Friday, August 29, 2008

More Random 'Ish Video style

Earlier in the week Jack did a list of the reasons he could not be the President of the United States. It was pretty funny and you should go read it... (Jack for President). That post got me thinking about that crazy skit with Dave Chappelle "Black Bush". I think I have watched this video 1,000 + times I just love it. So to kick off the long weekend here it is:

I don't know if ya'll are ready for this one:
I found this on facebook and I thought "Man, these teenagers have a lot of time on their hands." Anyhoo I have a new favorite gay guy on you tube....

I watched a few of his dance video, he really is a great entertainer. And the boy can move!

In honor of the labor day parade in Brooklyn (WIDP) and my trip to kiddie carnival on Saturday I give you a little SOCA....
Soca Boys-cent,five cent, ten cents dollar!

Have a good weekend folks. Taking full advantage of my three day weekend to rest


The Jaded NYer said...

BLACK BUSH is one of my favorite Chappelle skits, man!!!

"That nigga tried to kill my father!" LMAO!!!!

And when he says "titty-balls" I always lose it!

YOUTUBE VIDEO... see sometimes I can't STAND these gay men... his make up AND body were ten times fiercer than mine. I'm salty!

And that soca boys song... you should see my moms getting down to that! LMAO!!!

12kyle said...

that singer must be Mickey Free. LMAO!!!

The F$%K it List said...

@ Jaded I lose it everytime I see this video. Especially when D.Chappelle says "he went to africa to buy some yellow cake" And then Mos Def has that napkin full of cake, HAHA So retarded.

OH my you need to go watch his dance videos you will be REALLLLLLLYYY Salty then, his body is sick.

That songs gets all the older mami's up and going. LOVE IT.

@12kyle. I don't know what Mickey free means but I'm going to laugh and walk away slowly. HAHAH

12kyle said...

I dunno if you watched the Chappelle show like I did.

Anyway, on the epidsode when Charlie Murphy played baskeball vs Prince...he said that "Prince had a new chick in his group that dudes loved but it was a dude...not a chick." His name was Mickey Free. That's what I meant

It might not have been funny to you but I laughed my ass off. Haaaa

The F$%K it List said...

@12kyle now that you have given me some reference points I do remember and that was funny!

I don't do well with just throwing stuff outlike that hahah.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

i was soooooooo not ready for the second vid...whoa!

Eb the Celeb said...

OK... the gay dude

mad at the blue jacket thingy with the buttons open... so not cute

but mad as hail that his belly button ring looks better than mine... and that his damn eye brows look better than mine...

and also mad that with that close-up make-up shot he almost is cuter than me... ALMOST! LOL

The F$%K it List said...

@PCD I warned you! Ain't he a mess and that is why he is my favorite.

@EB Those are all the same things I said when I saw this video (and the dance videos). I might have to make him a regular on here. LOVE HIM