Wednesday, June 25, 2008

12:42 and I am still awake

WHY AM I STILL AWAKE! I went to Yoga rather early today and I still can't relax and go to sleep. Maybe its the train wreck that is B.E.T blasting in my room ( I can't find the remote).

I'm turning off the boob tube and going to sleep. I may be a tad cranky tomorrow.

Uhm yeah Baldwin Hills is going to be worse than last season, and I will watch it!


Queen of My Castle said...

OMG! I was soooo thinking the same thing about Baldwin Hills. Girls are becoming haters at such a young age aren't they?! LOL

Dreamy said...

girl you better take your azz to bed,lol

girl you had me dying laughing with that comment you left on my blog. you are too silly

Sunny K said...

I've never seen Baldwin Hills but after seeing the preview during the awards...I still will not be seeing Baldwin Hills

The F$%K it List said...

@Queen I was shocked by the way these little girls were acting. This is EXACTLY why I have the NO B.E.T rule.

@Dreamy, Yeah I am really tired today. no staying up late tonight (I'm going to avoid all blogs after 9)

@Sunny K Yeah I think you will get sucked in just like I did. Cause you know I am going to text you a reminder.