Friday, August 29, 2008

More Random 'Ish Video style

Earlier in the week Jack did a list of the reasons he could not be the President of the United States. It was pretty funny and you should go read it... (Jack for President). That post got me thinking about that crazy skit with Dave Chappelle "Black Bush". I think I have watched this video 1,000 + times I just love it. So to kick off the long weekend here it is:

I don't know if ya'll are ready for this one:
I found this on facebook and I thought "Man, these teenagers have a lot of time on their hands." Anyhoo I have a new favorite gay guy on you tube....

I watched a few of his dance video, he really is a great entertainer. And the boy can move!

In honor of the labor day parade in Brooklyn (WIDP) and my trip to kiddie carnival on Saturday I give you a little SOCA....
Soca Boys-cent,five cent, ten cents dollar!

Have a good weekend folks. Taking full advantage of my three day weekend to rest

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Random 'Ish

I haven't done one of these in a long time, and after all this is how I started. So here it goes

Random 'Ish about me:

  • Nas' "Hero" is my new theme song.
  • I've officially banned Vh1 soul from Mon-Friday before 5:00pm.
  • I can't seem to get out of the house on time if I am not watching the news, which translates to I am watching the ^^ and dancing around with CJ
  • My blog roll keeps growing and my sleep pattern is starting to reflect this (oh update some of ya'll are on break, my sleepy ass thanks you)
  • I hate head to toe color (a la Clementine McPantsy, my new official name for Hillary), red shoes, bag, pants, shirt makes me think of strawberries.
  • I hate flats, maybe because I am short.
  • Ironing really calms my nerves, as does "Ready to Die", Notorious BIG. So if you ask me what I am listening to or doing and I mention either its probably best to stay away.
  • I love the fact that Solange is the anti-yonce. She is real, her sister seems very manufactured.
  • CNN and Metro NY are starting to remind me of the Fox news network.
  • Be Kanye ads are HIGHLARIOUS! I'm only interested if I can have Kanye money
  • My colleagues are crazy, we have cheese thursday and its really catching on (thanks cheerie and crazy brow). But how about Margarita Mondays, starting at 11:30am?
  • Queens streets are so stupid, 169th rd, st, ave and lane. WHY?
  • As always Brooklyn rocks the best!
  • My friend GG didn't know Brownsville had its own motto "Brownsville Never ran never will" and we all live it (shelly shell ask the teacher)
  • I am NY born and raised, and I can count on one hand how many times I've been to the Bronx and still have 3 fingers to count something else.
  • My sister Mrs MR and buddy Dee rock for taking their exercise game to the next level. Harvey would be proud!
  • I'm registered for Boot Camp (EB, Jaded I see you!) and I start after labor day.
  • Am I the only one that already Misses Wendy Williams "How you doin' Shout it out"
  • Tim Gunn I love thee, but I hate that damn Girlicious dude, Blaine.
  • I really hate Vanilla, its the most offensive smell. Only second to Fressia which makes me gag.
  • I want to go see the Dark Knight AGAIN.
  • Scientology is crazy, I read about it on the Wiki and I was like "huh?" Aliens what?
  • Does anyone remember the commercials for Dianetic? I just thought it might be a good book to read, not to worship.
  • I'm starting my own religion based on Tetris, anyone interested in joining? HAHA
  • And another based on the book "he's just not that into you" Takers?
  • In the office I had an uncontrollable laughing fit when I received an email from a guy name Jigger (So immature I know but I couldn't help it)
  • Harry Potter, November... I feel a cold coming on!
  • I LOVE being a mom, CJ makes me smile when all I really want to do is choke someone.
  • Speaking of CJ, we are Potty training and we have come up with a celebratory dance, while CJ sings "Hi Hater"
  • If your resume has this email address: what do you think the chances are you won't get the job? I say 99.99%
  • Someone changed my radio station and I woke up to "Bust it baby" YUCK I was mad all day
  • Removal of all Wiggles songs from my ipod is a MUST! I caught myself on the train singing "Rock a bye bear" like it was my jam!
  • Add this to your lexicon: "Shocked and Rupauled" Laverne from I want to work for Diddy.
  • Faux-hawks are stupid on grown ass men
  • My eyebrows are in desperate need of a shape up.
  • Bubba bought it home for Barack last night and Joe B you rock.
  • I have to confess I love Jay-Z's "Beach Chair" and Dream's "I love your girl" The latter is really a stretch for me.
  • NY blogger brunch is going to be fun. Good food and company can't go wrong
  • I'm thinking about starting a t-shirt company. The shirts will feature all the rude cheeky things I say. Now I need a name, something rude haha.
Next up Random 'Ish the fashion edition. MTA inspired.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thank God for MSNBC

