Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Seizures won't stop.

Why are all of these older than sixteen pop stars having My Super (fill in the bday over 16)?

First up tonight was Bow-Wow, Stuntin' 21.Huh Why???? I am sure you don't need to have all of the parties on TV! And why is your momma buying you a Maybach? I so need to turn. But Little Bow-Wow (as Jermaine "ain't that the pot calling the kettle black" Dupree called him) was overshadowed by a stocking cap wearing Big Bow-Wow aka Snoop Dogg. Snoop looked like he was rolling out of bed, haha.

Second: Sean Kingston's Jamaica 18th bday. This is where the seizures start. I REALLY DO NOT LIKE SEAN KINGSTON and his FAKE ACCENT! He has not been back to Jamaica since he left at 13 (his words "haven't been there since I made it big"). His goal is to be bigger than Chris Brown, so he wants fireworks and boat to bring him up to the pier.
Before he leaves he meets with his personal jeweler to get iced with $900,000 worth of jewelery......ok correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Jamaica a country that is suffering and poor. I'm just saying.

So its the party day and he is blinged out, in a white suit in fancy car off to the BASHMENT! Now what would it a my super sweet 18 without crashers, only they are all white and Sean Kingston looks confused but he welcomed them. They looked like this:

LOL, Seriously they looked like this. Only in a sea of Jamaicans. In true MTV fashion he parties like a "rock star" and the guest performer was a group I've never heard of, but apparently are hot right now. Oh yeah and Shaggy said something or performed. And his mom buys gets him the 4 door Bentley. Why Why why! I must turn!

At the very least I will say that Bow-wow, Chris Brown and Sean Kingston earn their money and were not bratty.

I really can't wait for "Exiled" so these kids can see what real life is like, watch it here for yourself.

I don't know why my dad is doing this too me
Did she just say Peru is an island, HAHAHA

Ha,I don't even care if they really learn a lesson, because honestly forcing them to go live in poverty, only to bring them back to be spoiled and living in luxury is counterproductive. But it will bring joy to my heart to see how stupid these kids really are. I just want to see them cry. I know I'm going to hell:)


Dreamy said...

i used to watch that show as lame as it is,lol

what i didnt understand was why their parents would let them bratty azz kids talk to them like that. those kids are a mess.

they do need to get out in the real world and see how it really is

She W0rd Hustlez said...

Damn, I can tell I haven't been watching TV. They're just showing any old celebrity birthday parties now? I HATED sweet 16, because those kids were so spoiled and threw fit if their parents weren't spending enough money on them. I agree with you; the real world would be a true eye opener for them all.

Mama's Losin' It said...

How did you get that video of me with my friends!?! You. Are. Sneaky!

And I fully agree...was I supposed to have a super sweet sixteen?? Because I missed it...I think I'll start planning a belated one...it will be iced in cub zirconian.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

ew...sean kingston is a mess! but those crashers were even messier! LOL

A Go Bytch said...

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F.U. said...

Me no likey Sean Kingston either...and seriously, enough with the celebrities on Sweet Sixteen but turning 21! What the fluff man?! And Bow Wow should be above all that...like we know you've been doin this since you were 3 and are sittin on stacks and can have any kind of party you want. Why must you go on MTV?

And I'm looking fwd to the Exiled show too...altho I don't think it will help not a nan one of them kids understand. It should be entertaining tho.

Lena said...

Instead of sending a bunch of brats to these countries in need they should send people who will actually care enough to help with sincerity OR the celebs to give them money.

Mizrepresent said...

What's up girl, got nothing to add, you said all right here! The truth! SAD!

PrettyBlack said...

The lesson their going to learn comes later when they aren't as "hot" as they are now and are out working the indian casinos to survive. 900,000 is easier going than coming.

PrettyBlack said...

Okay I'm weak! I just clicked on the exiled link and WHY did the bitch say she only drinks bottled water? I through...I. AM. THROUGH.!

Kieya said...

well...if you're going to hell, I suppose I am too cuz I'd love to see them ball their lil eyes out.

and i don't understand the trend in these rich entertainers' parents buying them gifts & such.....shouldn't it be the other way around? granted, its their own money but still.

12kyle said...

lmao @ jermaine durpi!!! that dude is 4-11. haaaaa

good post. i've seen a lil bit of this stuff. couldn't really hold me, tho.

The Jaded NYer said...

I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to confiscate your TV... lol

but that video- LMAO at the dancers... that blonde chick in particular. HA!

The F$%K it List said...

I know I'm late replying but bear with me :)

@dreamy The show is lame but its like crack. Unless their parents really cut them off they will never see the real world. And Cee-lo's daughter she needs a smack, she doesn't even get good grades. So what's her problem?!

@She and don't start watching its nothing but CRACK!

@Mama, I'm everywhere don't you know that?! Let me know I'll attend and I too will be blinged out.

@PCD SEan Kingston is the worse. That Beautiful song will send me into a fit of rage.

@F.U. Bow wow NOT A GOOD LOOK! We know about all his money, he tells us every chance he gets and you rapped about being 19 with a black card. GO AWAY. And those kids on exile won't get any help from taht show, but I will hav much tighter ABS from all the laughing.

@Lena. PREACH GIRL!. Unfortunatly MTV is more about ratings and real do gooders don't get ratings. Not dramatic enough

@Miz It really is sad! What is even worse is that kids are trying to do this in real life. The website is full of them (I had to check for research purposes)

@PrettyBlack That's the truth and I am laughing at Indian casinos, haha. And yes that one did say bottle wataer. RIDICULOUS!

@Kieya We can go there together chile because its going to be a laugh a minute.

@12kyle. I have no words for you, you watch Flavor of Love which is WAY WORSE. LOL!

@Jaded NYer I think you might have too, TV is really evil

yes White folks dancing is enough to bring a smile to my face anyday.