Thursday, July 31, 2008


Some of my crabby friends (*Mrs Leggs/ Mrs. Manny Ramirez) have been hating on the black background so I decided to update my look...

So do You like the new look, let me know...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A hungry man is not a free man.

For more reasons than one this quote rang true to me today.

Today I was getting on the train at 42nd and 8th and I passed this homeless man with a sign that read "I am hungry, please help". I don't give money to homeless people (except that dude with the funny signs) but I will buy you a meal or if I have food already its theirs. Today I had didnt have a chance to get anything to eat so I just kept going when I saw him. But as I passed I overheard this woman trying to give this man something to eat. He kept listing all the thing he doesn't eat, but if you're hungry, REALLY hungry would you have a preference. At one point in their conversation he asked her to read him the ingredients so he could make sure there was no pork in it.

HUH WHAT?! Nope sorry Charlie I'm leaving his homeless butt right there hungry.
That woman was better than me because she actually told him there was no pork in it and also rasd the ingredients. I guess in her eyes even a hungry man had choices (Uhm-kay not in my world.)


Last week I gave you all the 411 on NYC restaurant week and how great it is.
For the past three years I have eaten at my second choice restaurant its been great. NOT THIS YEAR! FIRST CHOICE BABY BABY. I've finally got a reservation for two at Tao for lunch. YEAH YEAH. I mean really three years ain't that a shame!

But look at the menu, just pure yum and the decor Asian chic. I'm not even going to post any pictures from the internet because I will be there camera in hand like a two bit tourista. YEAH ME

I am also having dinner with The Jaded NYer and Lena on Friday at the Zoe.

A-B-C-D-E-F-G Gilbert Hall is the one for me!

This was one of the reasons I wanted to go to college. Damn I miss good television. Do ya'll remember this....

Poor Freddie,(start watching at 5:40) such a clod.

Then BAM she gets it! Thank God for insomnia and Nick at Nite. (uhm yeah its 4am)

How did Freddie get it together so quick

Monday, July 28, 2008

I spy with my little eye

I'm sure most of you are familiar with this car game. I try to play it with CJ in the morning as a distraction in the car(he is anti-everything he is suppose to do in the car, including sitting in his car seat, sitting down etc..). So thing morning was a really good morning to spot things out of the normal car, trucks etc...

  • A plane circling the airport. CJ was very excited about this one, he loves looking at the planes preparing to land. He will usually say "Airplanes coming".
  • A horse- The Black Cowboys had the horses out early today grazing. (Yes in Brooklyn).
  • A van with a Barack Obama poster in the window.. I said to CJ " I spy with my little eye the next president" and he screamed OBAMA. My job is done.

Finally I let him tell me what he spied, the conversation went something like this:

ME: C.J spies with his little eye


ME: Moo? *I'm thinking he spies his favorite book*. Mr. Brown?

CJ: No mommy NO! MOOO

ME: A Cow? where?

CJ: VRIGHT THERE (right there)

ME: HAHAHAHA, CJ that is not nice

Cab driver: well she does have on a cow printed dress, hat and bag.

At this point I am hysterical laughing tears and all, and CJ was sitting there smiling, Proud as a can be.

The woman was very thin but was indeed covered from head to toe in a black and white cow print. I can't say it enough, my child is amazing. I didn't bother talking to him about it because he wasn't making fun of the lady plus my hysterical laughter might be seen as a tad bit hypocritical.

Ahh the joys of being the mom of a 2 year old!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Folks did it for me

So I am going to pay it forward. When I first started blogging people added me to their blogrolls and also referenced my site as one of their frequent reads. Then the comments started coming.... Now its my turn. These folks are new and so you need to go show these folks some BLOGGIN' LOVE (and comments)!

My big sister has joined the blog world, she's funny, smart and "may just have an opinion". Oneblackgirlsopinions

Jaded NYer's buddy is F$%Kin HIGH-LARIOUS, and you will love him like I do. Jack's Gay Chronicles

12kyle bought me here, a daughter, a sister,an auntie and friend living in this crazy city... that girl shell

Lena LEN... Life as a shorty shouldn't be so rough..Watch Lena as she grows from Drag Princess to Queen Truth & Dares (she's a REAL Girl that's my favorite quote from To Wong Foo,With Love)

Next up why I love the folks on my blog roll in song.... (Pretty Black I told you it was coming)

Friday, July 25, 2008

An ode to John Legend

I have an 'Ish load of talents but poetry is not one of them, but jokingly I told my sister I was going to do an ode to John Legend after the concert. So this is what we came up with in the car (I am not so stuffy that I make a joke at my own expense)..... Cue the tambourine and votive candles.
Ode to John Legend
For Brooklyn you performed for free
Donating your fee to charity
From 9:50 past 11:20 your smooth harmonies
carried through the humidity.
Green Light, Slowdance to a a new song you dubbed
for the West Indies..
O.K that's as far as I got It's a work in progress hahaha.

