Thursday, June 12, 2008

Things that Irk me part deux

So those of you have been here know the deal, I tell you something that irks me and I tell you something that makes me smile. However while scribbling in my notebook (I'm old school SON!) things that irk me I found it hard to think of things that made me smile that relate... So bear with me (I'm a tad cranky!)

*Irks me-Women who do not give up their seats to a pregnant woman or little children. I have watched (and experienced) women on the train in loud conversation and at the sight of a woman with child they will 1) get real quiet 2) all of a sudden start reading a book or magazine or my favorite fake being asleep. When I was pregnant with CJ I would often refuse seats (it got harder to get up), but to these women I would stand directly in front of them with my hand on his belly.

* Made me smile-Two friends on the 4 train, one was pregnant and her friend made sure she made it known. When the zoo animals started pushing to get on the train she told them to back off and she went right up to this guy (fake sleeper) and told him her friend was 8 months and needed to sit. I'm sure he was quite embarrassed but he did the right thing and gave up his seat.

*Irks me-WTH is the MTA running trains that had no air conditioner during a damn heatwave. Its 1,ooo degrees in the tunnel, and its 2x's as hot on the train. Forcing people to sweat it out at 7:30 in the morning is cruel and unusual punishment.

*Made me smile-I was able to get a seat because no one was on the train (oh the things I will do for a seat in the morning), and the woman next to me had one of those portable fans. AHHH this is the good life.

*Irks me-Same hot ass train @ Jay Street this woman Tried to squeeze in between me and fan lady. If the train had the air on then I would have moved over but I was not in the mood to stick to a complete stranger. So I just ignored her and kept writing. I mean really chinese slipper wearing lady its 1,000 degrees on this train why do you want to sit next to me and fan lady, especially when there is an entire row of seats open. UGH you suck!

*Made me smile-WhenI did not move, she got mad and walked to the open row of seats and when the car jerked she fell. HAHA serves you right (I know Karma but she was silly).

Irks me-Snitches! Wait Wait before you think I've turned all Street dude wearing t-shirts that have a big red line through the word, let me say this...If you know who killed, shot, rob, stabbed someone then march your butts right to the station and tell what you know. that's not snitching. But when you start running down other peoples business because you are in trouble, well that dear friends is snitching. Example 1) That NBA ref that was busted for betting on games. To save his sorry butt he is not ratting out everything and everyone in his path. In my eyes not only is he a gambler but also a cheater. knock knock I hear your bookies calling for a refund
Example 2) Kobe Bryant, when he was accused of rape and dragged Shaq all up and through the mud with him.
* Nothing makes me smile on this one its wrong. Stop snitching and take your punishment like a man (or woman)!

*Irks me- Yes I love the biscuits and I could write for 5 days to describe that love. The Cajuns really know their....Hold up there is not near one Cajun or southern american in popeyes!

*Makes me smile- The Biscuits! Once I have that salty treat I forget all about how I had to repeat my order 100 times and they still got it wrong. And if they remember to give me my grape jelly then all is forgiven.

*Irks Me- The oompah loompahs that are invading NY. I swear every time I turn around there is another tanorexic woman standing there. This week in this heat I have seen them everywhere and mostly dressed in white which makes that Orange glow more prominent. What happen to just regular white folks?

*Makes me smile-That all I can think when I see them is "oompah loopah doppety do I've got another riddle for you" (me singing and bobbing up and down).

Feel free to add your Irks...I'm sure you have a few.

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PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...




guys who ogle women like they've never seen one before just becasue its warmer and she has on a dress or something

when you order something thru drive-thru, drive home or wherever and open it to find they've botched your order


(well-behaved, non-shrieking) kids playing in the water

air conditioning

italian ice

summer salads