Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Those of you familiar with Yoga know that Om is a mystical, sacred syllable in the Hindu and Buddhist faith. Om is spoken before and after prayer or mantra.

When I first began Yoga six years ago I was afraid to make the sound in class for fear of sounding stupid. But now a lot more comfortable in my skin and my practice (and reason for it) I utter the sacred syllable with no problem or fear. Sometimes I find myself doing it at work or at other times, usually so I don't jump up and smack someone (I know, but speaking it also calms the mind and soul). Here is my NY journey to peace or rather how I kept from ending up in Central booking....

So I have taken to opening up all the mail on Sunday afternoon. I pay the bills and then can gauge where we are terms of money. I have an Excel spreadsheet that I have set up to automatically updates and Sunday afternoon is when I take a look to make sure its up to date. This sunday I was happy to see that there were not as many bills. But the Con Ed bill had arrived. Now normally this is the only bill I don't open (because its always about $60 that comes out of our account with direct bill pay) but for some reason I felt the need to. WTH? The bill was for $331.81. My first reaction was WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? SoI decided to give them a call. A tad annoyed I pushed the various keys until I got an unfriendly sounding woman. The conversation went something like this:

UFW: Hello may I have your acct # (which I had already entered, so what is the point of the automated system)

Me: 4024 #### #### #### I have a question about why my bill is so high?

UFW:It doesn't seem high to us.

Me: Well I'm pretty sure that it is high, because last month it was $72 after all your taxes and fees. That is a pretty big difference don't you think.

UFW: Let me check your account (Me breathing through my nose and going OM).
Well it looks like this bill is an estimate on what your bill would be.

ME:Excuse me! An estimate? You are aware that there are this is a mother daughter home and we have separate meters.

UFW:YES but that is the procedure.

Me:The procedure is to triple the bill for one part of a house?

UFW: Yes,I mean no we just estimate. When the technician came to read the meter he was unable to. No one gave him access.

Me: Well who gave him access last month?

UFW: He probably just walked into the gate because the meters are on the side of the house.
ok now I am not only pissed but confused.

Me: Ok so when can we get someone back here to properly read the meter? and you fix my bill because I AM NOT paying this estimate.

UFW: Can you go to the meter and read it to me?

ME:OK (I go outside and no number that I read to her is right).UGH

UFW: You should just pay the estimate so they don't report you to a credit bureau.

ME: Credit bureau, its your mistake.

UFW:No Miss its your responsibility to let the technician in.

ME: Well how was I suppose to know he was coming and that he wouldn't be able to get in so he would just write down some magic number that you and Con Edison would expect me to pay!

UFW: Can I put you on hold?

Me:Sure (I needed a minute because I was about to let into her). OMMMMM! OMMMMM!

When she came back she basically told me I have to pay the bill. But today when I called to make sure she had at least taken off the bill pay (no she had not). The friendly CSR told me they would have someone out here next week. Now why con Edison woman did we have to go through all of this nonsense, it not as if this surplus goes into your pocket. Needless to say I hate Con Edison an I wish there was another place for me to get gas of the house.
MTA are you kidding me?

Didn't you just have a surplus? and a raise in the price of a Metrocard? Now I hear that the monthly metrocard is going up to $100. Damn the MTA straight to your urine smelling self straight to H-E-L-L-O,

This damn humidity. My hair has been au natural for the last 2 years. I opted out of relazing my hair when I found out I was pregnant. Its been a pretty easy transition for the most part, but yesterdaymy hair was acting a damn fool! One side was sleek and straight and acting right, the other was doing this wavy curl thing. I finally had to break down and tuck it behind my ears, which actually did not help. How do I explain walking around looking like this:


What in the world is wrong with Don Imus? I know he is really old, a zombie, white and stuck in his ways. But really? Didn't you learn from the last time Showtime Sharpton came after you? If I were Don Imus I wouldn't say Black, Africa, African American, color Nothing! If his explanation of what he meant to say is true then I hope this all goes away. There are just too many other issues that need attention. Ommmmm!


This morning on the train ride in a man sitting in front of me got up from his seat. The only way to let him stand up without knocking me down, was for me to step behind him (in front of the seat.) I ALWAYS look around before I sit down to check for any pregnant women on elderly on the train, and I spotted a very old man. But before I could turn around to give the man the seat, this woman taps me on my back (that one finger tap I hate) and tells me I'm young and can stand let the old man sit down. I looked at her and said, I'm aware that the man probably needs to sit down but thanks for the news flash!

Now most times I wouldn't mind if someone bought this to my attention. But when you start jabbing your finger in my back while I am trying to manuver around someone, while trying to keep my balance on a train that is flying like a bat out hell, you deserve a little harsh tone when you feel the need to point out the obvious. Ommmmmm


I think I might need to go to Yoga today, or boxing.


12kyle said...

I see why they call them CON edison. That is ridiculous. I wouldn't pay it until i got some complete clarity about the bill. The nerve of em! They only do it b/c they know that most people won't make a fuss about it.

Eb the Celeb said...

lmao @ your hair looking like the 80's whitney houston

and don imus is a joke... no matter what he says or does he's still going to have a job so its just wasted energy give his raggedy tail anymore publicity

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

ew! to con ed. i hate to waste time and energy on dumbness...

ha ha ha at your whitney frizz!!!

Dreamy said...

girl i know how it is when it seems like everything and everyone wants to get on your nerves,lol

definitely need to stop by yoga mama and get out that frustration

know how it is with the hair. mines is all natural and even i be having my moments when its all frizzy and dont want to act right

A Go Bytch said...

Oh F$%K it...girl I'm the queen of writing letters to companies when they piss me off. Girl you would think I was Oprah or something. Oh and I have the Better Business Bureau on speed dial...you need the number hun?

Hey Dreamy..Eb...how yall Durin'?

Oh yeah F$%K it...I always wondered about the public transporation thing...it's not big out here...but even though it's the CITY bus I think I will end up in Delaware somewhere...crazy me!

The F$%K it List said...

@12Kyle, I am not paying that bill. When you see me on the news you will know why.

@Eb It was a horrible hair day! Don Imus is just a mess. And he needs to retire.

@PCD ME TOO! I hate con edison!

@dreamy I went to Yoga and NAMASTE! Peace be with you!

@Go B! I sure do want the number so that I can report these damn fools and their practice. And I stay writing letters, DKNY actually sent me a new bag because I was so outraged at the poor quality of a bag I bought! I don't like folks messing with my money.

Adia said...

YES! Internet's back!

Anywhoo, yes, you have to pay the bill. Once they read the meter and straighten it out you will be refunded the money. I know, it sucks.

HAHA to the MTA....this is why I will stay in Jersey, no need to see the NY fam anymore. The gas prices aren't helping either, even if I did have a whip.

To anyone who touches you again on the train, calmly explain that they are committing battery and will be hauled of to jail if they do it again.

Your crazy hair - I like Whit's curly ques!

The F$%K it List said...

@ADIA WELCOME BACK GIRL you don't tell I won't tell.

Nope don't have to pay the bill Con Ed rep is coming on Monday, new reading and bill will be straightened out immediately.