because if I had seen this last night on CNN I would have been on a plane to Denver and probably locked up for smacking this crazy ass woman. This video was bought to my attention by my girl Dee. Welcome my first guest blogger Dee to the F$%K it list.

First the crazy:

I mean, you would have thought that Barack Obama slapped this woman’s momma, with the way she is crying and carrying on.

Hillary supporters, I’m all for you backing your girl. It says a lot that you all are zealous advocates of her cause and your rallying behind her whole-heartedly is admirable. But, and I am speaking in particular to Ms. Teary-Eyed-Sista-Delegate, if you paid any attention to her speech, you would have heard her call for UNITY (arguably a half-hearted call, but a call nonetheless), and to now give your full support to Barack Obama so that the Democratic Party can turn this country around….because that’s what matters, that we get a Democrat into the White House.

So, why, Ms. Teary-Eyed-Sista-Delegate, are you so sad? Like Mrs. Clinton surmised, this fight is not for her personally, it’s for the Democratic Party as a whole. And I understand that you are upset that your girl didn’t go all the way. As an Obama supporter myself, I would have been upset too had he not been named the nominee, but I never once considered straying from my party. So, Ms. Teary-Eyed-Sista-Delegate, I really need an explanation as to why you are so against the idea of him becoming President, so much so that you threaten to not even vote and that you are crying and airing your grievances on CNN for the world to see? Because, first and foremost, Obama’s views, at the end of the day, are not that much different than Hilary’s. Secondly, she LOST, so get over it.

But more importantly, Ms. Teary-Eyed-SISTA-Delegate, your BROTHA, your PEOPLES, has the chance to do what I never thought could happen in my lifetime, and you pretty much spit in the face of his accomplishments with your reaction. Your behavior as a person of color on national TV was appalling (if you’re gonna be mad like that, keep it private, geez). I understand you are all for women’s rights, but have you looked in the mirror lately? I would think civil rights would mean a great deal to you too as well….and I’m sure most of the hardship in your life has or had more to do with your color than your sex. The first thing anyone will see is your color, honey, not your breasts. So how about you take a minute to celebrate the history this Black man is making, instead of acting as if the thought of this Black man becoming President sickens you to your stomach? And if you cannot find one good thing to say about him by now, if you haven’t “connected” with him thus far, another 2 months is not going to do anything to change your narrow-minded view. He doesn’t need your vote anyway.

AND, for even suggesting that you would not vote at all (you sounded really ignorant right there, girl), after our ancestors DIED for that right for you to do so (and I’m sure the thought of you exercising that right to actually vote for a black man for president didn’t even cross their minds!), your delegate-ship should be stricken. Like right now. You are a trifling example of a member of the Democratic party, and I need not for you to delegate anything for me, certainly not as a black woman of color.

Dee (aka Leggs L'amour)

If you all would like to let Ann Price Mills know how you feel about her behavior on national tv. email her here : You crazy mo-fo

And why must she always have such bad hair, Jeez.

Brother can you spare a dime......

A few weeks ago I was over at Jack's place and I read how he despises Sprint, I was so happy to know I wasn't the only one (12K and Shelly Shell I know you feel me on this). But as of today with my own episode with Sprint I AM DONE! I don't know where I am going but I can't do the tango with Sprint anymore. Here's the story:

A few weeks ago I decided to pay my cellphone bill a tad early instead of waiting just because I am too lazy. I called in the payment (don't normally do that), confirmation number in hand and I am done. The day after I make the payment I am on my way to catch a train to Baltimore and in a hurry I leave my keys. As I am running back to my house, I pull out my cellphone to call so someone can let me in... Imagine my surprise when I hear "Your calls are being directed to the automated payment system. I listen to the entire message in the rain (as I bang on the door) and it seems that I have a total due of 0.3 cents.....Yes you read that shit right 3 CENTS, 3 Pennies, and I can't speak to anyone because the office doesn't open until 7am CT(it was 6:45EST). All I can think is "God help the customer service rep that answers my call because someone is going to cry" I mean retreat to the bathroom CRY!