In short this concert was fabulous. John Legend's brother performed, we were looking for parking plus I didn't want to see him anyway. Estelle didn't seem to move the crowd ( I sang all the songs.. I told ya'll I don't play) until she sang "American Boy" it was like something clicked. Brooklyn needs not sleep, her album is RIDICULOUS! It's hot.

After Estelle left the stage, Brooklyn's own borough president Marty Markowitz came out to let the crowd know about the crazy line up going on this summer. And as he perused the song list (oohing and ahhing over it) he let the crowd know that John Legend had declined his fee. He asked that the fee be donated to a Brooklyn scholarship fund that allows kids to go to camp and his "Show Me" charity. Oooh John Legend I heart you. After a few other speeches John Legend took the stage. HE SANNNNG!!!!!!! and so did Mrs. Manny Ramirez and I. He sang all our favorite songs, then he did Green Light! CJ's face looked as though this song was being done just for him and started doing his famous break-dancing. At the end of the song he got in my arms and went to sleep. My night was made perfect when he sang "Slow Dance" I LOVE that song... you know its crazy how much I love this song. When I have an argument with Mr. F$%K it this is the song that plays in my head. It was the perfect ending even when he slowed danced with some barely legal girl up to take my place....yes I'm hating. It wasn't as titillating as this but that's because John knows he's too pretty for the clink:

The show wasn't completely over but since we were hot, tired and had to walk what felt like a country mile to get to the car we stated heading out and JL kept singing. It was already 11:00pm when we left.

A good time was had by all ! Officially Mrs. Manny R, and my dearest Mr. Savage are my concert road dogs. My big sis won't be here for Jill Scott (I'll be sad) but I will go out there and sing and dance just like she was there with me. Oh and let me not forget my baby boy CJ, I'm trying to expose him too good music early and as long as we have a stroller, We are OUT!

Now you know it would not be a post by Moi if I didn't point out the tomfoolery, no pics because its really too hard to do with a baby in your arm (and I had to sneak my camera in and who wants to be the loser that is escorted out of a free show):

Overheard: three girls
Girl 1: Ohh where is she from?
Girl 2: I don't know
*Estelle in the background "This London girl ...."
Mrs. Manny Ramirez: England
Girl 1 to 2&3: ooooohhhh yeah cause she sounds like a Jamaican (in a poor fake accent)
All I could do was shake me head.

Seen: there was a woman sitting behind us in a fold out chair reading a book. Huh? Who comes to a H.S track at a concert and read a few chapters. Then towards the end she a conversation with whoever she was suppose to meet. SO WEIRD!

Seen: Dudes doing pull ups and bicep dips in the dark ass park. It looked like a scene from "Oz on HBO. Equally as pathetic were the two women standing at the gate gawking at them.

Seen: two yellow buses picking people up from the concert. John Legend clearly has the midas touch because I too would have been on the old rickety bus to see this show.

Hmmm: So this lady totally used CJ and I. As I pushed the stroller lots of people would cut in front of me. This older woman started screaming " Watch out for the baby let the woman through" Nice right? People finally moved and then the woman stepped in front of my sister and walked out, with us leaving my sister to fend for herself. One we exited the front gate, she turned to me and said " People don't have no respect for babies" HAHAHA I thanked her and a waited for Mrs. M.

Next up is Erykah Badu (which I may skip) and Jill Scott who I would sleep outside to be first in line (ok maybe not I'm not into camping, but I will be there).

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Project Runway

This will be the shortest post I have ever wrote:

I LOVE TIM GUNN! He just said "Hot mess" on project Runway! HA

Don't know who he is (shame on you) 12kyle click here MAKE IT WORK and please pay attention to the picture on the wiki. Who did the edit on that one?

He Strikes again

A few months ago I posted about the homeless guy on 42nd and 6th. Well he's back and this time I had my camera ready and he even posed for the picture:

Yes I gave him a dollar and so did a whole bunch of other people. How could you not these signs are so damn funny.

*Sidenote I started thinking where do homeless people get sharpies to create these signs. . Sorry its just how my mind works.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Just for Giggles

Did you know that Real^^^^^^ from I love NY and I love money did a video in the 80's?
Well here it is:

HAHAH, O.K. that's not really him but you have to admit they do look a little alike. I loved that song back in the day BTW. I was all about anything George Michaels did.

Monday, July 21, 2008

This is an event packed week

First Restaurant Week (posted below), Now this.....

Early last week I received an email from my girl GG letting me know Estelle was going to be at Wingate field this Monday for free. Having seen the line-up list about a month or so ago, I thought she may have written the wrong date(yes Dreamy, I was ready to be like Uhm yeah the date is wrong so I could be right, Haha). Estelle was suppose to be there with Jill Scott two weeks later. Well NO GG was right, the line up had finally been revised and the mystery guest revealed! JOHN LEGEND, and Estelle.

YES that's right John Legend at the high school field performing for Free.

