Thursday, July 10, 2008

Important Obama related information

So in my quest to have all things OBAMA I ended up joining (its a free bumper sticker). I was two seconds from directing them to my spam folder (they email too much) when I received this email to sign a petition against the Fox Noise Network. Read below, sign and watch the video!

Dear MoveOn member,

Over 428,000 people have signed a petition telling FOX to stop their racist and hate-filled smears against Barack Obama. If we hit half-a-million signatures, we can draw media attention and put pressure on FOX's advertisers.

Plus, Robert Greenwald's Brave New Films released a video this morning documenting FOX's ongoing smears against Michelle Obama. Please check out the video, and then sign the petition calling on FOX to stop peddling racism—and then tell your friends. Just click here:

Here's the link:

FOX is shameless: in the several weeks alone, they've "confused" Obama's name with Osama's, referred to Michelle as "Obama's Baby Mama," and called an affectionate fist bump by Barack and Michelle a "terrorist fist jab."

Our partners at will hold a major event next week to deliver boxes and boxes of petition signatures to FOX's headquarters. If we can deliver half-a-million signatures, other media outlets will have a powerful story to report—and FOX's advertisers will get the hint that it's not a good idea to associate their products with FOX's hate-speech.

Thanks for helping to fight the right-wing smears.

–Adam G.

P.S. Congressman Robert Wexler (D-FL) has a new book out, and we thought you might be interested. The Nation called Wexler the country's "Most Valuable Congressman," and he's stood with MoveOn on numerous causes, from ending the war to stopping warrantless wiretapping in FISA. Now he's written "Fire Breathing Liberal," a fascinating account of life as an outspoken progressive in the House of Representatives. Says Comedian Stephen Colbert, "I enjoyed Congressman Wexler's book even more than I enjoy cocaine and prostitutes." You can check it out here:

You can also sign up for Wexler's email list here:


Why must Black people in this historic moment exhibit such Crab in the barrel mentality. "Messy" Jessie Jackson was caught on a hot mic by the Fox noise folks saying some rather ridiculous things about Barack Obama. Video below:

And then he issued an apology when Fox said they would air this on the Bill O'Reilly show. OH GREAT! The man who thought that in a soul food restaurant Black people would be screaming and carrying on for Ice tea. I can't I just can't!

Let me here what you have to say......

Isis brown thanks for the video.


Lena said...

With dumbass shit like that being said and plane malfunctions, Hyasmine and I decided we need to set aside a fund just in case we need to move because if the man can't even make it to the election in November this country will be unsafe.

Smarty Jones said...

LoL at lena, how do I sign up for this fund?
I tell you, I wish Fox News would do the world a favor and just broadcast dead air for 24 hours, at least. I'd prefer forever.
The thing that I think speaks volumes is the comment about black women on TV being angry about something.
If that dude had any sense at all, he would stop to think his statement through and wonder why those are the only images he's seeing on TV and start to look for others.

JACK said...

I signed it, miss f$%k. I also posted on the Mr. Jackson debacle as you requested.

Mrs. Manny Ramirez said...

I also posted about the "hateration". He is small minded and pathetic. Big props to Jesse Jackson Jr. though for putting the smack down on his father's bull.

Mrs. Manny Ramirez said...

Oh Yeah, Happy 100th!!

Adia said...

I'm soooo glad Jessie "Hymietown" Jackson played himself for all the world to see. Now maybe all the older Black folk will pull his ass off of the mighty high pedestal upon which they have placed him (and my momma will stop calling him her boyfriend, although she's since been two-timing JJ for BO....LOL).

And yes, how cool is his son to put him in his place! Despicable!