Thursday, August 21, 2008

If you are not

  • in jail
  • dead
  • so sick that a Dr. says that leaving home will lead to the above^ (Dr notes should be faxed)
  • or just out of town (nothing we can do about this one)
then there is no excuse for missing the NY blogger brunch.

Yeah Yeah it was suppose to happen a week ago but folks were all over NY state giving birthday parties, going to church and christening. So now I am giving you all two weeks notice.

After hanging out with Dollface, Eb and Jaded at the Jill Scott concert Eb put it out there that we need to meet someplace other than Brooklyn (SMH, did you not read my post on BK being the livest) so the date and times are set but now we need a place

Date: September 6th (first Saturday after Labor Day)
Time: 2:30pm (that will be 2 for Moi because I move slow)

Now let's chose a place:
Lunch at Benihana's; 47 West 56th street.
Brunch at The Park 118 Tenth Avenue.

Dollface suggests:
Unlimited mimosas:
1. Primitivo Osteria (14th st and 7th ave)
2. Artepasta (Greenwich Ave, in the W. Village area)
3. Sunburnt Cow (LES)
4. Hudson River Cafe (Harlem)

Let's make it work ladies.
Have a good weekend! Let's finalize on Monday.


She W0rd Hustlez said...

Damn, I wish I lived in NYC =[

The Jaded NYer said...

It be great if we could keep it below 34th street for us Brooklyn-its who are already being asked to CROSS THE BRIDGE for brunch when The Slope offers so many beautiful options... but oh well... *sigh* LOL

I'm easy-breezy; just tell me where and I'll show up with an empty belly :P

Mrs. Manny Ramirez said...

Truthfully, I get confused on the LES.
I've been to Artepasta, nice place.

Eb the Celeb said...

I have no preferences on the place

but Hudson River Cafe is the absolute cutest

you know I'm game for hibachi

ya'll just decide and then tell me where to be

12kyle said...

let's meet at bin laden's bodega about 5 blocks from the new yankee stadium. lmao!!

i'm jealous. i wanna come to nyc. maybe i can catch a greyhound for $69

DollFace said...

Primitivo is my fallback...whenever I can't think of anywhere else...that's where I end up (keep those mimosas coming) BUT...I'm down for hibachi too! Been trying to go for about 6 months now.

Lena said...

@ 12 kyle maybe because it's 1:36 in the morning and I am a little tipsy but I read that and smacked my best friend next to me and said "heeeey bin laden has a damn bodega 5 blocks from us what the fuuuck"

Hudson River...

12kyle said...

@ Lena
Lmao @ u!!!

SistaSocialite said...

aww I wish I was in NY, I'd definitely go!! Have fun!

Mizrepresent said...

Look, i don't care what y'all gotta do, but when i'm in NYC come October 9th-13th...i better see all of y'all...lunch, BD event or something...putting you all on notice...Miz will be in the spot and ready to get her drink on!

The F$%K it List said...

@all ya'll NYers: Uhm Thanks for nothing (no Dollface). Ain't near one of you put in a real vote so I'm making an executive decision and we are going to Primitivo Osteria.

@Miz... WHAT WHAT?! I'm on vacation that week so its one lady.

@12Kyle Now you know Bin laden aint hardly opening up a bodega in Yankee town, maybe in Harlem hahahah

@She Word Girl catch a flight on up just don't bring any luggage that could cost you your first born.