Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A hungry man is not a free man.

For more reasons than one this quote rang true to me today.

Today I was getting on the train at 42nd and 8th and I passed this homeless man with a sign that read "I am hungry, please help". I don't give money to homeless people (except that dude with the funny signs) but I will buy you a meal or if I have food already its theirs. Today I had didnt have a chance to get anything to eat so I just kept going when I saw him. But as I passed I overheard this woman trying to give this man something to eat. He kept listing all the thing he doesn't eat, but if you're hungry, REALLY hungry would you have a preference. At one point in their conversation he asked her to read him the ingredients so he could make sure there was no pork in it.

HUH WHAT?! Nope sorry Charlie I'm leaving his homeless butt right there hungry.
That woman was better than me because she actually told him there was no pork in it and also rasd the ingredients. I guess in her eyes even a hungry man had choices (Uhm-kay not in my world.)

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