Friday, July 25, 2008

An ode to John Legend

I have an 'Ish load of talents but poetry is not one of them, but jokingly I told my sister I was going to do an ode to John Legend after the concert. So this is what we came up with in the car (I am not so stuffy that I make a joke at my own expense)..... Cue the tambourine and votive candles.
Ode to John Legend
For Brooklyn you performed for free
Donating your fee to charity
From 9:50 past 11:20 your smooth harmonies
carried through the humidity.
Green Light, Slowdance to a a new song you dubbed
for the West Indies..
O.K that's as far as I got It's a work in progress hahaha.

In short this concert was fabulous. John Legend's brother performed, we were looking for parking plus I didn't want to see him anyway. Estelle didn't seem to move the crowd ( I sang all the songs.. I told ya'll I don't play) until she sang "American Boy" it was like something clicked. Brooklyn needs not sleep, her album is RIDICULOUS! It's hot.

After Estelle left the stage, Brooklyn's own borough president Marty Markowitz came out to let the crowd know about the crazy line up going on this summer. And as he perused the song list (oohing and ahhing over it) he let the crowd know that John Legend had declined his fee. He asked that the fee be donated to a Brooklyn scholarship fund that allows kids to go to camp and his "Show Me" charity. Oooh John Legend I heart you. After a few other speeches John Legend took the stage. HE SANNNNG!!!!!!! and so did Mrs. Manny Ramirez and I. He sang all our favorite songs, then he did Green Light! CJ's face looked as though this song was being done just for him and started doing his famous break-dancing. At the end of the song he got in my arms and went to sleep. My night was made perfect when he sang "Slow Dance" I LOVE that song... you know its crazy how much I love this song. When I have an argument with Mr. F$%K it this is the song that plays in my head. It was the perfect ending even when he slowed danced with some barely legal girl up to take my place....yes I'm hating. It wasn't as titillating as this but that's because John knows he's too pretty for the clink:

The show wasn't completely over but since we were hot, tired and had to walk what felt like a country mile to get to the car we stated heading out and JL kept singing. It was already 11:00pm when we left.

A good time was had by all ! Officially Mrs. Manny R, and my dearest Mr. Savage are my concert road dogs. My big sis won't be here for Jill Scott (I'll be sad) but I will go out there and sing and dance just like she was there with me. Oh and let me not forget my baby boy CJ, I'm trying to expose him too good music early and as long as we have a stroller, We are OUT!

Now you know it would not be a post by Moi if I didn't point out the tomfoolery, no pics because its really too hard to do with a baby in your arm (and I had to sneak my camera in and who wants to be the loser that is escorted out of a free show):

Overheard: three girls
Girl 1: Ohh where is she from?
Girl 2: I don't know
*Estelle in the background "This London girl ...."
Mrs. Manny Ramirez: England
Girl 1 to 2&3: ooooohhhh yeah cause she sounds like a Jamaican (in a poor fake accent)
All I could do was shake me head.

Seen: there was a woman sitting behind us in a fold out chair reading a book. Huh? Who comes to a H.S track at a concert and read a few chapters. Then towards the end she a conversation with whoever she was suppose to meet. SO WEIRD!

Seen: Dudes doing pull ups and bicep dips in the dark ass park. It looked like a scene from "Oz on HBO. Equally as pathetic were the two women standing at the gate gawking at them.

Seen: two yellow buses picking people up from the concert. John Legend clearly has the midas touch because I too would have been on the old rickety bus to see this show.

Hmmm: So this lady totally used CJ and I. As I pushed the stroller lots of people would cut in front of me. This older woman started screaming " Watch out for the baby let the woman through" Nice right? People finally moved and then the woman stepped in front of my sister and walked out, with us leaving my sister to fend for herself. One we exited the front gate, she turned to me and said " People don't have no respect for babies" HAHAHA I thanked her and a waited for Mrs. M.

Next up is Erykah Badu (which I may skip) and Jill Scott who I would sleep outside to be first in line (ok maybe not I'm not into camping, but I will be there).


The Jaded NYer said...

chile!! I will be there for Erykah AND Jill... lord I cannot WAIT!!

Kieya said...

aghh!! so mad i'm in freakin boston! glad you had a wonderful time

i hate when ppl do really crappy accents, esp Jamaican. I'm surprised she didn't add the "mon" at the end of it cuz everyone seems to lol

LOL the cast of OZ stopped by!

*dead* @ "watch out for the baby!" lol

Eb the Celeb said...

Sounds like it was a good show... I have seen john legend so many times before and just saw Estelle in a private show she did in the puma store so I was good... but aug. 4th I will be front and center to see erykah

holla at a playa if you see me in the

Dreamy said...

ohhhh wow, that girl was violating that man

and it seems like he had a little hard on,lol

n0days0ff said...

damn i didnt even know he was friend would have loved to go

Tony OH said...

Wow... Y'all be kickin it in N.Y Aye?

Wish I could have been there, sounded like a blast... Keep us informed about Jill Scott!

Intimate Outings of Love

Sincerely Jane said...

John was so good! SMH @ the dudes working out w/the cops standing right there

Trava said...

Great work.