I love his music (as well as Estelle), so for the next day I am putting Nas (You still don't have it, well what the heck are you waiting for?) on pause and doing a combo-playlist of the two and will listen until I arrive at the concert. It will probably be PACKED so I can't guarantee pictures of the concert, but I know this crowd and I'm sure my follow up post will go something like this:

"John Legend was great, Estelle rocked but the crowd was well a hot mess. (insert pic) Now why did she have to go and do that? This is a family show....." LOL

If anyone is interested hit me at my gmail, I'll be there about 5:00.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Do you find yourself thinking

" Jeez I wish I could get a reservation at that New hot spot I saw in the NY Times ?"

With the recession in full effect folks have been cutting back on some of their favorite things to do, including eating out. Well I'm here to tell you NYers that the most beautifullest time is here again......that's right it's restaurant week.....WHOOOO HOOOOO.

For the folks outside of this glorious city let me explain....
Restaurant week is a ten day period (twice in the summer, twice in the fall) where you are able to dine at some of the finest establishments in the city, lunch and dinner for $24.07 and $35.00 respectively. Three course meals in this city normally run more than $100, so bring it on folks.... The 411:

NYC Restaurant Week (
Eat Famously
Gourmet Prix-Fixe Menus
July 21-25 and July 28- Aug 1, 2008
Enjoy special three-course, prix-fixe menus at participating

I try to participate every session and here are a some of the places I have eaten and LOVE!

Asia de Cuba (at Morgans)

Yum Yum and Yum. I normally hate fusion but this place ROCKS!
I'm all about communal tables and who wouldn't be if you could sit here:

and drink this:

Haven't been on a date in a long time with your one and only? Then take him/her here
(This was one of my first grown up dates and yes it was during restaurant week)
One if by land two if by Sea
Tres Romantic....
Ah I have eaten at so many of these awesome restaurants, it would take all night to list them all. However, I did have one bad experience at the Warldoff Astoria. Bland Boring menu.

Well I hope some of you get a chance to experience the life of a foodie in NY on a budget!


Saturday, July 19, 2008

The time is now

Black President - Nas

(Can you imagine if Pac was actually here to witness this?)

In the wake of the New Yorker magazine cover of the Obama's, I thought I would reiterate what I have said in so many conversations. If you support Obama this is the time to develop a tough skin, because ignorance/racism is revealing its ugly head more and more everyday.

This morning on the way to the train I was listening to Nas' new joint, and I was moved by the lyrics to "Black President". As I left the bus I was got the Metro newspaper as I do EVERY day, but today the front page article was more than disturbing read below:

Obama ‘slave’ shirt sparks lawsuit threat
Designer claims unhappy customer got assaulted, now wants to sue
JUL 17, 2008

When a 25-year-old Manhattan graduate student who was assaulted Tuesday night got dressed that morning, she probably didn’t anticipate that her T-shirt would provoke four teens into shoving her, pulling out her earphones and spitting in her face.

Then again, with a shirt sporting the slogan, “Obama is my slave,” it may have been wise to consider the possibility.
Now she’s suing the $69 shirt’s designer, Apollo Braun, for “all he’s got,” the designer claims.
But the Israeli-born Braun — born Doron Braunshtein — says what allegedly happened to his now-disgruntled customer isn’t his fault — and that his outrageous design reflects not his views but those of “ordinary WASPs.”
“For a lot of people, when they see Obama, they see a slave. People think America is not ready for a black president,” Braun told Metro from his five-year-old Orchard Street boutique.
Braun claims that after the customer — who did not return repeated calls from Metro — threatened to sue, he contacted his own lawyer, who assured him he was shielded by the
First Amendment from any legal action.
The ugly incident over the ugly shirt took place at 8:30 p.m. in Union Square, Braun told Metro, when four African-American female teenagers accosted the student, cursed at her for her shirt and pushed her. According to the designer, the student walked away, but the girls followed her, one pulling the earphones out of her ears, another spitting in her face.
This isn’t Braun’s first sartorial criticism of the Democratic presidential presumptive nominee. He has also sold shirts with slogans such as “Jews Against Obama,” “Obama = Hitler” and “Who Killed Obama?” — which he claims was so popular, he moved 1,200 pieces.
“I can’t stand Obama,” Braun says, adding that it’s not because the Illinois senator is black. “That’s the only thing I like about him. He opens the door for other minorities.”
“He reminds me of Adolf Hitler,” Braun explained, adding he does not like Obama because “he is a Muslim” — a thoroughly debunked myth.
by s. spencer scott

I was more than a little upset and then I realized things are just going to get increasingly more nasty. So much of the hate that is being directed at Obama is a product of fear and and ignorance, the backbone of this country.

Earlier this week my sister sent me two emails and the subjects read "What is your threshold for intolerance"and "what is you threshold for fear". Well I was not prepared for these graphic images... Here they are and the question stands. What is your threshold?

Threshold for intolerance?

threshold for fear?
As offensive as these images are, I want you all to see them and realize this will only get more worse. The intensity level is at high now, imagine when he actually takes office. All Obama supporters (but especially those of color) are going to really have to get thicker skin so he knows that his support system is just as strong as it was before he took the white house.

