Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Bilal has a great song on his first (and only) CD titled “Sometimes”, where he is telling you the things he wishes were different Sometimes. There is one verse where he sings to the person in question “You got me wishing I didn’t have home training sometimes, then it wouldn’t hurt me so bad when I dream of knocking you on your ass”…..In the last few weeks with planning C.J’s second birthday party no song has ever rang so true. Mr. F$%K it list has been working my last damn nerve about a simple get together.

I said to him, in light of how many people were at CJ’s first birthday party lets make it simple this year, family and close friends. He agrees, and one day later to present me with a list of 35 people. HUH WHAT? I tell him we can’t do that, too many people to which he replies that he has already told these people that CJ was having a party in the park. UGH I cut the list down.

My next suggestion was Prospect Park, as long as we kept it under 25 people we are good to go and won’t need to shell out the permit fee, grill a little bit, some balloons, cake and SYONARA folks. HE begins looking for Clowns (um No I don’t like clowns), a bouncy castle (nope CJ is not trying to hear that, he hates those). Finally I get smart, and ask the $1,000,000 question “With all these grand plans who is going to do all the work?” he gave the WRONG answer ME. O.K straw meet Camel’s back, Sometimes. After a length conversation/debate, I got him to see that this was not necessary to have my Super 2nd Birthday (The 1st birthday was kind of big, and Mr. F$%k it list slept thru most of after working and CJ sat in various laps the entire party).

I understand his dad wanting to give him everything he did not have, but within limits, and this was way past the limits. What do you think should I let CJ have a mind blowing 2nd birthday party that he won’t remember anyway?

It’s all been settled we are having a family picnic/party on Friday afternoon by the pool, but I’d still like to hear your thoughts……


Dreamy said...

thats just how men are about their boys, they want to all the way out,lol. Go and kiss that man and yall figure out what yall are gonna do about this party,lol!!

Stop tripping!!

Lena said...

I think having a small simple get together for a 2nd birthday is the best way to go. It's like you pointed out...he's not going to remember, lol. Besides, I feel that when kids are young having these lavish big birthdays you're only setting yourself up for trouble as they get older. I don't want to see CJ on My super sweet 8 birthday because I will laugh and say "poor F$%k its:"

12kyle said...

We've had parties EVERY year for these younginz. And I haven't planned ONE party. I understand that he wants to help but he should let it go. Let you take care of it.

in a new yawk accent

Fall back, son!!!

Kieya said...

Its funny cuz I've never heard of fathers going all out like that lol

He's gonna be 2 years old. The extra complicated "lets do it big" should probably be reserved for later years the teens or something. Have fun w/the pool/picnic/party, thats simple enough.

The F$%K it List said...

@dreamy BOO, when you see CJ on MTV don't go talking about my baby,I will kindly remind you that you told me to stop tripping :P

@Lena See you feel me.

@12Kyle you need to call him and tell him to let momma do her thang!

@kieya,He is definitely a special breed. He love his son so much! I'm lucky for that. This is my thinking as well on big parties because if we do it all now what are we going to do when he is 18 buy him a house!

The Jaded NYer said...

damn girl! I was *dead* @ "straw meet camel's back" LMAO!!!

listen, I'm the WRONG ONE to ask because we do elaborate parties from ages 1-10. HOWEVER, if he gonna come with all these grand ideas I do agree that he needs to be the one to carry them out.

enjoy the picnic :)