Tuesday, August 5, 2008

For Real Diddy?! For Real

Since I was home and not out watching Erykah Badu sing the hell out of a damn song, I watched the premiere of "I want to work for Diddy". The contestant interviews are so over the top and I'm not even talking about the transsexual, she was the least dramatic of them all. Just watched it for yourself.... but a few just why's before you watch.

  • White hat, white shoes, and suspenders... I wouldn't have yelled NEXT like on that stupid MTV show. He wouldn't have made it past the front door.
  • Po-Oprah you should have worked on putting up that easel before the damn presentation. They must be a patient bunch over there at bad boy because I would have screamed PEACE after 2 minutes. not to mention you threw dice on the table like you were in Harlem playing Cee-lo..... ETIQUETTE FOLKS!
  • The Moment is where its at, the moment is where its at. Poetry for REAL?! Can you do it? I'm not gonna be able to do it. BYE.
  • Brianna typical WORK day; check my email, read a few blogs, trip to starbucks. WTF?! Who the hell says this in an interview... BYE BYE BYE (but for some reason they pick her)

Watch the rest here... These folks wouldn't be able to work for me

In part 4 Capricorn says "You guys she is beasting out this conversation" HAHAHA, I think I will add that to my lexicon.


Lena said...

I only caught the last 20 or so minutes and I def. need to catch on rerun this week. That girl Po-Oprah wooooooooooooow. 'Nuff said.

The Dreamy One said...

mami, im sorry but diddy need to sit down somewhere,lol

lord if he doesnt stop with the madness.

and i seen your on Project Runway
i didnt even read it cause I have them on DVR and I want to see them first. ill be back to comment on that post at a later date,lol


Just Me said...

I totally agree with you about Po-Oprah. I said the same thing..didn't she practice at home? *lol* But I have to go do some work now since I checked a few blogs *lol*

12kyle said...

can puffy (can't call him diddy) just go sit his ass down somewhere? how many tv shows does one man need? he needs to get some talent on that wack bad boy roster. they ain't been the same since biggie died and the lox left.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

i just wanted to slap po-prah and her messed up grill TWO TIMES! and deon must have some type of learning issue cuz he seemed stuck on stupid. i didn't like mark (or whatever his name was) trying to have the fonzworth bentley look. be original. i don't think im rooting for anyone in particular but it SURELY was entertaining. you know i LOVES my reality tv!!!

Kieya said...

LOL my best friend was tellin me about this show. Imma have to check out

and he said the same thing too - "these fools couldn't work for me" LOL

The F$%K it List said...

@Lena Yes you must catch it.. Too much!
@Dreamy you gotta love Diddy, its too hard to hate him
Oh and no recap on project runway just a short letter of love to Tim Gunn

@Just me, Thanks for stopping by. I really don't like her but I think we are going to see a lot of po-oprah

@12kyle You know you are missing some good TV. Diddy can't stop wont stop HAHA

@ PCD my reality junky sister, yes I was not feeling mark, come up with your own style. WACK he should go home soon.


IntrospectiveGoddess said...

Gyrl now since you have pointed it out its about 5 of them on the show who would should not have even been considered due to their interview...I think that they had interviews before that and that ultimately they were already picked....I also think that they picked people on their ability to entertain more so than their ability to do the job....chick saying she aint do shit at her job... the chick with her boobs all out, obviously poprah and the break dancing guy it would have been a rap for me....most of them look to be a hot mess in more ways than one and YES suprisingly the tranny was mild mannered.

The F$%K it List said...

@introspective That one girl who said she did nothing at work all day is the reason I wrote this. I was so sure that her tired behind would not be picked.

I agree there had to be some kind of pre-interview but come on Diddy, you want folks to take you seriously.. picking the biggest losers is not the way.