So what is your tolerance?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's about to go down.....

I've told you all C.J. is insane about handball, when I say insane I mean it. Every morning as we leave for the day he goes on and on about playing handball. I just can't figure it out???

On Saturday morning as part of our normal ritual we went outside to ride bikes, play in the playground and of course play handball. That is where I saw this sign... I didn't know handball players were rated. Well yep they are, this tournament is for C rated players only. So I got a few snaps of CJ playing, I think he might be able to enter LOL: What do you think?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

12kyle asked I deliver

Earlier I received an email from 12K about C.J.'s party without going into all the details we ended up at Manhattan beach (see next post). Despite the annoying things on the beach including some A-hole hitting my sister with a football, I was just happy to have my family in one place. Its just what I wanted, simple and relaxed. I have to make sure my sisters are ok with posting the pics we took, look for an update later, so instead hear are some funny things about my family:

C. J is completely a CITY kid, he was in my lap or in my arms the entire time we were on the actual beach. Water-No thanks, Sand- What are you crazy? Give my baby good old Brooklyn Concrete (what kind of Jamaican's don't like the beach? haha)

Here is the best picture Mr. F$%k it could get of us coming back from the liquor store (ok PAUSE, we were asked by a friend who was on the beach to bring her a bottle of Barcardi, I was not drinking with my baby in tow. I waited until he went to sleep LOL).

How obese is this kid? My sister Mrs. Manny Ramirez pointed him out and will probably post about him. Here is your first look..

As we sat on the windy beach (the weather just did a 180) I said to my sister I don't really like beaches (I know I know), and I don't get why people want to bury themselves in the sand. There was this very large woman burying herself, and I was confused. I get it with the kids but anyone over 12, nope I don't get it.

C.J decided that every cake we saw was his and sang Happy Birthday about 50 times. I tried to get a video but he would stop immediately.

In the car, we were listening to 106.7 (for the non-Nyer its an easy listening station) and Mr. F$%k it was belting out the words to "I feel like a woman" (never saying I feel like a woman) and another song that escapes me, this song sparked baffled looks from my sister. (let me give you some stats on this man 6'3'', about 230lbs, with long dreads, now imagine him singing these songs). I always laugh when he sings these songs in the car. He is very secure in his manhood, hehe. I LOVE HIM!

O.K now that I have officially embarrassed him I am going to stop......

I told you...

Manhattan is so 1992, and any thing that is associated with the name Manhattan (ok its not Manhattan's fault). This weekend we went to Manhattan beach( in Brooklyn) and one word to describe it would be YUCK!

By the end of the day there were so many seagulls flying around it looked like a scene out of Birds. People were leaving their plates and food on the beach even though there were numerous garbage cans. For the love of Mother Earth they could have started their own garbage bags and put them neatly tied up beside the big cans. And I won't even mention what my sister Mrs. Manny Ramirez saw in the water. YUCK YUCK!

Dear Brooklynites,
Keep your BEACHES Clean, one should not have to go all the way to Long Island to tan, and celebrate birthdays. This borough is lucky to have as many beaches as we do, the least we can do is put out paper plates in the many different garbage receptacles. Marty would be so disappointed in you dear Brooklyn. Take Care of Brooklyn so there can be more shots like this:
Less like this:

Ashamed and Disgusted,

The F$%kit list

My sister took these pics.

I love my family

We are all so silly sometimes but none so much as my brother in law.... Krazy Kat!

This evening I called to see if he and my sister were watching the All-star game introduction of the Hall of Fame players and the current player. I wanted my sister to see Yogi Berra, he looked so cute and old and her favorite, Mr. October Reggie Jackson. Then came the silly:

The conversation went something like this
Krazy Kat: responds you know Reggie Jackson is Puerto Rican?
Me: What? No he's not!
K.K Yes he is
ME: No he is not, his name is Reggie Jackson, not Jacksonez (shut it Jack and Jaded, that was off the top of my head)
K.K He is! he was born in PR and he speaks spanish.
Me Born in PR to his Black parents.
K.K: Doesn't matter. Look it up
ME: Ok, I'm going to the Wiki.
K.K Yes look it up.

Well we were both right (more me than him). Reggie Jackson is indeed half Puerto Rican, but he was born in Wyncote, PA. His mother is from Aguadilla, Puerto Rico and his father was a player in the Negro League for the Oakland, CA team. The wiki didn't say he spoke Spanish so that is a tie.....I told you I would blog on this and you know how I love to do research.

NY is in All Star madness: The parade was a block away from my job but it was too hectic with all the streets cut off I could only get pics like this:
YEAH to David Wright for pulling it out at the last minute and making the team!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Positive I am not having it....

On Saturday morning my new ritual, is to take C.J. to the park to ride his bike and play hand ball. In the last two weekends I have been turning on VH1 soul while we get ready, OMG imagine my joy when they played Mc. Lyte and Postive K, "I'm not having it" I don't know what it is but I love a song when someone is getting shut down, maybe its the snob in me. So any who CJ and I danced (I told him he didnt know anything about this good music) and then went out to the park. I was still hype over hearing it so I decided to rewind on the DVR and hear it again.

