Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Two post day

Today is a two day post. So keep reading. Pretty black shoe tag follows :)

So like 450 million other people I went to see the long awaited Sex and the city. I was how the story line picked up right where the show left off and was not disappointed. I loved the story line, the shoes, the clothes, just every thing about it. My sister Mrs. Manny Ramirez was inspired enough to write down a quote from the movie (I tried to take a picture of it but the white napkin was just a big old blur.) I will refrain from blogging about it but the movie in my opinion touched on many of the issues women deal with in relationships. Lady Leggs L'amour and I had a real deep conversation about it and I was able to see how a REAL single woman in the city viewed this movie.

Let's talk about it in one week so everyone has a chance to see it.

Anywhoo while I was out on Friday night I ran into so many different kinds of people. I didn't get all dolled up but there were some that took it to the next level and more power to you. There were so many cool looking people around that I couldn't help taking pictures. So in Elle's In a word- Fab style I bring you my two favorites of the night.

This guy was sitting next to me with his two rocking gal pals. I was so taken in by his mo-hawk and those awesome glasses. My sister and I could not stop talking about them. When I asked could I take his pic for my blog, he was so shy but agreed. Doll you are FABULOUS!

How cute is this dress?! It was belted and she had on really cute shoes. I spotted her immediately on the way out. So no pictures of the F$%K it list and crew because it was past 9 and that is my cut off time hahaha. No we just couldn't find anyone to hook us up, plus I was too tired. Maybe after the Batman movie I'll post a pic of myself. That will be early in the day since I already feel the cold coming on LOL!
written Friday on the train

So today the long awaited Sex and the City movie premieres and I have my ticket. I was up rather early not because of the movie but because of the lovely serenade by C.J. This morning it was a remix of "take me out to the ballgame" complete with animal sounds. When I get up and turn on y favorite channel NYone, I realize its going to be warmer than I expected and I need to re-vamp my outfit. Quickly I decide on another outfit and its off to iron, Where the heck is my starch. As panic starts to set in (*sidenote, I love ironing, but I LOVE LOVE ironing with starch its all very cathartic ) I just decide to go old school with my trusty water bottle. As I iron I hear CJ in his glory playing golf with his clubs and soccer ball.

<random thought: why are all the kids on the train sleeping like they have night gigs. I mean snoring and slumped over>

So as I am ironing away all the negative energy and all the wrinkles of course I hear the now familiar sound of a toddler losing his balance, I prop the iron and wait for the tears... None but what I do hear is "Daddy Daddy, hi I miss you", I peak out the room and don't see anyone but C.J. Two seconds later I hear it again but this time with a reply "Hi my boy, I missed you too" Aww! I guess C.J. heard his daddy's keys in the door. I stand there and take in the wonder that is my family and then a side glance points to the clock " OH SHIT I have to leave in 15 minutes". Now I am rushing, where did the time go. Damn that oh so good feeling I get while ironing.

A few Ohm's And the mad dash begins. Makeup done, and I manage not to spill anything on my white shirt.
As I throw my pants on (always last so as to not pick up any lint or mess up my lovely crease) I call out "ok I'm ready to go" no answer... I make sure C.J.'s bag is packed and walk out to the car, but no one is there. Where the hell did everyone go is all I can think,I am tempted to just leave the bag and high tail it to the train station. Finally I hear C.J talking about our neighbors dog and off we go to catch the 7:00am train. Where I witness a huge number of women dressed as if they had tickets to the red carpert after their 9-5's. These are the women that make me nuts,Why you may ask well:

1. They often slow me down because unlike myself they are not use to walking, running to catch the train in heels so they stumble and get all in my way. Tip if you can't walk in those shoes Carrie-wannabe and friends do not wear them.

2. I've never seen a floor length dress dressed down with a blazer. I'm just saying.

I know people want to bring the fabulosity to the next level because after all it is Sex and the City but its still just a movie and SJP probably isn't going to be there. Once I get to grand central I see more and more women dressed like the SATC characters. Oh well I guess its a cult thing sort of like the trekkies.


PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

i will not read this because i am going tomorrow to see this...no spoilers for me! that chick's dress is cute.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

ok, thanks for letting me know that ;-) the stories of CJ are so cute. i would pay to hear him sing that baseball song with sounds-tee hee hee! since you love ironing, want some of my stuff? i hate it, that why i rarely do it...

the comment about sleepy kids had me ROFL!!! night gigs?!! HA HA HA

The F$%K it List said...

@PCD Thanks, CJ gives me a lot to talk about such a fun loving little boy!

CJ won't sing into my phone so I can record it. I have tried and at that ungodly hour of 5:00am I'm only thinking about one thinf why is he up?? hahaha.

If you want to schlep the clothes to Brooklyn... I'll hook you up. Its very Zen moments for me.

She W0rd Hustlez said...

I added you to my blogroll. Hopefully that is okay. I am glad you enjoyed the movie. I may have to go see it just to see what all the hype is about. I've heard alot about the characters that go to the theaters to see it, loll pretty funny.

Suite B said...

I stopped reading the post after the guy in the glasses...was that real. There is no way I would have been able to sit next to him and not laugh all through out the movie

Lena said...

I went to go see the movie today and the dang thing was sold out until 9pm! I was like why aren't you people at work or with your children or at happy hour or something???

AGH, I HATE ironing! I don't even do it right. My dad gets on my case about it all the time but yet nobody technically taught me how. Maybe you should just iron or teach me, lol. I love to fold though!

The F$%K it List said...

@sheword It is pretty interesting to watch the women who normally wear flats in 4 inch heels just for a movie. That cracked me up. If my camera had been acting right I could have taken some video.

@suite B I thought he was Fab, NYC is great for this kind of style.

@Lena.How was the mini-cruise?
The movie was sold out all week, for all shows. People are taking off to see it...Crazy huh? And its a good movie but I don't know about wasting a vacation day or sick day.

You are my new BFF btw, you love to fold I HATE IT.HATE IT. see my blog tomorrow. So you bring your stuff and I will press it like you went to the dry cleaners and you can fold away. :)

Lena said...

The mini cruise was fantastic. I didn't want to come back at all. Now I want to move to a beach, lol.

As for the proposition about the laundry, it's a deal, lol.