Friday, June 13, 2008

Three Cups of Tea

When I started writing this blog I thought about giving it a carefree feel, but this is a serious situation.

Earlier this year I read a book titled "Three Cups of Tea", an amazing story about one man's quest to educate girls in the middle east. As I read this amazing book I realized education is the way to change the world. From Brooklyn to Afghanistan, the way to rid the world of hate, to offer the alternative in education.

Recently I gave a small donation (thinking of ways to raise more) to an Ethiopian Children's Village. I have submitted their credentials to my firm's charity committee and I hope that soon they will be up for consideration. They really need help! The village receives nothing from the government and earlier this year the land they rent from the government was almost taken away. The Marley's have contributed money as well, as holding a concert last summer to help with supporting them. The Director Sister Desta seeks to educate the children who have otherwise, been abandoned or orphaned by AIDS and poverty by allowing them the tools to change their life.

If you are interested in supporting this organization please go here to donate. Your $10 in Ethiopia is equal to approximately $98 birr, but more importantly a chance for a change.
The charities home is based in California and run by Dr.Rick Hodes (who is in Ethiopia) and his sister Marla Hodes.

Too far away and not that sure about where your funds will go, that is totally understandable. There are great organizations that need your help in your own backyards.

Lena over at Truths and Dares has made the decision to dedicate her life to helping low income families get the "Jumpstart"on literacy. Want to learn more about Jumpstart go to this web page:

To make a donation go to Lena's book drive page click: Change a life

I know times are tough with this economy being what it is, gas and food steady rising, but think about how much worse it could be for a child that doesn't have access to the resources necessary to change their lives.

He picked up his dog-eared, grease-spotted Koran and held it before the flames. Do you see how beautiful this Koran is? …. I can’t read it…. I can’t read anything. This is the greatest sadness in my life. I’ll do anything so the children of my village never have to know this feeling. I’ll pay any price so they have the education they deserve.”--Haji Ali "Three Cups of Tea"


James Tubman said...

loooooooove kenyan tea

i don't know if it's like ethiopian

but its mmm mmm delicious lol

The F$%K it List said...

@James tubman...Uhm ok glad you like kenyan tea but I think you missed the point. But thanks for coming by.

Dreamy said...

u have my donation mami

Have a wonderful weekend

Lena said...

Hey! Thank you so much for the support and spreading the word out for me.

I love that book! I read it on my cruise (I am a closet nerd, sssh). I will def. be donating as well.

The F$%K it List said...

@dreamy Thanks they really do need help. They also need math and science books so any type of donation will help.

@Lena As my readership increases I want to spotlight these things more so keep me in the loop. I hope people really do donate. Obama isn't the only one who can change the world. All it takes is one person.