When arrive at Penn (NY) to catch my train (delayed for 3 hours, lovely) I get a call from Mr F$%K it list hmm....we have a family plan so how is he calling me. I tell him what the issue with Sprint is now, he calls me a bum for not paying the whole bill. That makes me laugh because I am imagining what I could do with 3 cents, NOTHING! After that call I am a tad bit calmer until I call Sprint back only to hear how slow the computers are and annoying chit chat with the CSR. Finally he asks"

CSR: Are you prepared to pay the outstanding balance?
ME: the 3 pennies?
CSR: yes the outstanding bill
ME: You cut my service off for 3 pennies, does that really make sense?
CSR: Yes perfect sense, it was late.
ME: So maybe next time I will just not pay any portion of the bill. if you are going to cut my service may as well be for something big, don't you think?
CSR: I wouldn't suggest that.
ME: I'm not issuing a check for 3 cents, can you just restore my service
CSR: Are you just not able to pay it at this time
ME: (rolling my eyes) Really? Are you really asking me that?
CSR: I have too. do you want to set up a date to pay it?
ME: Yes I'll pay it on the 27th when the REAL bill is due
CSR: you can't do it before that?
ME: Sure I can, but I won't. Now please restore my service
CSR: Ok the service will be restored in 2-3 hours. Have I covered everything for you today?
ME: Yes, and this should be noted, I will not be continuing my service
CSR: Well let me see what I can do for you?
ME: No Thanks, I'm done with Sprint have a nice day!

I hung up and that was it. I just can't believe that you would turn off the phone for 3 pennies. Really Sprint? I've been a customer for almost 10 years and this is the thanks I get.

Since this happen I've gotten at least 10 calls from Sprint with deals on phones, $100 off my bill, and a"tell me how we are doing survey?" POORLY SPRINT POORLY!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hey you under the rock.....

If you happen to miss the Michelle Obama speech at the opening of the Democratic convention here you are: (But shame on you for not recognizing that real history was made last night! not that BS the rappers are talking about when asked about a stupid collaboration, real history. This is what you will be teaching your kids about!).

Part 1

Part 2

I love Michelle and this speech bought a few tears to my eyes. I am moved to see this Black woman stand up at that podium and tell the world its time for change, and that change has a name its BARACK OBAMA!

This was also a great video tribute to Michelle Obama. And I knew I loved her for a reason she is a Capricorn, like Moi!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Bling Bling.......PEACE

Isn't it true that when everyday white folks start taking on something that is prevalent in the Black community we abandon it? Every Black person in America has used the term Bling Bling, it was in all of the most popular rap songs and your every day lexicon. And then white people started using it and Websters added it to the dictionary and Black people hung it out to dry. This happens so often and most time I wouldn't even pay it any attention but to the retirement of sagging pants, I say Thank GOD!

That's right young black men can officially pull up their plans and leave the sagging to young white men. This morning on the four train I saw 3 young white men with their pants belted around their thighs, I was greeted by all kinds of boxers. It is an equally as disgusting trend on white men,black men, yellow men, any man! But knowing the rules I was happy to say good bye to the AWFUL trend of late.


I felt the need to repost this today when I was trying to walk up the ramp and this guy in front of me could barely walk. I tried to video tape him but Fulton street train station at 8am is like running with the bulls in Pamplona.

Then once I got on the train I saw the cutest gay couple, one very well dressed his partner with his pants like this....WHY WHY must I see every mans boxers early in the morning.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

If you are not

  • in jail
  • dead
  • so sick that a Dr. says that leaving home will lead to the above^ (Dr notes should be faxed)
  • or just out of town (nothing we can do about this one)
then there is no excuse for missing the NY blogger brunch.

Yeah Yeah it was suppose to happen a week ago but folks were all over NY state giving birthday parties, going to church and christening. So now I am giving you all two weeks notice.

