Thursday, July 3, 2008

And I'll take with me the memories............

Dearest Keith (brother of mine),

My sister tells me that you are leaving, WHY?! Is she really that awful a boss (come on you can tell me now, LOL). Well I will miss our little conversations and the excitement in your voice when I call every 15 minutes(hehe).

I am sure that your replacement will not be up to par and everyone will be singing :

But they won't.

Just a gentle reminder (ok maybe not so gentle) you are still connected to this blog. And since we can't speak daily I expect many comments. Don't let me down!

You will be missed, and keep in touch!

The F$%K it list
(you know my real name)


Keith said...

first time i've ever had a blog post dedicated to me!

you don't even know how much this had the office cracking up! as soon as the first lyrics were sung all six people in the room were in hysterics. i'm honored to be worth all this...

my last day is august 14th so i will tell you whether or not keisha is that awful of a boss on august 15th.

Dreamy said...

i was just about to ask who you were talking about girlie, no need to ask now.

you are too freaking funny,lol