Thursday, August 28, 2008

Random 'Ish

I haven't done one of these in a long time, and after all this is how I started. So here it goes

Random 'Ish about me:

  • Nas' "Hero" is my new theme song.
  • I've officially banned Vh1 soul from Mon-Friday before 5:00pm.
  • I can't seem to get out of the house on time if I am not watching the news, which translates to I am watching the ^^ and dancing around with CJ
  • My blog roll keeps growing and my sleep pattern is starting to reflect this (oh update some of ya'll are on break, my sleepy ass thanks you)
  • I hate head to toe color (a la Clementine McPantsy, my new official name for Hillary), red shoes, bag, pants, shirt makes me think of strawberries.
  • I hate flats, maybe because I am short.
  • Ironing really calms my nerves, as does "Ready to Die", Notorious BIG. So if you ask me what I am listening to or doing and I mention either its probably best to stay away.
  • I love the fact that Solange is the anti-yonce. She is real, her sister seems very manufactured.
  • CNN and Metro NY are starting to remind me of the Fox news network.
  • Be Kanye ads are HIGHLARIOUS! I'm only interested if I can have Kanye money
  • My colleagues are crazy, we have cheese thursday and its really catching on (thanks cheerie and crazy brow). But how about Margarita Mondays, starting at 11:30am?
  • Queens streets are so stupid, 169th rd, st, ave and lane. WHY?
  • As always Brooklyn rocks the best!
  • My friend GG didn't know Brownsville had its own motto "Brownsville Never ran never will" and we all live it (shelly shell ask the teacher)
  • I am NY born and raised, and I can count on one hand how many times I've been to the Bronx and still have 3 fingers to count something else.
  • My sister Mrs MR and buddy Dee rock for taking their exercise game to the next level. Harvey would be proud!
  • I'm registered for Boot Camp (EB, Jaded I see you!) and I start after labor day.
  • Am I the only one that already Misses Wendy Williams "How you doin' Shout it out"
  • Tim Gunn I love thee, but I hate that damn Girlicious dude, Blaine.
  • I really hate Vanilla, its the most offensive smell. Only second to Fressia which makes me gag.
  • I want to go see the Dark Knight AGAIN.
  • Scientology is crazy, I read about it on the Wiki and I was like "huh?" Aliens what?
  • Does anyone remember the commercials for Dianetic? I just thought it might be a good book to read, not to worship.
  • I'm starting my own religion based on Tetris, anyone interested in joining? HAHA
  • And another based on the book "he's just not that into you" Takers?
  • In the office I had an uncontrollable laughing fit when I received an email from a guy name Jigger (So immature I know but I couldn't help it)
  • Harry Potter, November... I feel a cold coming on!
  • I LOVE being a mom, CJ makes me smile when all I really want to do is choke someone.
  • Speaking of CJ, we are Potty training and we have come up with a celebratory dance, while CJ sings "Hi Hater"
  • If your resume has this email address: what do you think the chances are you won't get the job? I say 99.99%
  • Someone changed my radio station and I woke up to "Bust it baby" YUCK I was mad all day
  • Removal of all Wiggles songs from my ipod is a MUST! I caught myself on the train singing "Rock a bye bear" like it was my jam!
  • Add this to your lexicon: "Shocked and Rupauled" Laverne from I want to work for Diddy.
  • Faux-hawks are stupid on grown ass men
  • My eyebrows are in desperate need of a shape up.
  • Bubba bought it home for Barack last night and Joe B you rock.
  • I have to confess I love Jay-Z's "Beach Chair" and Dream's "I love your girl" The latter is really a stretch for me.
  • NY blogger brunch is going to be fun. Good food and company can't go wrong
  • I'm thinking about starting a t-shirt company. The shirts will feature all the rude cheeky things I say. Now I need a name, something rude haha.
Next up Random 'Ish the fashion edition. MTA inspired.


A Go Bytch said...

OHhhh... I'm so first. Damn I forgot what I wanted to say. That's a lot of thoughts to be random...LOL

Good night!

Go B.

The F$%K it List said...

@Go B HAHA, well that just shows you where my mind was. I get to thinking and start writing and that's it.

DollFace said...

I thought I was the only one that thought the Bronx was as distant as Timbuktu!

Is Wendy not on the radio anymore or are you talking about her tv show?

resume boy told his class the other day, "email me from your school address. Do you think I know who is?" Hilarity!

And I'm excited about brunch...can't decide if I will get a burger or french toast. Yummy!

