Saturday, July 19, 2008

The time is now

Black President - Nas

(Can you imagine if Pac was actually here to witness this?)

In the wake of the New Yorker magazine cover of the Obama's, I thought I would reiterate what I have said in so many conversations. If you support Obama this is the time to develop a tough skin, because ignorance/racism is revealing its ugly head more and more everyday.

This morning on the way to the train I was listening to Nas' new joint, and I was moved by the lyrics to "Black President". As I left the bus I was got the Metro newspaper as I do EVERY day, but today the front page article was more than disturbing read below:

Obama ‘slave’ shirt sparks lawsuit threat
Designer claims unhappy customer got assaulted, now wants to sue
JUL 17, 2008

When a 25-year-old Manhattan graduate student who was assaulted Tuesday night got dressed that morning, she probably didn’t anticipate that her T-shirt would provoke four teens into shoving her, pulling out her earphones and spitting in her face.

Then again, with a shirt sporting the slogan, “Obama is my slave,” it may have been wise to consider the possibility.
Now she’s suing the $69 shirt’s designer, Apollo Braun, for “all he’s got,” the designer claims.
But the Israeli-born Braun — born Doron Braunshtein — says what allegedly happened to his now-disgruntled customer isn’t his fault — and that his outrageous design reflects not his views but those of “ordinary WASPs.”
“For a lot of people, when they see Obama, they see a slave. People think America is not ready for a black president,” Braun told Metro from his five-year-old Orchard Street boutique.
Braun claims that after the customer — who did not return repeated calls from Metro — threatened to sue, he contacted his own lawyer, who assured him he was shielded by the
First Amendment from any legal action.
The ugly incident over the ugly shirt took place at 8:30 p.m. in Union Square, Braun told Metro, when four African-American female teenagers accosted the student, cursed at her for her shirt and pushed her. According to the designer, the student walked away, but the girls followed her, one pulling the earphones out of her ears, another spitting in her face.
This isn’t Braun’s first sartorial criticism of the Democratic presidential presumptive nominee. He has also sold shirts with slogans such as “Jews Against Obama,” “Obama = Hitler” and “Who Killed Obama?” — which he claims was so popular, he moved 1,200 pieces.
“I can’t stand Obama,” Braun says, adding that it’s not because the Illinois senator is black. “That’s the only thing I like about him. He opens the door for other minorities.”
“He reminds me of Adolf Hitler,” Braun explained, adding he does not like Obama because “he is a Muslim” — a thoroughly debunked myth.
by s. spencer scott

I was more than a little upset and then I realized things are just going to get increasingly more nasty. So much of the hate that is being directed at Obama is a product of fear and and ignorance, the backbone of this country.

Earlier this week my sister sent me two emails and the subjects read "What is your threshold for intolerance"and "what is you threshold for fear". Well I was not prepared for these graphic images... Here they are and the question stands. What is your threshold?

Threshold for intolerance?

threshold for fear?
As offensive as these images are, I want you all to see them and realize this will only get more worse. The intensity level is at high now, imagine when he actually takes office. All Obama supporters (but especially those of color) are going to really have to get thicker skin so he knows that his support system is just as strong as it was before he took the white house.

So what is your tolerance?


A Go Bytch said...

I've honestly lost interest in the whole thing...and this is coming from a person who loves poli-sci. WE know how America is and no one should be surprised at the events to come...

I'm not a black-power kinda person but her ass needed to be snatched. THOSE people think they can say and do anything they want. She knew she would be offending many people by wearing that shirt but what she didn't do was count the cost. She must not have gotten the memo. They don't make black people like they use to. No more looking at the ground "yes sir" if you look to hard you might get your ass whipped.

Enjoy your weekend!

The Flyyest said... not surprised AT ALL about any of this....we all knew this shit was coming!!! they are gonna do everything in their power to break him down!!! but we (as a culture) we gotta be much as this shit pisses me the fuck off.....its gonna happen...and we jus have to be strong for our prez!!!

12kyle said...

My tolerance is low but I don't buy into alotta this shit. If I did, I'd go crazy. Obama is gonna be ok. I won't allow myself to think that something will happen to him. If something DOES's like what Nas says in the song...

If he dies...we do too!"

And you think LA went up in smoke after the King verdict??? It'll be bloodshed on the streetz.

PrettyBlack said...

I'm in agreeance with everyone. That shit don't bother me in the least. whitey is trying to make us nervous but honestly I'm not affected. I had a dream that someone tried to assassinate him and Black folk went the fuck off.

They even think about it they better be prepared for the consequence. Like a go bytch said, the days of lookin' down are long gone. It's gone be some muthafuckin trouble watts riot style up in this biatch!