Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Picture it a restaurant in Soho enters

An African American, Dominican and Puerto Rican what do you think happen.....all hell breaks loose. Ok Not really.... but keep reading to find out why.

I had the pleasure of dining with the Jaded NYer and the Princess Lena (see I left off the drag this time). We ate lovely American Cuisine, which I translates to roasted chicken and steak in all other parts of the world.

For appetizers Jaded and Lena had scallops but we were too busy running our traps to take a picture. I had a salad and it was quite delicious, it was very green though. All it needed was a little salt and it would have been perfect (sorry you can't sell me out now, HAHA)

There were no pictures because Jack made Jaded promise not to drink, KILL JOY! No seriously she was on med (she's a pill popper of some sort, hehe). We chatted for a long time and these ladies are just as interesting in person as they are in cyberspace. It was hilarious hearing how both of ladies never got to go out and play, and were virtually strangers in their neighborhoods. And we all got a chuckle at my mom's good old southern gal ways. A good time was had by all.

Now we need to do this again with more Nyers, Eb has been doing her damn best to get us all together, then this dinner. So how are we going to do this FOLKS... Let's get some ideas popping. HOLLA. I'm all for Habana outpost, I LOVE IT LOVE IT.


ShellyShell said...

I love Habana. I'm down for that. Hell I'm down for anything....lol! Oh yeah if we go to Habana I'm sure I can point out "The Hammer" to you!!!

The F$%K it List said...

@Shellyshell NOT THE HAMMER. Ok next weekend you and I are rolling out!

The Jaded NYer said...

LOL! yeah, girl it was a good time. Next time, hopefully, I'll be able to throw back a few and we can document my drunkedness for my future grandbabies :-D

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

glad you ladies had fun!

12kyle said...

i'm starting to get jealous of you new yawkers.

*booking my flight to la guardia*

The Dreamy One said...

glad that you had a wonderful time mami

ash and i are gonna have to find Ms. Saditty and do the same

we havent been out in a while,lol

Keith said...

Gotta Love you New York Bloggers.... I have to find "Shine"
"Andrea" and THE "Field Negro" and try to do the same thing. We have a wonderful spot called "Warmdaddys' Where both Ms. Jones and Wendy Williams used to eat (not at the same time though-lol) when they were on the Radio here, before they went back to the Apple.

Kieya said...

yay for NY Blogger events! I say we have a potluck or sumthin....but we would have to find a big enough space to do so.

ooo! what about a lounge night out?

or six flags...--> ok, well thats just me being really young lol

@Kyle, yea, you NEED to get it together lol

Eb the Celeb said...

OK before we start putting ideas together, I am mad as hell that I aint get an invite for dinner... you know I likes to eat...

but I say we just wait until October for the bloggers delight event so that no one has any excuse... that is enough months in advice for people to get baby sitters, take off work... whatever they need to do to make sure they are in the place to be

but in the meantime... me and you can go eat somewhere...lol

The F$%K it List said...

@Jaded you need to come out next sunday or saturday to Habana outpost, the food yum the story about the hammer HILARIOUS!

@PCD Yes fun was had by all, now when are we going to get you out Mrs. Lady.

@12kyle Fly into JFK, I can pick you up. LOL

@The Dreamy one, yes you all have to find Ms. Saddity. build the bridges

@Keith THE NY bloggers ROCK! I love them all! And yes Philly needs to do it big. let us know what's up.

@Kieya Potluck, hmmm I don't know where we could hold that one, oh wait there is Denim in BK.

And I'm always down for six flags

@Eb I could have sworn I left the info in your comment section (but when I went back nope). Yes October is going to be fun fun! And I am all down for going out to eat.