12kyle said...

neva go to the bx, huh? you need to go check out the new yankees stadium. lol

If your resume has this email address: what do you think the chances are you won't get the job? I say 99.99%

lmao!!! classic

love the randomness

The Dreamy One said...

dang that random was alot jeeez mami, you must have had alot on your mind huh,lol

yeah i hate flats too, i have big legs, plus i am short too,lol

hate the news, hate the news, but i guess i need to watch to know about this hurricane!! *sigh*

have a great weekend mami

Lena said...

You should come visit me in the Bronx, haha. I'll give you a tour.

I love Dream's whole cd especially I love your girl, Nikki and Purple

Laverne is the shit. Even the newspaper said so today.

Wiggles, boo. They scare me.

I want to see CJ sing Hi Hater, lol.

I might be interested in the "he's just not that into you" religion.

Holla at your boy!

I want to do boot camp but I know I will probably cry and give up.

Brooklyn is the best.

Okay when I first saw the Be Kanye ad nobody believed me in GA, I had to take a picture of it with my cell and text it to them. I love it!

I love how folding calms my nerves and ironing works my nerves but yet it's the opposite for you.

Okay this is long enough.

Oh blogger lunch, yes it will.

The Jaded NYer said...

I'll do the bootcamp- what days did you sign up for? I decided to do the 10 sessions, but am only going 2X a week... let me know what's up:)

I've lived in the BX (Big up, Riverdale!! LOL... that didn't even sound right!), but now Staten Island??? That's like New Jersey right there LOL

Miss P said...

omg, there is this guy i work with (from haiti) who walked in with a faux hawk one day. i did a double take and asked him what in the hell did he do to his head? he thought he was the shit. all the women in the shop died laughing

Eb the Celeb said...

I dont know why your calling me out about this bootcamp thing.. I told you I cant stand nobody telling me what to do... you go and tell me how it is and maybe I will take 1 class witcha

Kitty said...

I feel you on those Freesia and Vanilla scents. Ugh! The sheer freesia from Bath&Body Works is the only one I can deal with.

Sexxy Luv said...

save me a seat at the luncheon! lol

i love flats!

hey short stuff! lol

put some froot loops in the toilet for CJ and tell him to shoot and aim! it worked for me! lol

make sure you add some starch to my cloths that i'll be sending, we need to calm at all times!

let me know when you start the t-shirt thingy i want one!

i like vanilla...air freshner

my blog list is growing too! i'm meeting some cool peeps! :)

The F$%K it List said...

@dollface It must be something about brooklyn girls and the bronx.
Wendy is still on, I already miss the show. needs to get an F in that class.

@12kyle I have a video of the new yankee stadium courtesy of Mr. F-K it. he was there doing work (or not since he was making videos). Its really nice too bad its causing mad problems already. Not the new Shea though, its also lovely!

@Dreamy, See what had happen was my Ipod died after the wiggles song so I had time to reflect, hahah

I hope all is well after the hurricane.

@Lena, BX me no likey. Tour what is up there?

Laverne is my girl too bad she ain't getting that job. I saw her show at Lucky Chengs, loved it.

He's not that into you religion will be meeting after the blog brunch hahah.

@Jaded EWw lived in the bronx. no thanks. Staten Island is like going to Idaho for me, not happening.

@Miss P I hate faux hawks on black men twice as much! The guy I saw was assian, just all kinds of wrong!

@Eb its called Peer pressure but clearly you are not falling for it so :P.

@Kitty See that's what's up no one knows my pain. Every year a colleague of mine gave me vanilla lotion. I wanted to throw up.

@Sexxy Luv Really? Fruit loops worked. hmmm... Well we are on day 7 so we shall see. I can't think of a name for the t-shirt company. maybe just "something rude"
EWWW vanilla air freshener EWW

ShellyShell said...

Are you going to BK bootcamp on Flatbush? If so I've been going all summer and I LOVE IT! I go 3-4 days per week my days off from there I go to the gym!

I love "Hero"

VH1Soul has made me late to many of things! LOL!

I hate head to toe color as well!

I DETEST flats and I'm tall 5'8"

Prince soothes my nerves. If I'm listening to him you know to back the hell up!

I like the Solange song. Haven't had a chance to listen to the whole cd yet.

I can't ask the Teacher shyt right now. We called it quits...:( I will explain at the brunch. I'm sad now but it's for the best at least for now!

I've been living in BK now for 3 years and have been to the Bronx 1 time. I even have cousins that live there! That won't see me in that mickey skippy though! I really want to go to City Island though!

I have no idea why I like "Bust it" but I do!!

12kyle said...

@ shellyshell
Noooooo! Say it aint so!!!