Tuesday, September 2, 2008

More WTF moments.

I'm always amazed at the tomfoolery that goes on in the NYC streets especially now that I am midtown, here are a few:

Today I was on my way to lunch and overheard two men talking. The first guy screamed "Did you see that A$?" and points his friend in the direction of the woman passing. The second guy was like "DAYYYYUUUMMMMM". They were both dragging their tongues, and all I could do is shake my head as I went to get my lunch. On the way out the second guy taps me on the shoulder and asks can he call me sometimes too ( I was on the phone). My reply "Yeah, No thanks".
Now did he really think I would give him my number? ILLLK!

The J.crew near my job has a lot of windows and reflective surfaces, and I watched this woman walk and check herself out in every inch of these windows and walls. I cracked up when she was so busy checking herself out and bumped into this angry woman. Ha!
So much vanity!

I know those leather leggings were a season must but in 80+ heat in NY? I think not, especially with a short shirt and boots. Long riding boots. What is it with people and boots lately anyway? I saw a woman with Uggs on. Now granted they are very comfy but it was like 1000 degrees out.

Why are all these new dolls for little girls so whorish? Short skits, big red lips, wide eyes with long lashes. Something is just all kinds of wrong with this. These are the latest is the skank-ola dolls (first were the Bratz).

I saw this in Times Square:
Only words missing "Obama" but I'm glad its up there. And hopefully people are looking up and see it and remember in November that its time for change. (stepping down off my soap box)

I'm so over the street vendor not warming up the damn pretzels. Jeez who wants that gigantic pretzel and its cold as ice. I am not a tourist I know better. And I will tell you so homie!

Am I the only woman that knows to buy open back shoes a 1/2 size bigger (and open toe). So you don't look like a cane woman with your toes dragging all across the concrete.

Speaking of fashion, why? just why does this dude have the sticker on his pants. Did we really need to know his jeans were Sean John W 38 length 32.My buddy Cheerie doesn't like that I say "I don't like Cream (white guys) in my coffee". HA so now I say it just to get her going. haha

Ok there is one exception to that rule, Tom Welling. That's it all other cream is off limit. (oh and Wentworth Miller but technically he's black).

I know I should but I can't bring myself to watch the Republican convention. I will get the updates from the Daily Show. hehe

Really McCain, Sarah Palin.... really? When he first picked her I thought touche old man! touche! and then I the news started flooding in about her. She's SCANDALOUS! I'm not even referring to the latest news about her teen daughter being 5 month pregnant (Good work Chrisitan conservatives abstinence programs). I'm more concerned about her other skeletons: Click here to see shoot the damn wolves and here I'm with old man river.

hmm this is an interesting view on why she is qualified to be VP. Click I'm a crazy bleach blonde

I wish the celebrities would think before they speak, or better yet shut up. Diddy SHHH!

Really Diddy Ciroc Obama? No Black people in Alaska? No crackheads in Alaska? Oh yes Diddy that makes a lot of sense. Black people, crackheads and crime. Lord help me. Michelle Obama can't be McCain's running mate... OH dear! Calling all "Youf" please go out and vote but don't listen to Diddy he's an IDIOT. .. Obama does not need this sort of negative BS surrounding him.
No Diddy you are buggin' the F$%K out.

What are some of your WTF moments from the last week... I have a hell of a lot more but I will save them for later in the week.


dejanae said...

the dolls
the men
the sticker

Park Avenue said...

I am SCREAMING over the sticker left on the jeans!!!!!

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

Hey, I have checked myself out a time or two while walking down the street.

My daughter has all these bratz dolls but she never really got into the whole craze over them.

I am a heel feen. Nine West, Steve Madden, Guess. I never buy mine a half size bigger and my toes never drag. Or hang over.

Maybe he planned on taking those jeans back after he wore them. Or he forgot.
I also don't understand guys leaving stickers on their hats.

I love my black men.