Ya'll remember this:

On the second watch though I started to pay attention to the video and the wardrobe. This was the lowest budget video but it still had the right effect. The wardrobe however really had me on the floor, rolling around like a fool. I know Mc Lyte didn't do the girly thing (that was one reason I loved her) but flannel shirt and khakis with the pleats? For real? She wasn't dressed this manly in Paper Thin. The other women in the video didn't have on flannel. All that aside Lyte was the truth~ she always told a dude to hit the door and that was more empowering than the crap these women are spitting today. And Positive K, hmmm that outfit me no likey. I was never a fan of a leather outfits. Also look at how mad he gets in the last few verses. So funny!

On the 4th of July we spent the day with family, we have a 2 teenagers so it was no surprise that we were watching the BET Awards (on year thanksgiving my cousin made us watch the Beyonce tour on b.e.t). Anyway at some point Queen Latifah comes up to present an award and mt older teenage cousin says "Is her real name Latifah?" (see me chuckling) to which the other teenager says "Yes, her name is Latifah" (cue all the old schoolers) . It was like a chorus *Mrs. Manny Ramirez was the loudest* NO HER NAME IS DANA OWENS! I just thought this was too funny. Then when Al Green performed the older one was going on and on about how boring this part of the show was. Too much these teenagers, too much indeed.

And You tube get it together, I should not see damn Souljah boy when I do a search for Queen Latifah. BOOO!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Today is a special Day!

First and most importantly CJ is officially 2 years old. This little boy has changed my life these last 2 years and all for the better. When I see him I am overjoyed. Its so funny and cute when his face light up every time he sees a cake and starts singing Happy Birthday to himself, well today we will be eating cake and singing all day long. (keep reading after the glitter)

Glitter Text @

Lastly this is my 100th post, I'VE REACHED MY GOAL! I can't believe it, I remember the first post I did about the klan and where they get their costumes, I mean robes. Its been fun every since my first real comment, from my girls Adia, Jezebug and Sonshine. Then came 12kyle and PCD, who opened up the door for me to visit JadedNYer and Eb the Celeb. And the beat goes on and on...Now I have a whole list of folks that come by to show me comment love and I so appreciate it. I have so much more to say and I hope you all continue on the ride with me..... *And Cheer Bear thanks for pulling so hard for me to reach my goal no matter what the naysayers said *Side eye, Hi Haters*

KEEP READING, I've been making up for lost time. (and I need your advice on this They tried to make me go to Rehab)

Manhattan is so 1992.

This post was inspired by my colleague, cheer bear (she has been my cheerleader for getting to my 100th post by CJ's Bday).

Cheer bear asked a group of us if we knew a bar she could go to with friends in the 60's on the East Side...huh? I asked her why would she want to go up there with all the old folks. This went on for about 5 minutes or so and then she and I decided to leave for the day. As we walked out I reiterated that only old people hang out in the 60's, to which Cheer Bear replied "You are such a Manhattan Snob". hmm does she get the side eye, nah she's too nice so I just replied "Ha, not really forget Manhattan, Manhattan is so 1992, its all about Brooklyn".

So here are some of the things I love about The Borough that's thorough: Only in Brooklyn

  • Ikea recently opened in Red hook, and it is the only one with panoramic views and a picture of the Notorious One painted on the side.
  • will you be able to get Chinese, Italian, West Indian, Dominican food all in one block radius at ridiculous times of night.
  • can you ride the oldest wooden rollercoaster, have a beer, see some freaks, have a hot dog and the most perfect french fries all on a board walk. YEAH CONEY ISLAND!
  • A secret concert held by Dave Chappelle and 90% of the borough is there singing along.
  • can Kevin Powell run for congress.. Yes Kevin Powell from the first real world.
  • will a bunch of artist squat and take over an entire neighborhood, and within years its the hottest place to hang (clubs, restaurants, outdoor bars) AH Willi-burgh
So I could go on and on with this one but I think you get the idea. Brooklyn I LOVE THEE!

Important Obama related information

So in my quest to have all things OBAMA I ended up joining (its a free bumper sticker). I was two seconds from directing them to my spam folder (they email too much) when I received this email to sign a petition against the Fox Noise Network. Read below, sign and watch the video!

Dear MoveOn member,

Over 428,000 people have signed a petition telling FOX to stop their racist and hate-filled smears against Barack Obama. If we hit half-a-million signatures, we can draw media attention and put pressure on FOX's advertisers.

Plus, Robert Greenwald's Brave New Films released a video this morning documenting FOX's ongoing smears against Michelle Obama. Please check out the video, and then sign the petition calling on FOX to stop peddling racism—and then tell your friends. Just click here:

Here's the link:

FOX is shameless: in the several weeks alone, they've "confused" Obama's name with Osama's, referred to Michelle as "Obama's Baby Mama," and called an affectionate fist bump by Barack and Michelle a "terrorist fist jab."