After hanging out with Dollface, Eb and Jaded at the Jill Scott concert Eb put it out there that we need to meet someplace other than Brooklyn (SMH, did you not read my post on BK being the livest) so the date and times are set but now we need a place

Date: September 6th (first Saturday after Labor Day)
Time: 2:30pm (that will be 2 for Moi because I move slow)

Now let's chose a place:
Lunch at Benihana's; 47 West 56th street.
Brunch at The Park 118 Tenth Avenue.

Dollface suggests:
Unlimited mimosas:
1. Primitivo Osteria (14th st and 7th ave)
2. Artepasta (Greenwich Ave, in the W. Village area)
3. Sunburnt Cow (LES)
4. Hudson River Cafe (Harlem)

Let's make it work ladies.
Have a good weekend! Let's finalize on Monday.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just for giggles

Please laugh your asses of at Boom Boom Kack (Laurieanne )at the Rocawear fashion show last year. Jokes start at 3:57.

Just for giggles was provided by GG. Thanks Girl this made my day.

And five, six, seven eight a BOOM BOOM KACK!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Friendship lost....but I'm alright

In January 2008 I ended a 12 year friendship. It was one of the most gut-wrenching decisions I've ever had to make but in my head, and my heart I knew it was time......

Back story:
In December 2007 before the New Year I did a little soul searching, and decided that I did not want a certain kind of person in my life just for the sake of having them there. Friends that were not really sure what an adult friendship was, these new rules applied to two people in my life specifically. Now it would not be real soul searching if I didn't realize and acknowledge that I allowed their behavior by not calling them on the B.S early on. People will treat you the way you allow them know. And so the journey began.

I had lunch with them individually and laid it all out on the table. First friend (and youngest friendship) took me seriously and immediately stepped up her game. She said my friendship was dear to her and she was shocked to know that I felt that way about her (I'm a stickler for etiquette when it comes to invites/phone calls...which you will see later). Second friend also expressed that she understood and would do better but in the end her behavior two weeks after our conversation prompted this blog.

A few weeks later I celebrated my birthday with an informal birthday party, and she was on the list. We had reservations at a lovely Thai restaurant and the guest list was about 20+ people, nothing fancy. Early on the morning of my dinner I spoke to her and then a second time later in the afternoon where she assured me she would be there, late but there. My first mind told me to reduce the guest list because she was not coming but after talking it over with Mr. F$%K it, he said leave her on just in case (which surprised me because he hates her). Too make an already Long story short...........she doesn't show up*. No phone call, no text nothing. I called her phone twice and it went straight to voicemail, so now I am pissed.

I ended up having the most fabulous time! And how could I not? My real friends made it out just to celebrate me, even Mr. F$%K it list loved it! When people who knew her asked where she was I simply replied "Probably at home with some excuse". In my heart I was done. Three days past before she called, I did not answer. By this time I had already sent her an email saying I was tired and that this friendship or whatever is toxic (I'm not into email arguments but i felt I should show her the same courtesy she showed me, NONE).

I woke up the next morning feeling weightless, and free. This was a long time coming (I stopped speaking to her a few years back but somehow she made her way back into my life).

UNTIL I got to work and opened up a three page email telling me (1) why she didn't come (2) how she valued my friendship but if ending it was what I wanted then OK (3) how selfish I am. I felt abused, mentally abused. How dare she?! Was all I could think as I read and re-read her rant. Anger consumed me, not because she responded but because she didn't hear what I was saying to her and was accusing me of being the issue. WTF?!
I responded and told her that again it wasn't the night that upset me, it was that the fact that she didn't feel the need to let me know that something had come up! In the technology age you really have no excuse, text, voicemail, letter in a bottle anything! The point is you just don't leave people hanging its RUDE and inconsiderate! (I also responded with the definition of selfish and responded all signs point at her). She responded with yet another novel about my selfishness and how judgemental I am (F-You) and other nonsense that ended with her telling me that if I wanted to to throw away our friendship that was fine (again my fault). My final response was "SO BE IT" and I felt the relief I woke up with return.

