Monday, July 14, 2008

Positive I am not having it....

On Saturday morning my new ritual, is to take C.J. to the park to ride his bike and play hand ball. In the last two weekends I have been turning on VH1 soul while we get ready, OMG imagine my joy when they played Mc. Lyte and Postive K, "I'm not having it" I don't know what it is but I love a song when someone is getting shut down, maybe its the snob in me. So any who CJ and I danced (I told him he didnt know anything about this good music) and then went out to the park. I was still hype over hearing it so I decided to rewind on the DVR and hear it again.

Ya'll remember this:

On the second watch though I started to pay attention to the video and the wardrobe. This was the lowest budget video but it still had the right effect. The wardrobe however really had me on the floor, rolling around like a fool. I know Mc Lyte didn't do the girly thing (that was one reason I loved her) but flannel shirt and khakis with the pleats? For real? She wasn't dressed this manly in Paper Thin. The other women in the video didn't have on flannel. All that aside Lyte was the truth~ she always told a dude to hit the door and that was more empowering than the crap these women are spitting today. And Positive K, hmmm that outfit me no likey. I was never a fan of a leather outfits. Also look at how mad he gets in the last few verses. So funny!

On the 4th of July we spent the day with family, we have a 2 teenagers so it was no surprise that we were watching the BET Awards (on year thanksgiving my cousin made us watch the Beyonce tour on b.e.t). Anyway at some point Queen Latifah comes up to present an award and mt older teenage cousin says "Is her real name Latifah?" (see me chuckling) to which the other teenager says "Yes, her name is Latifah" (cue all the old schoolers) . It was like a chorus *Mrs. Manny Ramirez was the loudest* NO HER NAME IS DANA OWENS! I just thought this was too funny. Then when Al Green performed the older one was going on and on about how boring this part of the show was. Too much these teenagers, too much indeed.

And You tube get it together, I should not see damn Souljah boy when I do a search for Queen Latifah. BOOO!


ShellyShell said...

Ha ha. I was watching VH1 Soul this weekend and saw Oaktown 357,DNice and Redhead Kingpin. I was cracking up over the outfits! Just to think we all thought that shyt was soooo fly!

I finally watched the BET awards Saturday evening. Geesh Ciara killed that dance with Chris Brown and I'm not even a Ciara fan!!! Anthony Hamilton, Jill and Maxwell put it down too!

My girl is a teacher and she was telling me that her students were arguing with her saying Redman and Method Man were always a group and she was like no Meth used to be a member of Wu-Tang and the kids were like you an old head you're wrong...*sigh*

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

omg-i did a dance routine to ladies first when i was about 10 or 11...i thought i was HAWT!!!

12kyle said...

Mannnnn, I had the biggest crush on MC Lyte back in the day. I love her to this day.

Gotta question??? Is she gay? Just curious. I've never seen her "linked" to any man. It doesn't matter, tho. I still got a thang for her.

Dreamy said...

i cant get down with her for some reason. never been a fan of female rappers, except Queen Latifa

Mizrepresent said...

Gurl, they just trying to make you feel ancient, they don't know any better. The funny thing is...i am ole skool, yep completely, but raising a teen boy, i have to listen to all he does, cuz he plays it so dayum loud, that at some point i singing the rhymes too, which always gets giggles and daps from his friends.

Lena said...

I love vh1 soul, because of it my music knowledge has expanded. I remember when I first saw this video I was going around saying "I am not havin' it" to everything that annoyed me, lol.

I knew her name was Dana Owens... speaking of I miss Living Single...

JACK said...

LMAO @ flannel shirt and pleated Khaki's!! How can someone wear that shit and sing "I'm not havin' it" and think we're going to take her seriously?!?! The ear rings are pretty, too.

Re: "You don't know good music" Why is it that the grown ups used to tell us that when *we* were kids?!? *tunes to the delphonics and exits*

The Jaded NYer said...

girl you took it BACK!! These were some of my favorite Video Music Box tunes, man... and I simply *adored* Monie Love!!


*goes to download paper thin on iTunes*

Eb the Celeb said...

Lyte hands down at the top of my list for being one of the best female MC's ever. I did a post on her on my music blog about a month ago because she has a new group she's working with called Almost September. Good stuff.

and yeah... a souljah vid should not come up on a queen latifah search..SMH

The F$%K it List said...

@ShellyShell, I saw those too. The outfits are just terrible. Yeah these young kids crack me up talking about Hip-hop like it started in 1995 or something.

@PCD on vacation. HAHA you stay dancing.

@12kyle Lyte was/is one of the best to do it for the ladies. I don't know if she is gay (*fingers crossed). I would say flannel and pleated khakis say it all.

@Dreay, UHM what? No Lyte I'm still in shock on this one. PAPER THIN... that's what's up! As for LAtifah she is in my top 5 most def.

@Lena, HAHA that would annoy me too. If you didn't know Queen's name I may have had to ask you to leave haha.

@Jack I know right, you are not having what? Someone messing with your lumberjack swagger. HAHA. But we did and only as an adult would we know better. Can't comment on the earrings, I rocked the Nefertiti earrings with the big stone.

@Jaded Video Music Box, Great times. I love Monie Love, I wanted to move to London just because of her,.

@Eb. Top, middle etc.. and yes I loved that post about Lyte.

hmmm souljah boy should only show up in a search for young and foolish.