Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thank God for MSNBC

because if I had seen this last night on CNN I would have been on a plane to Denver and probably locked up for smacking this crazy ass woman. This video was bought to my attention by my girl Dee. Welcome my first guest blogger Dee to the F$%K it list.

First the crazy:

I mean, you would have thought that Barack Obama slapped this woman’s momma, with the way she is crying and carrying on.

Hillary supporters, I’m all for you backing your girl. It says a lot that you all are zealous advocates of her cause and your rallying behind her whole-heartedly is admirable. But, and I am speaking in particular to Ms. Teary-Eyed-Sista-Delegate, if you paid any attention to her speech, you would have heard her call for UNITY (arguably a half-hearted call, but a call nonetheless), and to now give your full support to Barack Obama so that the Democratic Party can turn this country around….because that’s what matters, that we get a Democrat into the White House.

So, why, Ms. Teary-Eyed-Sista-Delegate, are you so sad? Like Mrs. Clinton surmised, this fight is not for her personally, it’s for the Democratic Party as a whole. And I understand that you are upset that your girl didn’t go all the way. As an Obama supporter myself, I would have been upset too had he not been named the nominee, but I never once considered straying from my party. So, Ms. Teary-Eyed-Sista-Delegate, I really need an explanation as to why you are so against the idea of him becoming President, so much so that you threaten to not even vote and that you are crying and airing your grievances on CNN for the world to see? Because, first and foremost, Obama’s views, at the end of the day, are not that much different than Hilary’s. Secondly, she LOST, so get over it.

But more importantly, Ms. Teary-Eyed-SISTA-Delegate, your BROTHA, your PEOPLES, has the chance to do what I never thought could happen in my lifetime, and you pretty much spit in the face of his accomplishments with your reaction. Your behavior as a person of color on national TV was appalling (if you’re gonna be mad like that, keep it private, geez). I understand you are all for women’s rights, but have you looked in the mirror lately? I would think civil rights would mean a great deal to you too as well….and I’m sure most of the hardship in your life has or had more to do with your color than your sex. The first thing anyone will see is your color, honey, not your breasts. So how about you take a minute to celebrate the history this Black man is making, instead of acting as if the thought of this Black man becoming President sickens you to your stomach? And if you cannot find one good thing to say about him by now, if you haven’t “connected” with him thus far, another 2 months is not going to do anything to change your narrow-minded view. He doesn’t need your vote anyway.

AND, for even suggesting that you would not vote at all (you sounded really ignorant right there, girl), after our ancestors DIED for that right for you to do so (and I’m sure the thought of you exercising that right to actually vote for a black man for president didn’t even cross their minds!), your delegate-ship should be stricken. Like right now. You are a trifling example of a member of the Democratic party, and I need not for you to delegate anything for me, certainly not as a black woman of color.

Dee (aka Leggs L'amour)

If you all would like to let Ann Price Mills know how you feel about her behavior on national tv. email her here : You crazy mo-fo

And why must she always have such bad hair, Jeez.


Keith said...

Exzcellent Post....I agree and nothing more needs to be said about that "Undercover sistah"
It's the old crabs in a barrell
mentality. I did a post two days ago called "A Moment Like This' that talks about this very thing...
How some Blacks have no idea what it took for Barack Obama to get this far and how we should rally around him regardless of any policy differences we may have with him.
Some of these stupid old Uncle Tom
NEGROES can make me so sick with their shit...I'm sorry, I just gotta let it out...She all on National Television talking like a
fool....I'm gonna stop before I get mad all over again...but you get my drift. Thanks for this post,
it was great.

ShellyShell said...

I saw her live last night and was like WTF?? I was watching CNN and they showed the clip about 3 times! Go to this blog if you get a chance. This chick is a straight fruit cake. Her blog used to be about her life etc then she became obsessed with Hillary and Obama bashing. I read yesterday that she would NEVER vote for Obama and that she would give all her support to "Tightface" I'm thinking how the f&%k do you support someone who will just continue the bs that has been going on for the last 8 years! Check this chick out and yes she's black!

Park Avenue said...

Somebody give this big baby a pacifier.

I don't know how the inteviewer kept her serious tone of voice. I would've been cracking up, because this was pure theater. This lady sounds like she's on the brink.

Eb the Celeb said...

She said how far we've come as women?

What about how far we've come as African Americans?

This is weird for me coming from an African American woman...

Either way that isnt the point... she is NOT the candidate... so get over it... why are we still talking about it... it aint happening... so move on... concentrate on the views at hand