John McCain picked Sarah to try and steal Obama's thunder. Knew soon as he announced her name. Now he has to deal with looking senile about the choice.

The Jaded NYer said...

all of this Tomfoolery is exactly why I love NY.

and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you took a picture of that guy's jeans!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!

The F$%K it List said...

@dejanae Diddy was by far the most ridiculous of them all (oh and the dolls).

@park I was not happy about that damn sticker. I know he saw me take the picture.

@true urban queen Thanks for coming by! I check myself out in those same J.crew window. But I don't run into folks.

Senile is not the word I would use to describe John McCain at this very moment but since this a family show I will keep it to my self hahah

@Jaded. Only my fellow blog spy could appreciate the work it took to get that picture with my real camera. The camera phone did no justice. Yes I took the pic twice so.. heheh

PrettyBlack said...

Hahaha! I am cracking up about the sticker, the damn shoes and Mccain!

1st the shoes, that's why I hated mules so much how are you gonna have an ashy as cracked heel literally hanging out the back of your shoe? Not a good look, someone please call Carson Kressley thanks.

My daughter thinks bratz dolls (in her words) not cute mom. Thank God...I can't stand the little whorish things.

I am so into the RNC becuae as a Democrat and proud liberal...It is a disaster. Did you hear they had to resort to giving away tickets because no one was buying them? The audience looked like a senior center gathering, may as well been a klan gathering, And the GOP is actually trying to put on a brave face when they get interviewed...Kaye Bailey Hutchinson, Mitt Romney, Bobby Jindal they are all pissed about the veep selection. That's why them and a bunch of others who were invited didn't even show up. I love it!

That shit was just to get people off of Obama, but now it's for all the wrong reasons. hahaha! And now conservatives are saying shit like leave her alone it's a private matter...But aren't they the family values party? Don't get me started. Now you and I both know if it was Sasha or Malia at that age pregnant?! Girl Obama's career would have been OVA!

I love it! Missed you girl but I'm back from relaxing and it's on now!!!!

Big Cheekz said...

how bout i'm in GA where u know it's hot & i seen plenty o' gurls running round campus w/boots on. ankle boots, fur boots, rain boots. they all irk me, and for a minute i thought maybe "i" was out of touch w/the style or something. but there is no way that boots are in fashion, in this type of climate - at least till Oct. (and that's pushin it down here ;)

and how bout the tag on the jeans. i laughed at first, then i got the straight face when i remembered i've done that - by mistake. thank God i did one last mirror check before i headed out or i would have been looking foolish like this guy. LOL

DollFace said...

LMAO...I had my leggings on under a bangin dress:)

MY WTF moment: called my stylist and I cannot get a hair appt until Sept 13 :(

Miss P said...

i used to date a guy who constantly stopped to check himself out in any reflective surface, and i do mean ANY. i broke up with him quickly

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

hilarious! i hate those skanky dolls too. and i HATE cold street food..especially the COAS (chicken-on-a-stick)..even tho i have noooooo business eating them-lol!!!

Eb the Celeb said...

lmao @ ol boy with the sticker still on his jeans... lawd...lol

and diddy just makes me sick to my stomach... ugh... I wish he would just fall off the face of the earth... his antics ...ugh!

ShellyShell said...

I have so many WTF moments. I'll give you a fresh one. I just came in from lunch and one of the security guards(in our building the security are dressed in military garb) stopped me to tell me that I never have an off day and my shoes are always nice and he will never stop looking at me! I said that's borderline harrassment he said so, I'm always going to stare even if you look back at me!*sigh* Ok dude.

Diddy is such a MESS! Ughgghg he makes me sick!

Lena said...

New York City no place else like it.

Bratz agh. Slutty dolls are going to be banned from my children. In fact I am probably going to ban a lot of crap.

I should ban Diddy...

Ummmmmm I gave you shout on one of my posts this week. You should read it I put thought into it, lol. Is this blog brunch still on?