Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Brother can you spare a dime......

A few weeks ago I was over at Jack's place and I read how he despises Sprint, I was so happy to know I wasn't the only one (12K and Shelly Shell I know you feel me on this). But as of today with my own episode with Sprint I AM DONE! I don't know where I am going but I can't do the tango with Sprint anymore. Here's the story:

A few weeks ago I decided to pay my cellphone bill a tad early instead of waiting just because I am too lazy. I called in the payment (don't normally do that), confirmation number in hand and I am done. The day after I make the payment I am on my way to catch a train to Baltimore and in a hurry I leave my keys. As I am running back to my house, I pull out my cellphone to call so someone can let me in... Imagine my surprise when I hear "Your calls are being directed to the automated payment system. I listen to the entire message in the rain (as I bang on the door) and it seems that I have a total due of 0.3 cents.....Yes you read that shit right 3 CENTS, 3 Pennies, and I can't speak to anyone because the office doesn't open until 7am CT(it was 6:45EST). All I can think is "God help the customer service rep that answers my call because someone is going to cry" I mean retreat to the bathroom CRY!

When arrive at Penn (NY) to catch my train (delayed for 3 hours, lovely) I get a call from Mr F$%K it list hmm....we have a family plan so how is he calling me. I tell him what the issue with Sprint is now, he calls me a bum for not paying the whole bill. That makes me laugh because I am imagining what I could do with 3 cents, NOTHING! After that call I am a tad bit calmer until I call Sprint back only to hear how slow the computers are and annoying chit chat with the CSR. Finally he asks"

CSR: Are you prepared to pay the outstanding balance?
ME: the 3 pennies?
CSR: yes the outstanding bill
ME: You cut my service off for 3 pennies, does that really make sense?
CSR: Yes perfect sense, it was late.
ME: So maybe next time I will just not pay any portion of the bill. if you are going to cut my service may as well be for something big, don't you think?
CSR: I wouldn't suggest that.
ME: I'm not issuing a check for 3 cents, can you just restore my service
CSR: Are you just not able to pay it at this time
ME: (rolling my eyes) Really? Are you really asking me that?
CSR: I have too. do you want to set up a date to pay it?
ME: Yes I'll pay it on the 27th when the REAL bill is due
CSR: you can't do it before that?
ME: Sure I can, but I won't. Now please restore my service
CSR: Ok the service will be restored in 2-3 hours. Have I covered everything for you today?
ME: Yes, and this should be noted, I will not be continuing my service
CSR: Well let me see what I can do for you?
ME: No Thanks, I'm done with Sprint have a nice day!

I hung up and that was it. I just can't believe that you would turn off the phone for 3 pennies. Really Sprint? I've been a customer for almost 10 years and this is the thanks I get.

Since this happen I've gotten at least 10 calls from Sprint with deals on phones, $100 off my bill, and a"tell me how we are doing survey?" POORLY SPRINT POORLY!


PrettyBlack said...

3 DAMN CENTS? I'm with Verizon now since they bought surewest and I am very pleased. You may have to go with them. hahah 3 cents. The economy is real baaad...Thanks bush.

The Dreamy One said...

yeah they are so wrong for that one mami.....

.03 damn cents they would have gotten cussed out for that one I am sorry!!!

yeah its time for you to go!!!

Ms. Jones said...

I have Sprint too and I hate it!!! 3 cents, WTF. One time I called in to see what the whole process would be to change my # so the CSR lets me know, tells me to have a nice day, then hangs up. I try to make a call and the heffa changed my # without telling me, good grief.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

thats just insane...sprint sux BIG TIME!!! yet, i remain in their me crazy!

THARULA said...


ShellyShell said...

LMBAO!!! I HATE SPRINT, but yet my dumb azz is still with them. They cut my phone off over .25 cents before and let me tell you I went CLEAN THE F&CK off! I asked to speak with retention etc. I had a credit on my bill for 3months! I always tell myself when you go into a Sprint store you have to get your mind right or you will go the hell off! Lawd!

BTW: Are we still meeting up at Habana on Sunday?

Lena said...

Okay I know I commented on this before, let's try this again...

That's ridiculously insane. Three dang pennies. I am glad I don't have Sprint because if they cut off service that quick, I would never be in service. My dad is ALWAYS late paying the bill, not by a few days either sometimes nearly a month, but they've never cut us off thankfully.

Go T-Mobile, lol.

Dee said...

Join T-Mobile, they're great. Co-signing Lena. Because I am sometime a broke loser, I know firsthand that they wil not shut off your service until they have sent you at least 3 letters, called you a million times and sent about 5 text messages. By then the $0.03 would have rolled over to the next bill. You have to be at least 2 months late for T-Mobile to cut you off, thank the Lordy!

And then when they do finally cut you off, you can still receive in-coming calls......

A Go Bytch said...

OMG that is so funny only because I remember being a CSR at Sprint and let me tell you... straight hood! LOL


When I do get back active I'm going back to sprint. They have the worst customer service but the best cellular service in my opinion!

Hang in there!