Fast forward 6 months later (a few weeks ago).
I was on the phone with Mr. laughing and joking about us being broke and how I was going to have to take a second job that involved a pole (this is our inside joke, to be told at a later date) and I get this random text, followed by another from a number I don't recognize. And then it hit me my stomach sunk! WHY WHY WHY didn't I deal with this 6 month ago... The texts said(my dissection of them are in bold italics:

"I know we fell out and that things will never be the same. But I thought I would let you know that I'm good. My number is the same if you want to call" And why would I want to call you to see how you are doing...did you apologize and I missed it, did you say how you doin'? NOPE Not a word.

text 2: I have so much to share with you if you care. I mean really, what is it that you have to share with me we haven't spoken in 6 months and not because of life but because I told you that you were toxic and I didn't want to be bothered anymore.

I immediately ran and got on IM to ask my girl LL'amour what she thought. We went back and forth for a while and then finally she said "Nothing, don't do anything just ignore her". I agreed. The decision nagged at me the rest of the day, I was a big enough person to respond and just say I thought the distance was best right? And so when I got home at about 6:3o that is exactly what I did, I told her that I was not interested in rekindling this "friendship" and that distance was probably best. Within seconds she responded to tell me she had gotten married and was now having her 3rd child. Ahhh I was still free, nothing had changed she wanted to see if she could one up me and this time I wasn't falling for it. I read the text to my girl Ms. hart and she said something that I've heard before but never placed any weight on "She's always been jealous of you". I picked up my phone, deleted the texts and turned the phone off.

I realized that night I was alright with not having her in my life because of the emotions that I allow to take over me when she is around, mostly anger. There is a great internet poem that floats around 10 times a year and LL'amour sent it to me this past week here is an exert:

When people come into your life for a SEASON,
it is because your turn has come to share, grow, or learn.
They may bring you an experience of peace or make you laugh.
They may teach you something you have never done.
They usually give you an unbelievable amount of joy.
Believe it! It is real! But, only for a season.
And like Spring turns to Summer and Summer to Fall,
the season eventually ends. (see full poem here:
reason, season, lifetime)

She was a part of my life for a season and that has ended, I've embraced that and am moving on.

When I started writing this blog it was just to put it out in the universe that I was alright with the changes that life sometimes bring and to thank the universe for the changes that constantly make me a stronger wiser person. I wasn't going to publish it, just set it on fire so as to let it be born something new, something beautiful. And it has right here on this blog, I feel free and to quote the song below:

"Ain't no feeling like being free I'm like an eagle set free finally I'm looking out for me, cause my minds made up and my heart is in the right place"

*This was not the first time, If I sat here and put ya'll on to all the 'Ish I've been through with this girl this would become a blog all about her.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Here in Guantanamo Bay

The Genghis Khan of blogs has demanded that I post something today. You all may know her as Leggs L'amour.

This week I asked you all to vote on what I should blog about next. Here are the results:

50% of you want to read "A Friendship lost...but I'm alright" (Conclusion : Ya'll like the drama or are just plain ole nosey, hahah)

33% of you want to read "Brother can you spare a dime" (conclusion: you all have the same wireless carrier and knew this was coming)

17% of you want to read "Random 'Ish I realize" (conclusion, this is how the blog got started in the first place and ya'll miss it, AWWW)

So they will post in that order, starting Monday. Thanks for the help. HA Leggs you didn't say it had to be interesting just a post so there :P (just so you all know she told me it had to be done before she got back from lunch).

And here is your background music

"Magic" Robin Thicke

and some old school jams for that A$$:

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wish you were there.....

The Jill Scott show was fantastic and so was the company! I was happy to finally meet Eb, see Jaded again and meet a new blogger Dollface. NY brings folks together.

I will admit that in the beginning when she was singing all the slow songs (and C.J. was jumping all over Jaded) I was ready to leave. Eb and Dollface left because they are made of sugar and there was a chance of rain hahaha.

And just then my girl Jilly Jill started singing Golden.. I love love love that song. Its one of my happy songs (And if you all had voted you for Random Ish you would know the other ones,so there). From that point on it was straight up dancing and laughing. Which is where this video comes in, this man made our night! He was awesome and as Jaded kept saying he was going to feel it in the morning... Enjoy.

Show me what you're working with! Now please pass the Tiger balm.

