Wednesday, June 25, 2008

B.E.T Awards

Three day post so keep READING

In the past when these crazy award shows aired my girl Sonshine(in Shelby), and I would sit on the phone all night laughing at the antics of black folks. Our lives have changed a lot since the stabbing at the source awards (Two working Mommies) so we just try to recap via email. After watching the award show I sent Sonshine a text that read "Uhm the BET awards?"Here is her reply via email...... (I literally fell out my chair at Cotton done come to town, HAHAHA)

B.E.T Awards Recap by Sonshine

You know, I should have taken notes. I went to sleep though and did not see end and my cable just shut down three times so did not see all of A. Keys....however

I like A. Keys and I am glad she is comfortable with her body, but some shit just doesn't look good

T-Boz was obviously in poor health

SWV from what I saw at the end looked like they might be "tons of fun"!!

I cracked up laughing though when Cuba said Cube was locked up!

I kept praying that K.Cole would not fall and I can't comment enough on "Kim", not lil "Kim" but I will need her to consult another hairstylist

I can't take Chris Brown rolling like that, he is just too young for me--reminds me of my brother

T-Pain, lordy Cotton done come to town- he is so damn country

Neo had a great performance

OK, Usher you can dance- but you still can't sing and dance

Loved Al Green- he was a real showman, but it was hilarious to see the people in the crowd who pretended to know the songs and actually did not!

Busta and the vest, come on

Kanye kept it decent, I just really love Kanye but I know that he was picked on as a child

Really, I was not sleepy but I just can't take Nelly singing about some Jordans! Come on, too old at this point to be talking about that ish

OK- I'll break but what about K. Coles' sister's left breast and her crazy ass momma- at least she keeps it real

I swear Sonshine you are a damn fool!

She forgot to comment on his drunken antics, I swear I am going to put together a dictionary based on Diddy and his 'Isms. (don't try and steal that idea, I see you)


Sun said...

I'm sure I will think of more, but that was just off the dome early in the a.m.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

OMG! at keisha cole's sister and mom...why did i think her mom was a sick jackie-o...then i saw she didn't have any tattoos so i figured it out.

and WTF was up with her sister's boob? BLEH!!! why were they even up with microphones commenting AT ALL!?!?

and keisha sounded like a drowning cat with all that hollering...not a good live performer

usher, you no fooly me! i'd rather you stand and sing than dance and not-sing

poor t-boz...throat lozenge anyone? and the lead singer from swv...OH NO!!!! we gain weight, it happens, but what was up with the 10 pound trench coat?

was cuba g. drunk? tipsy at least...

you already know my thoughts on yeasty keys-NO MA'AM!!

The F$%K it List said...

ok between Sonshine and PCD I am going to be FIRED for laughing loud and crazy in the office.

yeasty keys, LMAO

oh and we forgot that Maxwell was there, my sis was carrying on screaming all loud in my ear!

12kyle said...

SWV didn't sound too good to me...but what else is new.

En Vogue, baby!

T Pain...the '08 Flavor Flav

Cuba Gooding was either drunk or high...or both. LOL

Nia Long...Nia Long...Nia Long

Nu Nu...Nu Nu...Nu Nu

Jill Scott is lovely.

Al Green put on a show

Nelly and LL are on roids. They look like they have some of that "Barry Bonds"

Usher didn't sing. WTF!

Kanye said that TPain was genius! Say word??? LMAO!!!

Mizrepresent said...

Gurl, Al Green showed them all how it's done...he was the best thing on the show!

Maxwell looked tasty!

(¯`·._.·[***Fresh&Fab***]·._.·´¯) said...

lol..the show was a bit of a bore for me...no1 really had that umph, the closest was alicia but tlc put me off...did tboz have a chest infection or what..she sounded a mess

then there was chris and ciara, and then t-pain...the show was lacking something, most of the popel i wanted to win didnt win.

its just not one to remember and ure friend is a joker