Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Have I hit a plateau or something?

I have written a few post on some very serious and important things to me but i've only saved them as drafts. Every time I get ready to post them I start re-writing, CJ wakes up, I start to drift off, you name it and it happens. It's actually kind of frustrating. So I am making a decision today to just write and post. That's it!

All this thinking is getting in the way of me doing what I love so its back to posting what I think, unfiltered. Let's start right now with a few random things:

  • A guy on the train yesterday asked me if he could touch my hair. I was like WTH? All he said was you have gorgeous hair. WEIRDO, but thanks
  • I've been doing the research on this t-shirt company and I think I can do it. Now what the hell will I name my baby, hmmm Rude-t's, Cheeky'Ish (definition of cheeky: Impertinently bold; impudent and saucy). come on a sister needs a side gig!
  • I have been so tired lately, I might need to go to bed before midnight a few nights a week.
  • John McCain supporters really need to take a look at who they are backing. Me thinks the Straight Talk Express has been derailed.
  • Turning my TV from Bloomberg TV has gotten harder and harder.
  • Men if you are wearing a shirt that says any of the following please don't bother speaking to me: "Stop Snitching", "Bros before Hoes" (two guys tried to holla last week wearing these very shirts, my answer uhm no thanks).
  • Speaking of which, "Mr. step in front of me so you can get the seat on the train" No you can't call me. You are not a gentleman and no woman should bother with you.
  • Is bringing your kids home at midnight on a school night EVERY night acceptable somewhere? 'Cause it ain't here.
  • This weekend in MD it was like 90 some odd degrees and humid. UGH Glad to be back in NYC (though I had a great time)
  • If you are sick, too sick to take your kids to school should you really be out and about all day or home getting better (yes ya'll its about to go down!)
  • Maybe I will join Twitter so you I can tell you about the triple tomfoolery that is my life hmmm.
  • This is the best thing I've read about McCain written by a blogger. Cracked me the F$%K up. read here: McCain you need a time out Thanks F.U.
  • Yankees are out, Yeah! and if the Mets don't get it together they are going to piss me off. Straighten up and fly right damn it!
  • Anyone know a curse I can put on Philly.
  • Barclays got the INSANE deal on Lehman, 1.75bln when last year Lehman was worth 42bln.
  • I wonder how the candidates plan on keeping taxes down now? I love you Obama but that is going to be your mess to clean up, damn republicans.
  • What do you say to a bride that tells you "We really don't need anything and aren't expecting many gifts" Do you still get a gift
  • If you have a drink menu why list a function as BYOB
  • DANG my random thought are getting like a certain blogger that is in a football haze. Can you guess who...heheh(12k).
  • Teenagers on the train that act like hooligans when they are clearly just nice kids piss me off.
  • Hooligans on the train piss me off.
  • I think its about that time for me to pull out my copy of "Assata" I need grounding.
  • I'm reading "Devil in the white city", and its taking me way to long to finish (I've never taken more than a 3 days to read a book)
  • "The Temptations" movie has some of the best scenes ever. Leroy did David Ruffin justice. (start watching at 3:54, "You ungrateful son of a bitches" haha love it, then at 9:08).
  • Lest we forget Leon in the Five Heartbeats, but also this cat he was very crackish and convincing.


dejanae said...

love the randoms
makes it easier for my a.d.d self

12kyle said...

love the randomness!

i need to get to bed b4 midnight, too. it's killin me. lol

The Jaded NYer said...

whew! got it all off your chest why don'tcha!

oh, and I know a santero on 7th ave in the Slope that can help us "take care" of the Phillies... just say the word... LOL

and no you DIDN'T post a clip of the Five Heartbeats!!! LMAOOOOOOO

That movie ALWAYS carcks me up.

and it sounds to me like SOMEONE and her two kids are about to get kicked out of Casa F$%k It List... I wonder who it could be??? lol

The Dreamy One said...

ash was watching the five heartbeats last night.

that girl is a mess, she comes outside to quote this scene " just cause I had two drinks I gotta be a akaholic" lmao that girl is so silly I tell you

yeah why do people have to act the damn fool all the time!!!

Kieya said...

i feel like leon kills in in whatever oldschool vh1 film he does lol i loved his lil richard lo..

I am also excited about righteous kill!

what the hell is Twitter? i see ppl write abt it all the time...

Miss P said...

you were in MD and you didn't give me a heads up? *pouts* we could have had a mini blogger luncheon

Mrs. MR said...

I'm thinking your head exploded when you finished this. Will you give some play to the guy in the "Hi Hater" shirt?

JACK said...

I wonder what would happen to you if you didn't have this outlet to vent. I bet you'd be on various medications designed to keep you from twitching. But not the kind that silence the voices in your head ... Look at Jaded - they DON'T work.

Now that my head is spinning, I'm going to lay down and pretend I didn't read your blog today.

Kitty said...

And don't forget those "No Bitchassness" tees. No ma'am

Not the 5 heartbeats!! I love that movie. Classic

Eb the Celeb said...

I love me some leon... and I have the tempations movie on dvd... hahha... he played the hell out of David Ruffin... have you ever seen when Leon played Little richard.... now I love music movies... but this was straight comedy him in that role

ShellyShell said...

Midnight! I need to go to bed before 2! Last night I decided to make Jambalaya at 11:45...who the f&*k does that!

LMAO @ you and Bloomberg. I'm right there with you!

I love the Five Heartbeats!

So the SIL and crew have seen their last days at Casa F$%k it! lol!

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

i love cheeky'ish

and loathe the five heartbeats


it was stupid hot this weekend too...well, sunday it was

The F$%K it List said...

@dejanae Glad I could help your a.d.d self out hahaha

@12kyle My days of being up blogging and watching the temptations movie at midnight are so over!

@Jaded, Yeah the camels back is officially broken.
Lets get to calling that santero because the Mets are really pushing their luck with me.

@dreamy, oooh me and Ash would get on famously. I love that movie.

I wish I knew what made people act so damn stupid and selfish and then think you are suppose to deal with it.... yeah not me!

@Miss P, Girl I was in MD for a day.

@Mrs MR, Nope head still on but boy did it offer some relief. As for Hi Hater shirt, uh yeah NO

@Jack Have you ever seen Higher Learning where Remi goes to the clock tower, well that would be me, just much more stylish. Actually I'm rather calm but this stuff runs through my head.

@Kitty OH YES NO WAY on the Bitchassedness t-shirts. especially the extra long one that look like a dress.

@Eb Yes if I see that the Little Richard movie is on my schedule is cleared, I must watch it.

@Shelly Shell. Girl you are good, but jambalaya at 11:45 thats a hell of a lot of cooking for that time of night

I'm so S.O.S about what's going on in the market.

Yes as my friend Legg's says Mother Hale is on her way to closing the house.

@PCD I like cheeky'ish too. I say that all the time .

Assata is the best book out there and if someone reading this has not read it get on it right now. Straight up!

Loathe Five heatbeats, how can you? That guy was so crackish almost as good as Samuel Jackson in Jungle Fever.

dessex said...

This was very entertaining....

I thought No Snitching was played out by now lol.

David Ruffin was the man...damn I'm bout to go and watch that movie.

Big Cheekz said...

this was funny. especially dude who wanted to touch your hair and the lame dudes w/the no snitchingn shirts on. have a good wknd!