I'll see you all in H-E-L-L cause you know this 'Ish was Hilarious.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Home away from bloggin' home

I'm taking this from a book I read to C.J. every night to tell you all how much your words mean to me:

"Well I have a thing to yell you and it won't take long the way I feel about you is kind of a song... " When I go chill with Dreamy I can always hear the Isley brothers in the background. She's like a good old school song, always making you happy. "Voyage to Atlantis" The Isley brothers (I adore this song, MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE)

Fresh and Fab is the perfect addiction, too bad there is no song about loving an addiction. Oh Wait there is "Rehab" Amy Crackhouse

Elle is a fashion wizard. I'm 10x's more fabulous (a hard thing to achieve as I was already pretty fierce, TOOOT TOOOT) "Upgrade You" Beyonce.

Her blog is too much, these last few weeks I have been amused, though she hasn't posted in awhile (side eye at ya!) we both love Hip Hop so here is some old school for ya GURL! Next time you are face to face with the hammer remember this:
"Punk jump up to get beat down" Brand Nubian

12Kyle was the hardest, but I knew this was the right choice. We both share a love for the Roots. So what better than the best song performed by the Amazing Roots Live. "Water" The Roots
Yo, you need to walk straight masta ya high
Son you missing out on what's passin' ya by
I done see these streets suck a lotta cats dry,
but not you and I my N,
We got to get, c'mon over, over, the water

This woman does it all, blog daily, comment on other blogs, raises two lovely girls, and just in general takes care of business. So to you I dedicate "Superwoman" Alicia Keys.

Funny, confident and honest. Nothing says that like my girl PCD "Golden" Jill Scott

The first line of this song says it all about F.U. "I don't want to hear that Bull Shit, I want to hear that official shit....." that's why I love it there, no BS. "Impossible" Kanye West (No vid for this but I like these two stuffed animals and ipod still)

This girl cracks me up. Its funny to virtually meet someone who you can agree with on almost everything they write. Well Keiya and I gets down like that.... HAHAH. I knew she was it when I saw her Hands off Assata T-shirt (which I also own). So here you go girl "Assata" Common

  • Keith
    Keith is the truth! And he's a Kappa so I have to love him...But that's not why I do. I love this blog because its a real life perspective on his world. No 'effin pretense (ala Beyonce in dream girls, heheh) smooth like Jazz. "Blue Monk"Thelonius monk

The words best to describe how I feel about her blog is HOOKED! She has this amazing story and I can't wait week to week to read the next part. She is a master of words. And who is the deadliest lyricist in my opinion (and dearest to me). That's right Nas. And here is where he proved it:

Didn't I just shout you out... no song for you! I'm kidding. My new favorite song for one of my new favorite blogs.
"I decided" Solange. Plus the video is just fabulous

Mrs.Manny Ramirez
No one could ask for a better sister. She is awesome (and BTW I shouted you out before, so no vid for you either)
"We are family" Sister Sledge *Please do yourself a favor and watch this one)

Lena (sorry girl some how you were missing when it posted).
This is probably the most emotional of all the sites. I felt like smacking a few people when I first started reading my girlz blog but she is growing and realizing more and more that you have to take life and make it work for you. So to you Dear Lena I dedicate a great song "A rose is still a rose" Aretha Franklin

Pretty Black ( I hate blogger right now, I posted this one first!)
My Gurl is 100% West Coast, but I for her I had to take it to the dirty dirty. She is Real with every word she lays to paper and this song is all her. Raw beat, with sweet knowledge. "Da Art of Storytelling" Outkast

Miz Represent Her blog is full of insight. Whenever I visit one of the blogs she writes for I find myself looking at the woman I am, looking forward to the woman I want to be. She is a blessing: "ME" Tamia

Oh My God, I want my mommy

This morning on my way in I noticed that they were filming something in front of my building... Ever the NYer I just kept it moving. When I was leaving for the day I saw a bunch of folks running. WTH? As I turned the corner fear crept over me... Here is why
AHHHHH! Yes its the Burger King!
I hate hate hate this character. He is creepy and always pops up with no real reason. His Head is Gigantic and it just plain old scares me. Just another day in Manhattan )

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Help me help you,,,

In the last few weeks I've written quite a few blogs in my little notebook. I have just been on the fence about which one to publish next...Then a light bulb went off. Let the blog universe decide.

