Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weekend in Review

If you dropped by on friday then you know my weekend agenda included a trip to Prospect Park for a concert featuring the Crooklyn Dodgers.

The morning started off with me waking up at the crack of dawn by C.J and his new favorite song "A Pirates Song" by the Wiggles. As I got up to go to his room I realized that VH1 Soul (I adore this channel now, its helped with my Style network withdrawal) was playing New Jack Seing from A-Z,WHOHOOOO the Gods are truly shinning down on me today. Quick run to the Dr. so CJ could get his last shots until he is two (more on that later) and we were back in time for his afternoon nap, I needed him to be READY for the night ahead of us.

At this very moment Mr. F$%k it decides he needs a new pair of sneakers for the Funk Master Flex car show. ... Huh? Why? but I am not letting anything bring me down. Thankfully C.J. fell asleep in the car and all that was pushed aside. As we cruised back home,I saw the icy man, and not the Mexican dude with the Italian ice, but the Mexican dude with the good ice that have fruit in them, YAH! Sign number two this was going to be an awesome day/night. While I got my pineapple ice I managed to catch this picture.....

ok uhm why? PCD and Jaded here is where you get the gold shiny leggings, and you can get a bathing suit shirt to wear. And look at the hot mess that was going to shop there.... Point proven

Short nap, quick lunch and shower and we are out the door (sun hat, and silk scarf for my head so as to not repeat the Whit Whit episode). Well mother nature had a different plan. At 3:30pm the skies decided to part like the red sea and give the NY a much needed shower. DAMN! I thought as I sat in the car waiting for the light to change. But I decided to go to my mom's to wait out the rain, if can't last until 7 right? Well guess what it cleared up and then started up again at 6pm....Now I'm starting to feel sad! No one is going to want to go, they even delayed the Mets game. I have to call my sister Mrs. M. Ramirez, she's still down, cuz Logan,she's still down but a little suspect because the rain was coming down. I'm down and so is my little baby boy!

Finally the rain stops at minutes to 7, Mrs.M. Ramirez is there with her kids, let's get the party started. Logan and the Black Atelier both flake (GAS FACE to the both of you) and off we go!

Clearly the rest of Brooklyn wasn't turned away by the rain or wet grass either because the park was full, $3 donation and we were in to see a fabulous show. We had missed a few performances but none that I really cared about. O.C was performing when we got there and I remembered his one song and that was nice background music to set up the chairs and get the chicken and fruit out. Special Ed and Buck shot were the Masters of Ceremony.
  • Next up DJ. Premiere, he did his thang on the one and twos and he made sure the music was bumping (gently reminding the folks that Hip-Hop was to be played loudly). His set went on for a few minutes and ended with a too long speech about loving ones self! A good speech just too long.
  • Chubb Rock RIPPED the stage up! He played all the old reggae joints and did the song from my soundtrack "Just the Two of us" (by this time CJ was sleep in the stroller) and I danced like I was in my living room alone. Then he said something about wearing out his welcome and the crowd booed. So he asked "how could I have worn out my welcome and not have done hip-hop?" Now old school hip hop and of course the joint that made him famous "Treat me right". Chubb let it be known at the end of his set that he never said the B word once, and so in his eyes those words just seem unnecessary. PREACH CHUBB!
  • Jeru the Damager was next, to which I promptly planted my butt in the chair. I only really remembered two of his songs and I was never that big of a fan. Besides the cursing he had a great show and Brooklyn responded. He also bought out Sadat X from Brand Nubians, who did his verse from "Punks jump" Would have preferred "Slow down" but I guess I can see that when I go see them next week.
  • Special Ed decided that he wasn't going to let everyone else shine and did "I got it made" Mrs M. Ramirez jumped out of her seat so fast and started dancing. My little niece turned to me at one point during my break it down break it down dance and rhyme the she didn't know any of these songs but she was having fun. I told her well now she is a real hip-hop head and can brag to all her friends.
  • Not to be outdone, Buck shot shorty came out and rocked the mic, before all of the Dodgers came back on the stage to sing that's right "Crooklyn Dodgers" from Crooklyn and "Return of the Crooklyn Dodgers" from Clockers.
This show was so worth my whitney houston frizzy head (That I promptly washed and blew out at 12am when I got home).I danced, and laughed with my sister, bond with my fellow brooklynites and true fans of hip-hop. But more importantly I was able to share with another generation of my family the goodness that hip-hop use to be and why I love it so!

No pics of the concert because there were too many people and I wasn't close enough. So use your imaginations. I'll try to get some at the next show, NEXT WEEK! YAH!


12kyle said...

FIRST!!! haaaaa

Damn! That sounds like a damn good show. Glad to hear that you had a good time.

Don't sleep on Jeru. Dude had a tight cd. Everybody remembers Come Clean but it was very solid.

Brand Nubians didn't perform Slow Down??? WTF?

Make sure you get pics next time. We have a slew of concerts here but they don't feature those type of artist. I don't wanna sit through 3 hrs of Lil Scrappy and nem.

The F$%K it List said...

@12kyle Yes good time had by all, my hair was proof LOL!

I just wasn't in the mood for Jeru after Chubb Rock, he got you all ready to dance and his set was clean. Then here come Jeru, my opinion he should have come out first.

It was only Saadat X so I guess he did his longer verse. But thats ok because Brand Nubians (entire group is next Wed in the park and I am on vacation so YEAH!)

I will get pics, I promise! Uhm yeah Lil Scrappy, no 3 hrs no thanks.

The Jaded NYer said...

I heard about this show, but I had my MA roadtrip which was AWE - SOME so I'm not too bummed!!

sounds like you had a blast.

now about that shirt, or whatever it was... and I know that chick was not contemplating purchasing said shirt... NO, BOO, DON'T DO IT!! JUST SAY NO TO WACKNESS!!!!

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

told you it was gonna rain! but i'm glad you had fun!!! YAY for frizzies with good cause!!

Eb the Celeb said...

see with you and jaded around I am scared as hell to go to the corner store with my hair tied and and bleached out sweatpants with a huge white tee and some flips flops on without a pedicure... ya'll striaght candid camera on these

dont you think maybe that is the reason she needs to go shopping because what she has on isnt really working for her... even though it doesnt look like she can fit anything that is in that

this was so wrong yet so funny

Lena said...

I missed it! Boo. But I am glad you had fun and was able to share it with your family.

The F$%K it List said...

@jaded Girl I was tempted to scream out the window NO not the Gold lame but I thought better of it.

@PCD Thanks Sam Champion,HAHA.It was great though well worth the frizz that was my hair. And you know it had to be serious if I washed it at 12am.

@Eb HAHA, See you are just as bad just not armed and dangerous. She set herself up when she went in the store that had the gold body suit.

@Lena. Welcome back to the NY! You missed a good show but girl there is some Fire this summer. I'll email the list to you!

Mizrepresent said...

Gurl, i so love outdoorn concerts, especially when they are free, and you can bring the kids too! Oh yeah!