a clever writing style you have. I really like the way you described your not-so-loved items, and the slideshow was brillo. I saw Mud's slideshow yesterday with the spotty tights, and loved that, too.

12kyle said...

the clintons have really showed their true colors. i hope that the democratic party can come together. but i got a feeling that ole pantsuit will be leading the hate toward him

DreamCop08 said...

well i agree with you that it has been the longest freaking 8 yrs of my life.

but on the flip side if we go into a recession I am gonna go take my groceries and food stamps from them heifers on welfare. Cause while we arent gonna even be able to afford 20$ in grociesd, Chiquita azz will be having bbq's. Thats my money you eating good off of whore, give my shyt,lol

Eb the Celeb said...

their getting rid of pandora?

I havent been on it in a minute because I have been lucky enough to have some new good music coming in on a consistent basis but damn.

it was definitely something that made me happy on certain bad days to just fathom how that thing worked and how they could pick songs that you would like based solely on a song title or artist.

Kathy said...

Oh man, those videos were GREAT! I love that 8th grader. It took some real guts and to stick to her points and debate an adult like that. I love the girls cracking up in the background!! Too funny.

And yes, that is one of the ladies who scare the crap out of me!! My heart was beating faster watching the whole thing. Maybe that's why I admire that 8th grader so much...she did something I'm not sure I could and I AM an adult! :)

Mizrepresent said...

irks me - This entire campaign. Tired of the mudslinging, tired of whit folks saying stupid things, on a good note, it's almost over.

irks me -Juvenille Delinquents, and summer vacation. What makes you think you can just break through my fence, come to my back door and open it, and then be stupid enough to say you were looking for my son who has been gone for over a month, and be even more stupid to say, he told you to just walk in. I should have called the police on yo azz, but instead we (my daughter an I) left you off with a tongue lashing and a warning, you don't want to come back here! Good thing, i got a new chain and lock for the gate.

12kyle said...

@ Miz
You should've cussed em out. I'm irked when these lil clowns walk through my yard after I've asked them NOT to do that. Then, they drop shit in my yard. I can't stand it.

The F$%K it List said...

@rohit thanks for the compliment. Hope to see you here again.

@12kyle. Why you can't follow the rules BRUH?! where's your list at?

@Dreamcop LOL. Its so true though.

@Eb, they were trying to get rid of them. As always it had something to do with $$. The email my sister got to sign the petition requested that you send it to your state representative.

@Kathy She scared me too.But that child stood up to her and her bully ways.Yeah for this generation.

@Miz this whole thing makes me want to sing "I've been buked" its like torture everytime I turn on the news. But I really think Hillary is going to try and turn the vote to her.And God help her if they get FL and Michigan delegates counted. Its a total unjustice.

And WTF is up with these kids. Last week it was warm here and this little boy was running through my front yard with his underwear on ONLY. Where the hell was his mother you ask, on the balcony listening to salsa. And the underwear were dirty YUCK

@12kyle These kids have no damn respect. Evident by the little underwear boy.

Lena said...

kids, our I look forward to what new amazement they will have for me at work each day. "SKEET SKEET HOW" "Where did you learn that?" "From my momma!" "Wel that's not a song for school." "Damn bitch get off my nuts"

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

UGHHHHHHHH! i really hate what this election has brought out in so many of these racist people!!! the nerve!!!!!! that one chick had the audacity to say we have conflict!!! yet how many white presidents have we endured...some good, some bad...some whatev! i hate that some people have no other REAL opinion beside "if it aint white, it aint right"

got me HOT IN HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

PrettyBlack said...

Loved it! That little girl was intelligent and knew what she was talking about the raggedy heifa should have conceded to the 8th grade and admitted she was wrong. But NOOOOO she wants to get into a war of words with her...and. Lost!

Don't get me started on Bush girl! Can't stand him!

Did you see this last night on CNN Richard Sanchez had Keith Boynkin (democtratic strategist) and some republican strategist on there and Keith said "It's mighty funny YOUR candidate (because she was trying to get on Obama)got info about Iraq wrong THREE times and he's running solely on foreign policy, had our candidate made that many mistakes on Iraq you all would be saying he's not fit to serve as president..." Shut that heifa up real good!

Girl I stay glued to Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews, you have to post the youtube where Chris Matthews shut Kevin James (a republican talk show host) down about appeasement...did you see that?

Now pantsuit may take the damn campaign into August...people can't see this heifa done gone and lost her mind...