So here it goes, get to work folks. Which blog should I post next:

<a href="">Which should I post next</a> | <a href="">BuzzDash</a>

Can you say......

Jilly Jill from Philly Phil? Well I can and I will. Let's leave it at that :)

Enjoy my favorite Jill Scott song:

See ya there folks!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Calling all NY Bloggers

UPDATE: The 17th seems not to work for a number of the NY BLOGGERS so lets look at the 24th or the 31st. VOTE PLEASE....

After a fun time with Jaded and Lena at dinner, I thought it would be a good idea to have all of the NY bloggers get together for brunch at one of my favorite spots. Then when the rest of the blog-buddies get here in October we can ACT A DAMN FOOL!

So here are the details:
Havana outpost
757 Fulton Street Brooklyn, (MAP)
Now Open! Closed Only On Tuesdays
718.858.9500 - phone

I'm thinking Sunday brunch maybe 2ish...What do you guys think? Now since I only know of a few of ya'll please pass this on, you know the more people the less silly I'll look HAHA.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I'm no fan

But this right here was some funny 'ISH. The giggle were provided by my concert road dog Mr. Savage. Thanks BOO!
See more funny videos at Funny or Die

Things you will be hearing me say on a regular now:
"Thanks white haired dude"
"I'll see you at the debates bitches"


Picture it a restaurant in Soho enters

An African American, Dominican and Puerto Rican what do you think happen.....all hell breaks loose. Ok Not really.... but keep reading to find out why.

I had the pleasure of dining with the Jaded NYer and the Princess Lena (see I left off the drag this time). We ate lovely American Cuisine, which I translates to roasted chicken and steak in all other parts of the world.

For appetizers Jaded and Lena had scallops but we were too busy running our traps to take a picture. I had a salad and it was quite delicious, it was very green though. All it needed was a little salt and it would have been perfect (sorry you can't sell me out now, HAHA)

There were no pictures because Jack made Jaded promise not to drink, KILL JOY! No seriously she was on med (she's a pill popper of some sort, hehe). We chatted for a long time and these ladies are just as interesting in person as they are in cyberspace. It was hilarious hearing how both of ladies never got to go out and play, and were virtually strangers in their neighborhoods. And we all got a chuckle at my mom's good old southern gal ways. A good time was had by all.

Now we need to do this again with more Nyers, Eb has been doing her damn best to get us all together, then this dinner. So how are we going to do this FOLKS... Let's get some ideas popping. HOLLA. I'm all for Habana outpost, I LOVE IT LOVE IT.

For Real Diddy?! For Real

Since I was home and not out watching Erykah Badu sing the hell out of a damn song, I watched the premiere of "I want to work for Diddy". The contestant interviews are so over the top and I'm not even talking about the transsexual, she was the least dramatic of them all. Just watched it for yourself.... but a few just why's before you watch.

  • White hat, white shoes, and suspenders... I wouldn't have yelled NEXT like on that stupid MTV show. He wouldn't have made it past the front door.
  • Po-Oprah you should have worked on putting up that easel before the damn presentation. They must be a patient bunch over there at bad boy because I would have screamed PEACE after 2 minutes. not to mention you threw dice on the table like you were in Harlem playing Cee-lo..... ETIQUETTE FOLKS!
  • The Moment is where its at, the moment is where its at. Poetry for REAL?! Can you do it? I'm not gonna be able to do it. BYE.
  • Brianna typical WORK day; check my email, read a few blogs, trip to starbucks. WTF?! Who the hell says this in an interview... BYE BYE BYE (but for some reason they pick her)

Watch the rest here... These folks wouldn't be able to work for me

In part 4 Capricorn says "You guys she is beasting out this conversation" HAHAHA, I think I will add that to my lexicon.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Why did all of Brooklyn have to come out......

I didn't get to go to see Erykah Badu because all of Brooklyn decided to turn out! Parking was RIDICULOUS! We must have driven around for 30+ minutes, with CJ was screaming in the car... SO I did what any responsible mother would have done turned around and went home. But not before I cursed under my breathe and wrote this blog in my head.

Mr. Savage made it in, I'll get the details from him

Eb, Did you make it in?