Our partners at will hold a major event next week to deliver boxes and boxes of petition signatures to FOX's headquarters. If we can deliver half-a-million signatures, other media outlets will have a powerful story to report—and FOX's advertisers will get the hint that it's not a good idea to associate their products with FOX's hate-speech.

Thanks for helping to fight the right-wing smears.

–Adam G.

P.S. Congressman Robert Wexler (D-FL) has a new book out, and we thought you might be interested. The Nation called Wexler the country's "Most Valuable Congressman," and he's stood with MoveOn on numerous causes, from ending the war to stopping warrantless wiretapping in FISA. Now he's written "Fire Breathing Liberal," a fascinating account of life as an outspoken progressive in the House of Representatives. Says Comedian Stephen Colbert, "I enjoyed Congressman Wexler's book even more than I enjoy cocaine and prostitutes." You can check it out here:

You can also sign up for Wexler's email list here:


Why must Black people in this historic moment exhibit such Crab in the barrel mentality. "Messy" Jessie Jackson was caught on a hot mic by the Fox noise folks saying some rather ridiculous things about Barack Obama. Video below:

And then he issued an apology when Fox said they would air this on the Bill O'Reilly show. OH GREAT! The man who thought that in a soul food restaurant Black people would be screaming and carrying on for Ice tea. I can't I just can't!

Let me here what you have to say......

Isis brown thanks for the video.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

They tried to make me go to Rehab I said NO NO NO

I am officially back, the laptop is up and running again. So let's get to blogging (I posted earlier but that was not from home,Sshhhh). There are going to be a few for this one day so I can reach my goal 100 by C.J's Birthday 7/10. So make sure you keep reading (or go back later)

My sister said I was acting a bit crackish while on my blog hiatus, which is probably a lil true (all of us have a little whit whit in us sometimes). Blogging about the random things in my world has been a very good stress reliever. So while on my forced hiatus from the blogsphere I got back to writing in my mommy journal and my blog notebook (which is why you might read about 7 blogs from me in one day) and sparked in me what led me to blogging in the first place.

When CJ was born I wrote down everything he did on a daily basis! How much he nursed, how many hours he slept and every little mildstone while I was home with him. I got the idea from one of the baby magazines (and from my sister great baby shower idea of having my friends write CJ a journal).Well those pages began filling up with other things like stories about me not having time to eat (so that was why I was a size 2 again), CJ almost crawling off the bed when I left him home with daddy,stuff like that.....

I've shared these stories with many of my friends in different phases of motherhood and always got the same responses.... you should write a book. I thought about it, then thought when would I have the time I already work two full time jobs. And what if my friends were just pulling my leg, but then again I never said I wanted to do anything with them I was just sharing because I know what they were going through. OH my mind was a wreck, well another of my dear friends bought it up recently. So I thought I would reach out to all of you. I know some of you are already published, looking to get published or work in journalism and what better source than the horse himself.... I'm not so naive that I don't know it will be hard work, I just want to hear your experiences in this field. See if I have the balls to do this :)

I have a title "My husband is allergic too.... “Tales of a newborn and new woman

All advice is welcome....

An inconvenient truth....

I recently moved from Lil India to Lil Cuba, and I actually love it. I love that we have enough space for CJ to run (and wear himself out), there is a park across the street (again CJ can wear himself out) and most importantly We have our own room, no more crib up in here. When it was still cold outside I had no real complaints but now that the weather here is HOT, I have one major one.

Not sometimes all the damn time! I tell no lie, it is day 6 of the hydrant being on all day and all night. I've called 311, they send someone out to shut it off, next morning its back on. The cops even spoke to the guy that keeps turning it on ( I've nicknamed him shirtless handball regulator) about leaving it on. But nothing changes.

Now when you grow up in Brooklyn, on really hot humid days (like today) that is a form of release. But look at the picture below do you see any kids running through the water. NOPE and none will be.
Just a shame, ok I'm off to call 311. There are going to be a whole lot of post today so stay tuned.


Bilal has a great song on his first (and only) CD titled “Sometimes”, where he is telling you the things he wishes were different Sometimes. There is one verse where he sings to the person in question “You got me wishing I didn’t have home training sometimes, then it wouldn’t hurt me so bad when I dream of knocking you on your ass”…..In the last few weeks with planning C.J’s second birthday party no song has ever rang so true. Mr. F$%K it list has been working my last damn nerve about a simple get together.

I said to him, in light of how many people were at CJ’s first birthday party lets make it simple this year, family and close friends. He agrees, and one day later to present me with a list of 35 people. HUH WHAT? I tell him we can’t do that, too many people to which he replies that he has already told these people that CJ was having a party in the park. UGH I cut the list down.

