Monday, September 8, 2008

I rebuke thee MTV....

A few weeks ago I told you all couldn't wait to see "Exiled" on MTV.

Exiled is a show about those ridiculously spoiled kids on "my super sweet sixteen" being sent away to live in third world countries and forced to survive. I wanted to watch so I could laugh at the miserable kids cry (Save it, I've booked my ticket down) but it was sheer disappointment.

Just the same old scripted nonsense! There is really no way these children did a complete 360 in 1 week. Yeah not being able to shower is a huge thing but come on one week? By the end of the first episode the spoiled brat had the members of the Masai tribe dancing to "Freakum dress". Beyonce, REALLY? This is a tribe of noble people, who have turned down government aid and held onto their own customs. And in one felt swoop the kids have been corrupted by a little rich girl and her ipod.

And what the bloody hell are a tribe of nomads going to do with a Waterford crystal vase. UGH!

While I was watching I couldn't help thinking, where did she get speakers to play them that song? I mean for God sakes she was living in a hut made out of cow dung, and I am pretty sure there was no electricity.

I think it would have served the world better to send her silly father there. He spoiled her, never teaching her the value of everything she has but then he gets mad...Hmmm sounds stupid to me.

So what was the point? To get TV junkies like me to tune in, well I did for the first episode and I will not watch another. My braincells are way to precious to be wasted


Lena said...

I tried to watch an episode once...I couldn't bring myself to do it. I was just getting pissed off. I understand it's suppose to make for good tv but I just think they should've sent people to help these communities and not exploit them.

F.U. said...

I totally agree. I tried to watch one episode and couldn't make it thru. It is such bullshit. Those kids ain't learnin shit. They just get to be on TV one more gin for no reason. The worst!

Mizrepresent said...

I've got to catch...just so i can say HATED it too! lol!

The Dreamy One said...

you know i dont even watch MTV anymore,lol

i used to be a real junkie of all those shows, but not anymore.

they need to come up with some better stuff to watch, including BET, they have gone down the drain too!!!

Keith said...

Remember when MTV (ie Music Television) actually showed music
videos and was about MUSIC???
Now it's got one silly show after another on it..I haven't watched it in years. I did however watch
it's sister station-VH-1's Flavor of was a real guilty pleasure.

12kyle said...

Run's House is about the only thing worth watching on MTV

I agree with Keith

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

the 2 after the african ep are even worse....i was hoping it would improve. but alas, i have to watch the sugarplum fairy himself, bjorn on the next one. is it just me...or did he get prettier? ah well...