Jaded did you stay and make it in? Someone let a sister know what's good.

Since I couldn't be there and some of you couldn't either enjoy a flashback

Now that I know my fellow Brooklynites are going to show major support for the artist out there rocking hard, I will have to really be there EARLY to see the fabulous Ms. Jill Scott.

I am just going to watch "I want to work for Diddy" now. BOO ( I was going to watch it any way but now I am too pissed to really pay attention).

Project Runway part II

I am watching last weeks episode of Project runway and what does my favorite person in all of the world say:

Holla at cha boi! (and he said it correctly, this will never replace "make it work" though)

Dearest Tim Gunn,


The F$%K it list

FYI on the Six degrees of separation scale I am only one person away from Tim Gunn. My sister Mrs. Manny R, worked with him. WHOOO HOOO, Big Sis Make it work!

Friday, August 1, 2008

道- TAO

How awesome is this Buddha!

Tao is a word that really can't be translated but the rough translation of the character above is the way... And I made my way to Tao today.

So my sisters both flaked out on me (with good reason, but still) but I was not going to miss this reservation... Three years is a long time to wait, so off I went to TAO. I boarded the M1 bus (and remembered why I hate buses in the city) and arrived 10 minutes early to my lunch for one. I felt like such a adult, on my own to my fancy lunch. When I arrived my table was not ready. No problem I take a seat in the lounge and chatted with some boys who after a few minutes offered to buy my lunch, no thanks big spenders I'm doing this lunch Solo. Finally I'm seated.

3 course meal Prix-fixe meals, I place my order:

Satay of Chicken with Peanut Sauce. The chicken was delicious, and there were pickled cucumbers as a garnish, YUMMY.The chicken was great, the peanut sauce YUCK. Too thick. I've had better. *When I took out my notebook and camera the waitstaff looked a tad nervous, the service got better, hehe"*

Main Course
Next up Soy Ginger Glazed Salmon
The Noodles were ok, but the Salmon was a tad bland, I was waiting for the taste of ginger but no.. I kept thinking I should have had the Sushi Rolls or the Kung Pao Chicken. Oh well here is a picture:I ate a piece of this before i took a pic,, I was hungry :) Peep the notebook in the corner.

YUMMY, I had the banana bread pudding (which was really what we call banana pudding, you know with the pudding, bananas and vanilla wafers.. you know what I'm talking about). It was delicious.

That was a fried banana on top, I did not eat it. That sort of skeeved me out. But the rest was delicious.
All and all I had a good meal and it was quite peaceful. I like dining alone, its so rare for me these days so I cherish the moments I do have.

Now for the decor, ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! It felt like I was in India.. Take a look for yourself.

Next dinner with my NY bloggers! Have a great weekend.

I'm Ritch Bitch - A la Dave Chappelle

Some how I was entered into the UK national Lottery and I've won! That's right in my regular email (not Spam) there was this winning email:

UK NATIONAL LOTTERY HEADQUARTERS (translation a hut in Nigeria)

We are pleased to inform you of the result of the justconcluded annual
final draws of UNITED KINGDOM NATIONAL programs
After this automated computer ballot, your> e-mail address emerged as
one of our two lucky winners in the category \\"A\\"You are there for been
approve to claim the sum of 1,000,000
(One Million Pounds Sterling)with the information below:

BATCH No: 074/05/ZY369
TICKET No:56475600545188
REF N0: UK/9420X2/68

Contact Person: Mr.Owen Brown.

Telephone:+44 704 577 1158 (The lotto has a yahoo address, hmm this seems fishy)

please fill the payment processing form and sent to us.
1.FULL NAME: Miz Stupid Am Not
2.NATIONALITY: why is this important, ok I'll bite Caublasian
3.FULL ADDRESS: 1234 are you kidding me Ln. No Spell check, NY
4.OCCUPATION: Sarcastic B
5.SEX: that's a bit forward I don't even know who you are.
6.AGE: Too old to fall for this one
caroline scoth. (Ole Carolina, its not very professional to not close a scam, I mean letter properly) Here are a few examples, Best Regards, Sincerely, HA Sucka I got you!

Thanks Caroline South! Now what shall I do with all my winnings...Any suggestions. LOL