My next suggestion was Prospect Park, as long as we kept it under 25 people we are good to go and won’t need to shell out the permit fee, grill a little bit, some balloons, cake and SYONARA folks. HE begins looking for Clowns (um No I don’t like clowns), a bouncy castle (nope CJ is not trying to hear that, he hates those). Finally I get smart, and ask the $1,000,000 question “With all these grand plans who is going to do all the work?” he gave the WRONG answer ME. O.K straw meet Camel’s back, Sometimes. After a length conversation/debate, I got him to see that this was not necessary to have my Super 2nd Birthday (The 1st birthday was kind of big, and Mr. F$%k it list slept thru most of after working and CJ sat in various laps the entire party).

I understand his dad wanting to give him everything he did not have, but within limits, and this was way past the limits. What do you think should I let CJ have a mind blowing 2nd birthday party that he won’t remember anyway?

It’s all been settled we are having a family picnic/party on Friday afternoon by the pool, but I’d still like to hear your thoughts……

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hey how are you doing....sorry you can't get through

Hey Blog Ladies and Gents,

I have been comment MIA since Saturday evening because my precious son decided to help me put away my laptop, and in the process broke my AC Adapter.

I am reading all of your blogs on my cell phone (Dreamy you are crazy, the hair is nice but if you want curls get some Sebastian wet and braid it up, 12kyle these random list crack me up, Jaded I love the blue collar worker too,EB that 20 things you recognize about yourself were awesome.....AND ALL OF YOU ARE GREAT!)

I would write more but I have a total of 13 minutes left on this battery, but good news UPS will be delivering my replacement tomorrow. SO YEAH! I have lots to say, about all kinds of Random 'Ish so stay tuned. See you on Wednesday night.

Open letter to...

Dear Randy Jackson and producers of American’s Best Dance crew,

I know this is a reality show about dancing and I probably shouldn’t take it so seriously, but whenever it is time for Lil Mama to speak I want to run screaming out of the room. Why you might ask? because she is just too ignorant for words.

This weekend I watched a recap episode and she told the dance group from Philadelphia that they were doing great things by being on the show, and letting the kids of Philly know there is more to life. Good so far right? Then she continued on to tell them that Philadelphia is a state that is in a lot of trouble (commence screaming and running) ….Last I check Philly was a city not a state. She is too old to make these kinds of mistakes. Now if this were her only slip up then I would have let it go, and written it off as a slip of the tongue. But then she proceeded to tell the group that their performance to “game over” was great especially when they did the blowing up like a balloon that pops at the end… too seconds after JC Chasez said it was a basketball, hence the connection to “Game Over”. My suggestion is too have a list of things she is allowed to say (as she says the same thing all the time no matter the crew) and make her stick to it.

Just a few suggestions feel free to take it or leave it.

Best Regards,

The F$%K it list

Friday, July 4, 2008

Mamma mia, here I go again...My my, how can I resist you?

This week my sister Mrs. Manny Ramirez and I were invited with other Divalicious Moms (and Dads)to an exclusive premier of “Mama Mia”. Now for some folks that means not a damn thing, but I like to say that my sisters and I are the reincarnate of three equally fabulous gay men so we were overjoyed. The movie was great, it was bright and fun. And the background to all of this was the lovely Greece, crystal clear water and mountains. GORGEOUS!

I love ABBA so this was the perfect mid-week treat for me, I sang through the entire movie. The singing by Pierce Bronson wasn't pitch perfect (nor was Meryl Streeps) but they all looked liked they were having such a great time and that was passed through the screen to the audience. But how could you not have a great time with this as your background (I am so there). This movie is not for everyone, but I would see it (I will see it ) again.

Enjoy the musical stylings of ABBA which provided the entire soundtrack for the movie (and the play)

ABBA singing "Dancing Queen"

Mama Mia movie trailer in theaters on July 18th (same day as Batman )

Happy 4th of July! Sweet for my Sweets...

I copied this directly off the Avery Soda's webpage. I

Avery’s Straw Poll Avery’s Beverages announces the launch of a Straw Poll for the 2008 presidential election. Avery’s will be tracking sales of Barack O’Berry (blue raspberry) soda and John McCream (red cream) soda to gauge the popularity between the two candidates. Straw Poll Rules:

1. Only one vote per person, per visit. Cost is $1 per bottle, a portion of the proceeds will benefit the League of Women Voters of CT Education Fund.

2. Participants are encouraged to vote early and vote often.

3. Neither sobriety nor mental competence are required for voting.

4. There is no minimum age to vote.

5. Unlike some precincts in CT, we prefer that all of our voters are living and breathing.

6. Polling officials may be bribed.

7. Purchase of an entire case of a candidate’s soda entitles voters to Super Delegate status. The winning candidate’s Super Delegates will be eligible for random prize drawings for free Avery’s soda and Avery’s gear.

8. Absentee voting can be arranged for customers who cannot make it to the store. Call us at 800-340-0830.

9. Coercion of voters is expected and encouraged.

You can also get politico sodas at Jones Soda. And Guess whose winning... BARACK OBAMA. Too bad its Cola or I would buy a case.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


A few weeks ago I posted about the Latino vote leaning strongly towards getting Barack Obama elected to the highest office in our country, which was evident by the song linked above. No one can resist a Mariachi band

Well today I can say so is the West Indian vote. Now before ya'll go get yourselves all twisted up in knots, let's be real....

There are SOME West Indians (I will say this again SOME) who believe the hype about African Americans. I have heard many West Indian folks say African Americans are lazy, don't take care of their kids and blah blah blah but the same is true for them. When it all comes down to it this is just another conquer and divide tactic. So be smart! Anyway this post totally went another way..... dang, once I get on my soapbox its hard to get me down.

Here is the legendary Coco-tea (famous for one of my favorite songs "Riker Island")singing his newest song "Barack Obama" (source: Keith, 2x's one day on the shout outs).

Reggae not your thing? O.K. Soca it is, courtesy of the Mighty Sparrow.

And I'll take with me the memories............

Dearest Keith (brother of mine),

My sister tells me that you are leaving, WHY?! Is she really that awful a boss (come on you can tell me now, LOL). Well I will miss our little conversations and the excitement in your voice when I call every 15 minutes(hehe).

I am sure that your replacement will not be up to par and everyone will be singing :

But they won't.

Just a gentle reminder (ok maybe not so gentle) you are still connected to this blog. And since we can't speak daily I expect many comments. Don't let me down!

You will be missed, and keep in touch!

The F$%K it list
(you know my real name)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Return of the is return of the Mack

Ok that blog title has not a damn thing to do with this entry, but the song was in my head so I am passing it on to you!

So I have been tagged again by 12Kyle.

"List seven songs that you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now, shaping your spring summer. Post these instructions in your blog along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to."

1. "Viva La Vida" Say what you want Cold Play is awesome. (and Kanye didnt put me on I've been a fan from day one)

2. "No Substitute Lover" Estelle
No video but its a great remake of the old reggae version with a very awesome new vibe!

3. "She's not you" Raheem DeVaughn
Just love it! Love him (but not with those nerd glasses nope!)

4. "Can't forget about you" Nas ft Chrisette Michelle.
When was the last time you heard a real anthem? When was the last time you heard your boy Nas Rock. Ya'll know I love him, one of my top 10 rappers. And what sampling old Nat King Cole. I *heart* you forever NAS.

5. "Toot Toot Chugga Chugga" The Wiggles.
I'm being honest here its on heavy rotation along with Elmo's Potty song

6. "Stop this train" John Mayers.
See my post from a few days ago!

7. "4 Minutes" Madonna ft Justin Timberlake
I love to dance and this song is a fabulous track for just that.

Pretty Black (get your butt off vacation and do this tag,LOL)

ok I'm done. I was going to tag Jaded but she is gangsta and we live in the same borough so she might try to beat me up!

Can it be that it was all so simple then.....

The good stuff that summer is made of...
This evening I was struck with the urge to run down the block after Mister Softee for a cool and refreshing treat (luckily he was parked in front of my house because I had on my Nana's red mumu). As I walked outside I laughed because I am way past the age to sing "I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream" but I did as C.J and I went out to get a Firecracker for him and Soda float for me.

I got to thinking about all the wonderful things from my younger years here in B.K... (also reading Jaded post)

  • I remember sitting out on my front stoop eating pickles from the jar at the corner store (My mom always told us not to but we never listened)
  • Sneaking off the block with our bikes, riding to the far corner, looking out and then turning real fast on grafton. Then riding all around the forbidden blocks, only to go back to the far end and pretend we were at the store.
  • Block parties. REAL DEAL block parties when the DJ's or Reggae sets would bring out their equipment and we would all dance in the street. Dance like we were in the club Howard ave.
  • Performing to "Aint no half steppin" at the fair at PS 189 (and then SEO, with the master mix that also included Poison)
  • Seeing Big Daddy Kane on pitkin avenue, knowing that our friend was dating his dancer Scrap lover.
  • The first time a guy dedicated a song to me at a house party "She's out of my life" Michael Jackson.
  • My old friend Kassem serenading while I sat in the front windows (yes this was Brooklyn)
  • My first real kiss (not the crap ones where I didn't really know what I was doing), on my mom's front porch. *Remember it like yesterday*
  • Pretending to be New Edition with my sister and my best friends. (Also that fight with Delana over who would be Ralph Tresvant, I pushed her off the rock)
  • My buddy's first car, an orange pick-up truck that we would cram into to go to K.P to go to the movies.
  • When we walked out of house party 3 and crammed back into the orange pick up.
  • Mets games with my mom and Carol Robinson, always had fried chicken at those games
  • My mom out in the front of the house making fresh ice cream, Yum
I could go on and on with list, the sounds of the Mister Softee truck bring back all kinds of memories. A simpler time, no cares no worries, summer vacation. What sights/sounds/ smells bring you back to your simple time..... I'm listening

More Late night TV

Damn you WB for showing one of my favorite Friends episodes, then SATC episodes or I would have long been asleep (maybe not the soda float had pepsi and I don't normally drink caffeine). But anyway while I was on my Amy Wino high I peeped this crazy 'ish....Has anyone else seen this?

Its the weirdest thing (And kind of funny) ever!